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****** Page 2 ****** Table of Contents 1) Get Started a. What’s in the box b. Watch Overview c. Charge the Watch d. Turn the Watch On and Off 2) Set Up a. App setup b. Wear the Watch c. Change the band d. Clean the Watch e. Operating Conditions 3) Watch Features a. Watch Navigation b. Watch Face

****** Page 3 ****** Daily Activity c. d. Heart Rate Record Workouts e. f. Smart Phone Notifications Music g. h. Alarms & Reminders Weather j. Quick Settings 4) Update, Restart and Reset 5) General Device Information and Troubleshooting 6) Regulatory and Safety Information 7) Customer Service Support

****** Page 4 ****** Get Started ntroducing the 3PIus Vibe smart watch, your personal fitness companion that lasts 5+ days and he ps you track your everyday activity to help make fitness, your lifestyle. What’s in the box 1 x Vibe 1 x Charging Cable

****** Page 5 ****** Watch Overview Top Button Touchscreen Bottom Button

****** Page 6 ****** Charging the Vibe+ smart watch Before you set up the watch, you need to charge the battery. Use the USB charging cable provided with your watch to charge its battery, On a full charge, the Vibe+ smart watch has a battery life of 5+ days. Battery life and time to ful y charge your device vary with use and other factors, To charge Vibe+: 1 . Attach the pins on the USB cable to the back of the Vibe+. The cable will magnetically snap into p ace when attached correctly. 110

****** Page 7 ****** 2. Plug the USB cable into a power adaptor or a computer. P ug the power adaptor into an electrical socket. 3. Whi e your watch is charging, the screen will show the time, day, date and the charging progress through battery percentage. 4. Once the battery is fu y charged, remove it from the charging cable.

****** Page 8 ****** • • • Notes* The watch may become warm while charging. f the watch becomes hotter than usual, remove the watch from the charger and discontinue charging until it cools. This USB charging cable is specifically designed to only be used with this watch and is not compatible with other 3+pro devices. To maximize battery life, make sure the battery is ful y charged before you use the watch every time. Exposure to liquids or other foreign objects while using your watch may affect the charging, causing it to disconnect from the watch while charging. f the charging screen does not appear after connecting to a power source, check if the cab e’s pins are attached correctly to the back of the Vibe-he Do not charge the watch if the device or USB cable is wet or contains any moisture. This can cause fire, electric shock, injury or damage to the watch.

****** Page 9 ****** Turning the Watch On and Off To turn on your watch, press and hold the top button for 3 seconds. To turn off your watch, press and hold the top button for 3 seconds until you see the prompt asking if you want to turn off your watch. Tap to turn off the watch. Waking Up the Watch To preserve battery, the watch screen turns off when not in use. To turn the screen back on, you can wake up the watch by: • Pressing the top or bottom button

****** Page 10 ****** Set Up Download the 3+pro App on iOS or Android mobile devices. Not compatible for tablets, Windows or PC. The 3+pro App will ask for personal information such as height, weight and sex to calculate your stride length, walking distance, calorie burn rate and basal metabolic rate. When you set up your account, your name and profile picture will be visible to other 3+ users. You’ll have the option to share activity information or hide your account from other users. App Set Up PRO Before pairing, follow these steps to set up your watch to your mobile device. • • Make sure your mobile device is running Android 5.0+ or iOS 11+ and supports Bluetooth. Turn On the Bluetooth on your mobile device if it isn’t already on. Make sure your mobile device is next to your watch. On your mobile device, download the 3+pro App from the Goog e Play store or the Apple App store and install it. Create an account or login using an existing account. Make sure your mobile device is connected to a mobile data or a Wi-Fi network

****** Page 11 ****** Pair the Watch QR Code Method On the Watch • Turn on the Vibe+ smart watch. Select a language. On the 3+pro App Open the 3+pro App on your mobile device. Create an account or login using an existing 3Plus account, Select the Vibe+ smart watch from the list of devices. • Select pair the watch via QR Code method. On the Watch • Swipe to the Right edge of the Watch to show the QR code On the 3+pro App • On your mobile device, hold the view finder above the QR Code on the watch.

****** Page 12 ****** On the Watch • A pairing animation will display on the watch while it pairs to the mobile device. • A confirmation message will appear on the watch once its paired. Notes* f you have issues pairing the watch with your mobile device’s camera, you can select the manual pairing method. Manual Pairing • • Select Manual from the Pair Device screen on the 3+pro App Your mobile device will automatically search for nearby 3+pro devices. A pop up will appear when the 3+pro App locates a device. Match the Device ID number to the device ID on the 3+pro App. Make sure the correct device is selected then tap Pair to connect the watch. On the watch, tap the green check mark to accept the pairing request. A confirmation message will appear on the watch and the 3+pro App once its paired.

****** Page 13 ****** Wearing the Watch • For best results, the heart rate sensor on the back of the Vibe+ smart watch needs skin contact to work properly. Wearing the watch with the right fit with a little room for your skin to breath will keep your wrist comfortable and let the sensor do its job. You may want to tighten the watch during workouts but loosen it when you’re done. The heart rate sensor only works if the watch is worn on top of your wrist. Keep your watch and bands clean and dry to maximize comfort and prevent any long term damage to the watch. This is important after workouts or exposure to liquids such as sweat, soap, sunscreen and lotions that can cause skin irritation.

****** Page 14 ****** Changing the Band Swap your watch’s band anytime with the quick-change pins. Turn the Vibe+ smart watch over and look for the quick release pins on the side of the band that meets the case. Push the quick release pin inward to release the band and pull the band away from the watch. O

****** Page 15 ****** Cleaning the Watch Make sure to clean the watch and the band regularly. It is strongly recommended to regularly clean your watch’s band after workouts or prolonged use. Moisture from sweat or dirt from other means can bui d up underneath the band and can cause skin irritation. Wipe down the band with a nonabrasive, lint free cloth. If necessary, the cloth can be lightly dampened with water. Allow the band to air dry. Direct sunlight, high temperatures or humid conditions may damage the band overtime. Note* • The 3+pro limited warranty does not cover the use of 3rd party bands.

****** Page 16 ****** Watch Navigation The Vibe* smart watch features a colorful TFT touch screen that allows you to navigate the watch by either tapping on the screen, swiping side to side, up and down or pressing any of the buttons. Basic Navigation The home screen is the watch face. From the watch face: • • Swipe left or right to view the apps insta led on your watch. Swipe from top to bottom to see your notifications Swipe from bottom to top to open the quick settings. Long press on the watch face to switch between different watch faces. Press the Top button to go back to watch face Press the Bottom side button to go back to the previous screen

****** Page 17 ****** Stopwatch Weather Notifications Calendar Pick •-0 Ryan at frc•m tc,.n am Nick July — 23 09 • 9 48 0 SWIPE DOWN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM TO SEE LIST OF NOTIFICATIONS 10:30 om Timer Workouts Activity Breathe Alarms Heart Rate SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT TO SEE APPS SWIPE UP FROM BOTTOM TO TOP TO SEE QU CK SETTINGS

****** Page 18 ****** Change the watch face From the watch: • Touch and hold the watch screen and your watch face will minimize. • Swipe left and right to cycle between the different watch faces. • Tap on the watch face to select it From the 3+pro App: • Touch and hold the watch screen and your watch face will minimize. • Swipe left and right to cycle between the different watch faces. • Tap on the watch face to select it

****** Page 19 ****** Activity Tracking When the watch is connected and synced to the 3+pro app, you can save and view your persona health related data. Only your daily activity shows up on your watch. You can view previous days, weeks or months activity on the 3+pro app. Note* • The activity data gathered from this watch or any other related software is not intended for use in the diagnosis, or other conditions in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. The accuracy of the data recorded, including heart rate readings, may be affected by factors such as environmental conditions, skin conditions, specific activity performed while using/wearing the watch, settings of the device, user configuration/user provided information, placement of sensor on the body and other end-user interactions. While moderate physical activity, such as a brisk walk is safe for most people, we suggest consulting with your doctor before you start a new exercise program.

****** Page 20 ****** From the watch: • From the watch face, swipe left or right until you see the Activity icon • Scroll up and down to see your daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes for today. < Activity 1030 am Distance 2.8 Goal Smi < Activity Steps 1030 am < Activity 1030 am Active Min 30 Goal 2hrs < Activity 1030 am 8,000 S Goal 10k Calories 502 Goal 500 ****** Page 21 ****** Heart Rate The watch can automatically measure and track your heart rate throughout the day or during workouts. From the app: • Tap on Settings • Tap on Heart Rate under App Settings • Turn on Auto Track You can customize how frequent you want the watch to check your heart rate. By default, the watch will turn on the heart rate sensor every five minutes. Record Workouts Track specific exercises with the Vibe+ to see real time stats including heart rate data, calories burned, elapsed time, distance travelled and a post workout summary on your wrist. For a detailed summary of your workout and route if you used the GPS, review your history on the 3+pro App. ****** Page 22 ****** The Vibe+ has a built in GPS that allows you to track your run, walk or cycle route when you exercise outdoors without your phone. (Does not apply to indoor cycling workout) • When you select the workout you want to track, a prompt wil appear on the watch asking if you want to use the GPS to track your workout. o If you accept, the GPS will start to connect toa GPS signa < Walking 10:30 am Walking The GPS iS locating your position- Set Goal Start am Walking 10:30 am Use the GPSto track your workout? OPEN GPS No thanks GPS is ready Set Goal Start Every workout is different so before every workout, the Vibe+ will ask you 'f you want to set a separate goal special y for this workout. You can set a goal to exercise for a certain period of time, a specific distance or to take a precise number of steps. Swipe right to left to change what type of goal you want to set. Use the to set your goals. f you don't want to set a goal, tap Start to begin your workout. ****** Page 23 ****** Walking 10:30 am < Walking 10:30 am Walking 10:30 am Set Goal 15:00 + Duration Start Set Goal 10,000 Steps Start Set Goal 3.5 mi + Distance ooe Start During your workout, tap on the middle of the screen to cycle between your real time stats. • For walks and runs the real time stat changes between distance, steps and calories burned. ****** Page 24 ****** Running 15 min 17 1.25 mi Heart Rate 143 10:30 am Pace 12' 16" Running 10:30 am 15 min 17 sec 37,899 steps Heart Rate 143 bpm pace 12' 16" Running 15 min 17 sec 789 cal Heart Rate 143 10:30 am pace 12' 16" For outdoor cycling, the real time stat changes between distance, mph and calories burned. For indoor cycling, you can only see the duration of your workout, your heart rate and calories burned. When you're done with your workout or want to pause, swipe left to right then tap to to resume your workout. Tap when you finish your workout. When pause. Tap ****** Page 25 ****** prompted, confirm you want to end your workout. Your workout summary will appear then tap Save to close the screen. Running End Note* 10:30 am Pause Running End 10:30 am Resume f you set a workout goal, the Vibe+ wil when you reach your goa vibrate when you're ha fway to your goal and f you use the built in GPS during your workout, you can tell when the GPS signal has successfully connected on when the icon stops loading and turns solid blue. • During your workout, you can control your music and volume by swiping right to left to view the music and volume panel. Notifications ****** Page 26 ****** Stay connected with events, notifications, messages and incoming cal s from your smartphone. When you receive a notification, your watch will vibrate and display a small preview of the alert. Tap on the alert to read the full notification. To view a list of your recent notifications: • From the watch face, swipe down from the top of the screen to open your recent notifications To clear all notifications: • From the watch face, swipe down from the top of the screen to open your recent notifications • Swipe al the way down then tap on the dismiss all button f you paired the Vibe+ to an Android phone, you can send quick text replies if you're too busy to respond. e On your watch, open the text message then swipe down until you see a list of quick reply options. • Tap on the arrow to send the quick text reply. ****** Page 27 ****** You can create and customize different quick text replies in the 34 pro app. auic;k Replies What's up? Let me get back to you Can I call you later? Sorry, cant talk. right now. No problem! Edit yout Tert OuiCk Replies on the 3,Plus app. Ou.iCk tee Music Control music, podcasts, audiobooks and more playing on your mobile device. ****** Page 28 ****** From your watch you can switch between songs and increase or decrease volume. The Vibe+ can support online and offline music playback from popular apps such as Spotify and Pandora as well as music that is downloaded onto your phone. A premium subscription is not necessary to control your music. Weather Check the weather in your current location or select a city around the world in your weather app. By default, the weather is set to your current location. If the weather does not appear, check that you've turned on location services for the 3+pro App. f you change locations, sync your watch to the app to get an updated weather report. Quick Settings To open the Quick settings: ****** Page 29 ****** On the watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Settings Airplane mode Find my phone Airplane mode 100% 4 I ndicator icons Battery life percentage Brightness Do not disturb Airplane mode disconnects your watch from all networks and turns off Bluetooth. ****** Page 30 ****** • From the watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the quick settings Tap Airplane mode, then tap on the checkmark to confirm Find my phone f you misplace your phone in the couch cushions or if it hides under blankets, you can ping your phone from the watch. • From the watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the quick settings Tap Find my phone to ping your phone. Listen for the pings coming from your phone When you find your phone, tap on your watch screen to stop the pinging Adjust the brightness ****** Page 31 ****** Adjust the watch's display brightness depending on the time of the day. • From the watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the quick settings • Tap Brightness • Adjust the level of brightness by tapping on the icons Do not disturb mode You can set the watch not to vibrate and turn off the screen when a notification, except for alarms, is received. • From the watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the quick settings • Tap Do not disturb Update, Turn On/Off and Reset Some issues can be troubleshooted by updating, restarting or resetting the watch. ****** Page 32 ****** Update Keep your watch updated to get the latest feature improvements and product updates. When an update is ready to install, you will receive a notification from the 3+pro app. After you start the update, a progress bar will appear on the app and on the watch. Make sure your watch and app are near each other during the update progress. Before you update the watch, make sure your watch is charged at least 30% or more before you update. ****** Page 33 ****** Restart To restart your watch, open the watch's settings, scroll down and tap on the restart button. Restarting the watch wil only turn off and then turn on the watch. All your settings will not change. ****** Page 34 ****** Factory Reset f you want to give the Vibe+ to another person or wish to return it, clear your personal Information first by factory resetting the watch. You can factory reset the watch from the Vibe+ or from the 3+pro app. From the watch: • Open the Settings Scroll down and tap on the Reset button to Reset the watch. • Tap From the 3+proApp: • • • • Tap on Settings Select the Watch Settings Tab Tap on Device Information Scroll down and tap on the Reset button ****** Page 35 ****** General Information and Troubleshooting Sensors The Vibe+ is built with the following hardware: • 6-axis accelerometer Optical heart rate tracker • GPS • Vibration motor • Bluetooth 4.2 radio receiver Battery The Vibe+ has a rechargeab e lithium-polymer battery. Display ****** Page 36 ****** The Vibe+ has a color LCD TFT display. Memory The Vibe* can store your daily activity information on the watch for 7 days. This includes your steps, distance travelled, active minutes, calories burned, and workouts. We recommend syncing your watch to the app at least once a day Operating Conditions 140 to 1130 F (-100 to 450 C) • 3 ATM Water Resistance Heart Rate is not showing The Vibe+ can continuously track your heart rate throughout the day and when you're exercising. f the heart rate sensor is unable to track your heart rate then two dashed lines will appear instead of a number. ****** Page 37 ****** Check if you're wearing the watch correctly. If not, move it higher or lower on your wrist by tightening or loosening the band. Make sure the heart rate sensor is in contact with your skin. GPS signal is not locating Environmental factors where the signal can be obstructed, such as between tall buildings, or in poor weather conditions may affect your watch's ability to lock on to your ocation. For the best results try standing outside in an unobstructed and open area for the GPS to quickly ock onto your location. Other Issues f you experience any of the other following issues, try restarting your watch and your mobile device before trying again. Vibe+ failed to update ****** Page 38 ****** Vibe+ will not sync to the 3+pro app Vibe+ is not responding to screen taps For more information, you can contact our Customer support. Regulatory and Safety Information FCC STATEMENT: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (I ) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Warning: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. ****** Page 39 ****** NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digita device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: • • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. ****** Page 40 ****** RF WARNING STATEMENT: The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device can be used in portable exposure conditions without restriction. BATTERYWARNING: This device uses a lithium-ion battery. f the following guidelines are not allowed are not followed the life of the lithium-ion battery in the device may be shortened or there is a risk of damage to the device, fire, chemical burn, electro yte leakage and/or injury. • Do not disassemb e, puncture or damage the device or battery. • Do not remove or try to remove the battery that the user cannot rep ace. Do not expose the battery to flames, explosions or other hazards. • Do not use sharp objects to remove the battery. Safety Information • Please charge the watch when it has low power. ****** Page 41 ****** • • Do not leave the watch in a damp environment or expose it to liquids when charging. Please use our standard charging cable to charge the watch. Do not expose the watch under extreme temperatures Do not place the device near a fire and avoid contact between the watch and any other sharp objects. Do not misuse the watch, inc uding but not limited to, dripping, dismantling, dissembling, puncturing, baking, burning, etc Do not clean the watch with an abrasive cleaner. Keep it out of reach of infants as small parts may cause choking, For the latest up-to-date manual version, please visit our website at ****** Page 42 ****** Customer Service Support f you have any questions or you have other questions about the warranty, repairs and etc, 3PIus customer support is ready to he p. 3PIus customer support is available Monday Friday from 8am to 5pm. • Toll Free: 1 866-592-0184 • Email:








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