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****** Page 2 ****** Overview I) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) Operating conditions Articles in the box Charging App setup Wearing the device Cleaning the device Screen operation Device operation a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Time/date interface Activity Heart rate Timer Apps Reminders Goals Customer support Troubleshooting Supported devices Product specifications Remarks 1

****** Page 3 ****** 1. Operating Conditions Operating temperature -130F to 131 OF (-250C to 550C) Water resistance The 3Plus Lite is IP67 water resistant rated. This means that the band can be used during daily cleansing or in midst of rain. We do not recommend wearing the band in the shower or submerging it under water. Day-to-day waterproof functionality. Battery Up to 7 days of battery life. 2

****** Page 4 ****** 2. Articles in the Box D A : HR Tracker Device B : Quick Start Guide C : Charging cradle Micro-USB cable E : Owner’s Manual c u 3

****** Page 5 ****** 3. Charging 1. Position the charging cradle to the back of your device while making sure the pins match the contact points on the device and the charging cradle. The magnetic attraction should then snap them together in place. 2. Insert the micro-USB cable into the charging cradle, and then connect the USB plug into a power source. A “Charging” icon will be shown on the screen and will indicate the current charge level. Tip: Make sure to completely charge your device before first use. A full charge will take approximately two hours (depending on the power source). 4

****** Page 6 ****** 4. App Setup To pair your band with a mobile device, you must first download and install the 3Plus Elite Series App from either the Apple APP store or Google Play store. Connecting the APP EUTE 1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device (if not already on). 2. Open the 3Plus Elite Series App on your mobile device. a. If you are a new member, you will need to register a new account. Be sure to enter your personal information accurately in the given prompts. b. If you are an existing member, you can just input your login email address and password. 3. After logging in, choose the 3PLUS-HR option to start the pairing process. 4. Select the detected HR # code. This should be the same code that shows up on your HR device’s screen. (Note: The tracker must be near your mobile phone in order for it to detect it.) 5

****** Page 7 ****** 5. A connection request will be shown on your tracker with the image below. Tap on the green check mark to confirm the Bluetooth pairing. 6. When the tracker is connected successfully, both your tracker and mobile device will receive a notification. Connected If the connection is not successful, please repeat the same steps to try again. Note: The Bluetooth pairing is a one-time process. If you would like to connect the band with a different account, you must un-pair the existing connection first through the App settings. 6

****** Page 8 ****** 5. Wearing the Device 1. Wrap the device around your wrist and pull the band through the hole in the buckle. 2 Pull the band until the device feels tight and secure on your wrist. 3. Insert the buckle pin through one of the band’s holes to secure the band in place. 4. You may use the two clamps to further secure the bands together. 7

****** Page 9 ****** 6. Cleaning the Device Keep it clean! It is strongly recommended to regularly clean your band after workouts or prolonged use. Moisture from sweat and dirt from other means can build up underneath the band and can cause skin irritation. Use water or rubbing alcohol DO NOT use soaps, sanitizers, or household cleaners to clean the band. Dry the band before use Make sure to clean and dry the band well before putting it back on. 8

****** Page 10 ****** 7. Screen Operation Double tap the display sensor area to wake up the screen. The band will only respond when the specific sensor area is tapped. The band screen will stay off when not in use. To make sure that the band will respond accurately to your tapping, we recommend that you use your finger tip instead of your finger nail. x2 9

****** Page 11 ****** All screen operations can be performed by touching the screen with your finger tip. Slide left or right on the screen’s surface to change the screen and menu options. Tue, Feb 9 D 12:32 10

****** Page 12 ****** 8. Device Operation Time/date Step Distance Calories Active minutes Heart rate Timer Apps 12:32 1.8 KM 567CAL 5.2WN 80BPM oo OO APPS 11

****** Page 13 ****** Time/Date interface Tue, Feb 9 12:32 Feb 9 79 12.932M Time and date on your band will automatically be synchronized with the connected mobile device Please make sure there is sufficient battery charge on your band to avoid resetting the time. 12

****** Page 14 ****** Activity screens 12,361 Steps 567CAL Calories 1.8 KM Distance 5.2MIN Active Minutes You can check your daily steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes from the band. You can swipe through the screens to check your current daily activity data or you can use the 3Plus Elite Series App to check your current and previous activity data. You can also check your daily goal completion through the APPts main page and see detailed figures of your daily, weekly, and monthly performance by tapping on the activity column. We recommend to sync your activity data daily to keep an accurate account of your daily records. The band daily activity will reset at midnight every night 13

****** Page 15 ****** Heart rate Heart rate (OFF) Heart rate (ON) To turn on/off the heart rate monitor, swipe to the heart rate interface and tap the heart on the screen. The heart will start pulsing which means the heart rate monitor is turning on. To turn off the heart rate monitor, tap the heart icon on the heart rate screen. When the heart icon is empty that means the heart rate monitor is off. To monitor your heart rate throughout the day, open the 3PIus Elite Series App and look for the hean rate settings. Turn on “Auto Track” and set the frequency you want your heart rate monitor to check your pulse. 14

****** Page 16 ****** Heart rate alen: You can select your heart-rate alert zone at the “Settings” section of your 3Plus Elite Series App. Heart rate too high Heart rate too low Timer 150 HR 36 LOW Tap and “play” icon to start the timer. Tap the “pause” icon to pause the timer. Tap the “reset” icon to reset the timer. 15

****** Page 17 ****** APPS Tap on the “APPS” icon to enter the APPS menu. oo Apps oo Swipe left or right to navigate through the APPs menu Activity / Sleep Music / Camera Find my phone / Settings 16

****** Page 18 ****** Activity Selecting the “Activity” icon will display the activity screens for your current Steps, Distance, Calories, and Active Minutes for today. 12,361 h Steps Calories 1.8KM Distance 5.2MIN Active Minutes 17

****** Page 19 ****** Sleep mode Tap on the “Sleep” icon to enter the band into sleep mode. Go to sleep Sleep duration Exit sleep 8 5H2m Your band will detect when you’re awake, in deep sleep, or in light sleep. You can check your detailed sleep data from the 3Plus Elite app. 18

****** Page 20 ****** Music Tap on the “Music” icon to enter the music player mode. Control your music directly from your screen. With easy to use controls, you’re able to skip, replay, play, and pause. (Only compatible with your smartphone’s default music app Google Play Music / Apple Music) Wait You 19

****** Page 21 ****** Camera Tap on the “Camera” icon to enter the camera control mode. 8 This feature allows you to control your smartphone camera with a tap on the HR device. Open the 3PIus Elite Series App, head to the settings and look for the “Camera” option. (The camera must be open from the 3Plus Elite Series App in order to take pictures) Use the front or back facing camera and position your phone where you want to take a photo. Tap on the camera icon on the HR and when the countdown ends, your smartphone will snap a picture and save it to your phone. 20

****** Page 22 ****** Find my Phone Tap on the “Find my phone” icon to enter the phone locator mode. 8 If you’ve lost your phone, your HR can help you locate it. Tap on the icon and the HR will send a signal to your smartphone to vibrate and play the default alarm tone. (Must be within Bluetooth range to activate this feature.) 21

****** Page 23 ****** Settings Tap on the “settings” icon to enter setting menu. A number of options will be available for selection. Battery level Device info Flip screen Restart Reset Back INFO 1 HR#12361 Restart 22

****** Page 24 ****** Battery level You can check the battery level with the first option on the settings menu. Low Power To ensure optimal functionalities, please make sure the battery level does not go below 20%. Device info You can check the device info Mth the “info” option of the settings menu. INFO -..> HR#12361 ID number of your device is available in the “info” section. 23

****** Page 25 ****** Flip screen This function allows you to choose the screen orientation that is best suited for you. Once you confirm the flip, your screen will rotate 1800. L9S 567 Restart Restarting allows you to restart your device without having to erase your current data. To restart your device, enter the “restart” option at the settings menu. Restart Tap the check mark to confirm. 24

****** Page 26 ****** Reset A reset will return your HR device to its original state during factory shipment. Any updated firmware however will still be saved in the HR device. This function will delete the current un-synced activity and sleep data on your device. Tap on the check mark to confirm. Doing so will bring you back to the original pairing code screen. Notifications The band can display notifications from texts (SMS), incoming calls, missed calls, emails, social media, calendar events, and disconnection alerts. To set notification alerts for your HR device, open the 3PIus Elite Series app, select “Settings” > “Notifications” to select the notifications you wish to receive on your band. If you would like to dismiss certain notifications, slide the button leftwards to turn off the setting. 25

****** Page 27 ****** To dismiss a notification, simply swipe left or right on the band’s screen. If the notification is not dismissed, it will reappear next time you turn on the screen. To read a notification, simply tap on the icon to read the message. When there are multiple text notifications, slide the screen to check each one of them individually. (Only texts (SMS), missed calls, and calendar events. Each message will display up to 3-pages of content. Messages exceeding 3 pages will be replaced with at the end of the text.) Text notifications: Click on the icon to check your incoming text messages. 3/3+861353258…10:35 Hdlo, John, would you tX2frce? •vocptso,.- Email: Notifications will be automatically be synced with your smartphone’s default email app. 26

****** Page 28 ****** Incoming calls: You can see vho’s calling you and MI display the caller’s name or phone # on the screen. Missed calls: Tap on the icon to check your missed calls. Social media: Receive notifications from your favorite social media apps. Calendar events: Notifications will be automatically synced with your smartphone’s default calendar app. Bluetooth disconnection: If you go out of Bluetooth range of your smartphone, a disconnection alert will appear on your HR device. +8613532586886 16 Disconnected 27

****** Page 29 ****** Reminders Add new reminders from the “Reminders” section of the 3Plus Elite Series App. You can set up to 6 types of daily reminders and customize the type, preferred time, and date. The band will vibrate and display the corresponding reminder. Single-tapping the band screen will dismiss the reminder. If you haven’t dismissed the reminder, it will reappear again once more after 2 minutes. Break time Wake up Medicine Eat Sleep Custom Inactivity Break Tirne Wake UO Meal Titæ Let’s get moving! 28

****** Page 30 ****** Goals Select the “Goal” setting in the 3Plus Elite Series App to set up your daily goals steps, distance, calories burned, and hours slept. Tap the save button each time to save your changes. When your goal is reached, your band will vibrate and display the “Goal achieved” icon. Goal Achieved 29

****** Page 31 ****** 9. Customer support 3Plus customer support is ready to help. You can find helpful FAQs, how-to videos, and troubleshoots on our support site. Web support: Email support: 30

****** Page 32 ****** 10. Troubleshooting App failed to pair with the band: 1. Check if your phone network and Bluetooth settings are turned on. 2. Check if your band is near your phone. The connection distance is within 5 meters. 3. Make sure that the band is not connected to another account or smartphone device. 4. Make sure your smartphone’s OS is using either Android 4.3 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher. App failed to synchronize data: 1. Check if your phone network and Bluetooth settings are turned on. Both the phone network and Bluetooth need to be on at the same time for data synchronization. 2. Check if your band is near your phone. The connection distance is within 5 meters. 3. Make sure that your band is connected with your phone and the 3Plus Elite Series app. 31

****** Page 33 ****** Not receiving notifications: 1. Make sure the notifications settings are turned on. 2. Your smartphone must be within Bluetooth range of your 3PIus device. Reset/restart your device: 1. To reset your device, go to the 3Plus device’s APP screen. Select the Settings option, then select reset. Note that resetting your device will make the device revert back to factory settings. 2. To restart your device, go to the 3Plus device’s APP screen. Select the Settings option, then select restart. Note that restarting your device will still retain your current activity data. Battery not charging: 1. Make sure the connected power source is working. 2. Make sure the Micro-USB is firmly connected to the charging dock. 3. Make sure the charging dock is connected in the correct orientation with the device. Please visit our website for FAQs or contact our customer support if you’re still having issues. 32

****** Page 34 ****** 11. Supported devices iOS iPhones using iOS 8.0 and higher Android Android phones using Android 4.3 and above 33

****** Page 35 ****** 12. Product specifications Display: TFT 80*160 Wristband material : TPU Accelerometer sensor 3-axis Heart rate monitor: Hean rate sensor Bluetooth : BLE 4.0 Battery: 100mAh Water Resistance Rating: IP67 Weight: Approximately 25g 34

****** Page 36 ****** 13. Remarks Please charge the device promptly when it has low power. Please use our standard charging clip. Please do not leave the device in a damp environment or expose it to liquid when charging. Please do not expose the device to extreme temperatures. Please do not expose the device to direct sunlight for long durations. Please do not place the device near a fire. Please avoid contact between the device and any sharp object. Please do not misuse the device, including but not limited to, falling, dismantling, dissembling, pressing, puncturing, baking burning, etc. Please do not clean the device with an abrasive cleaner. Please keep it out of reach of infants as small parts may cause choking. For the latest up-to-date manual version, please download from 35








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