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****** Page 1 ****** aPLUSTM CrUZ 191027 OWNER’S MANUAL

****** Page 2 ****** Overview 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) What’s in the box Device Info Operating Conditions Charging App setup Wearing the device Cleaning the device Screen operation Device operation a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Time/date interface Activity Heart rate Record workout Sleep tracker Notifications APPS Customer support Troubleshooting Supported devices Product specifications Remarks 1

****** Page 3 ****** 1. What’s in the box C) Cruz Hybrid Watch Charging Dock Micro-USB Cable 2

****** Page 4 ****** 2. Device Info Touchscreen Phys•jcal watch Hands Charging Surface LED Button Buttm ••eart Rate sensor USB charger port

****** Page 5 ****** 3. Operating Conditions Operating temperature -130F to 131 OF (-250C to 550C) Water resistance The Cruz Hybrid Watch is water resistant up to 3 ATM. This means that you may wear and use your watch during exercise (exposure to sweat is 0k), in the rain and while washing your hands. The Cruz Hybrid watch can be used for shallow water activities, but it shouldn’t be used for activities such as scuba diving, water skiing or any other activities involving high velocity water or submersion below shallow depth. Showering with the watch is 0k but we recommend not exposing the watch to any soaps, shampoos, conditioners or lotions as they can negatively affect the materials of the watch. 4

****** Page 6 ****** Water Resistance is not permanent, and it may diminish over time. Dropping your watch, exposing the watch to soap or soapy water, wearing the watch in a sauna or steam room may affect the water resistance of your Cruz Hybrid watch. Battery Life The Cruz Hybrid watch uses a single battery that powers the touch screen and the analogue movement. On a full charge, the Cruz Hybrid watch’s touch screen can be used up to 3 days with all functions and features. This means tracking your daily activity, alerting you of incoming calls or notifications etc. As soon as the minimum battery level is reached for the touch screen, the Cruz Hybrid watch will automatically turn off the smartwatch features and switch to watch mode. Watch mode ensures the watch hands will tell the time for an additional 30 days. *Note* The 3 days of smattwatch function is an estimate based on the average use of the watch. Many features and functions consume more battery life, so your actual battery life results may vary 5

****** Page 7 ****** 4. Charging I. Connect a USB cable to a USB power adaptor. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the charging dock. Plug the power adaptor into an electric socket. Place the Cruz Hybrid Watch onto the charging dock. 2 Place the Cruz Hybrid watch onto the charging dock. Make sure the back of the watch can rest against the charging dock. (as seen in the image above) 6

****** Page 8 ****** 3. When you place the Cruz Hybrid watch on the charging dock, the charging dock’s LED indicator will change to certain color to indicate its function. The Blue LED indicates that the charging dock is powered, and the dock is ready to be used. When the watch is not on the charger, the LED indicator will always be blue. When the Cruz Hybrid watch is on the charging dock, the Red LED indicates that the watch is properly placed in the dock and charging. The Green LED indicates that the watch on the charging dock is completely charged. Tips. – Completely charge the watch before first use. A full charge takes about two hours. (depending on the power source) – Using a power source such as a computer, may result in slower charging speeds due to the electrical current. – If there are any obstructions between the watch and the charging dock, the watch may not charge properly. Make sure the watch is charging properly after placing the watch on the charging dock. 7

****** Page 9 ****** 5. App Setup To set up your Cruz Hybrid watch with a mobile device, first download and install the 3Plus Hybrid App from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Pairing to the App There are two different ways to pair the Cruz Hybrid watch to the 3Plus Hybrid App. The first method is via QR code and the second method is via Bluetooth scanning. QR Code Pairing Method • Open the 3Plus Hybrid App on your mobile device. Log in or Sign up if you are a new user. • Select the Cruz Hybrid watch. • Select the QR Code method if you see a QR code on you watch. (If you don’t see a QR code on your watch, please pair using the manual method.) • Align the QR Code with the view finder in the app. 8

****** Page 10 ****** Pair Device Hidd the Hybrid up to tt• camera, Aign the Code wilh a&jve- Manual Pairing Method Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device. Open the 3Plus Hybrid App on your mobile device. Log in or Sign up if you are a new user. Select the Cruz Hybrid watch 9

****** Page 11 ****** • Select Manual then tap next. The app will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. (Keep your watch near your mobile device) • Look for your Cruz Hybrid watch’s code (#00000 code should be the same one that shows up on your Cruz Hybrid watch’s screen. A pairing request will appear on the watch. Tap on the green check mark or press the top button to confirm the Bluetooth pairing. Confirm Pairing 10

****** Page 12 ****** When the watch connects successfully, the watch and the 3Plus Hybrid App will say “Pairing is complete”. Pairing Successful If the pairing failed, the watch and your mobile device will alert you. Please repeat the same steps to pair the watch again. Pairing Failed *Mote* The Bluetooth pairing is a one-time process. If you want to connect the watch with a different phone, un-pair the watch from the current phone and make sure the Bluetooth connection has been removed from the phone’s Bluetooth settings. 11

****** Page 13 ****** Setting the Time After the pairing process is complete, follow the instructions to calibrate the watch hands on the Cruz Hybrid watch. If you don’t calibrate the watch, then the watch hands won’t tell the correct time. Scan Calibration 1) 2) 3) 4) Tap Start to begin Hold the Cruz Hybrid Watch up to the camera Align the Cruz watch case to the outline of the viewfinder in the app Hold the position until the watch hands adjust to the current time. O o 12

****** Page 14 ****** Manual Calibration A brief video will appear on the app to show you how this works. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Tap Start to begin Turn the scale or tap the + / – to align the hours hand to the 12 0’clock position. Tap Next when the hours hand is aligned. Turn the scale or tap the + / – to align the minutes hand to the 12 0’clock position. Tap Next when the minutes hand is aligned. Make sure both hands are aligned, and tap Done when the hands are set correctly. The watch hands should automatically move to the correct time. Tap Home to go to your dashboard. *Mote* If the time is not right* you can calibrate the watch hands again by going into the settings and selecting “Time Calibration” 13

****** Page 15 ****** 6. Wearing the Device Wrap the watch around your wrist and pull the band through the hole in the buckle. Pull the band until the watch feels slightly tight on your wrist but it should be able to slide slightly back and forth on your wrist. Insert the buckle pin through one of the band’s holes to secure the band in place. 14

****** Page 16 ****** 7. Cleaning the Device Make sure to clean regularly It is strongly recommended to regularly clean your watch’s band after workouts or prolonged use. Moisture from sweat and dirt from other means can build up underneath the band and can cause skin irritation. Use water or rubbing alcohol DO NOT use soaps, sanitizers, or household cleaners to clean the band. Dry the band before use Make sure to clean and dry the band well before putting it back on. 15

****** Page 17 ****** 8. Screen Operation You can use several basic gestures and the two buttons to interact with the Cruz watch. Swipe Left or Right Swipe Up or Down Press Button Tap Turn on the screen by pressing the top button once. The screen will turn off, by default, after 10 seconds of inactivity. Hold down the top button for 3 seconds to turn On/Off the watch 16

****** Page 18 ****** 9. Device Operation Overview Long press to change your watch face. Swipe left to find the activity menu 17

****** Page 19 ****** eo Swipe right to view the Apps menU Swipe up to view the quick settings menu Swipe down to view the notification center 18

****** Page 20 ****** Button Navigation 3 Press the top button to turn on the screen, return to the main page from any screen or put the watch in standby mode. Press and hold the top button to turn ON/OFF the watch. 12 Press the bottom button to turn on the screen, go one step back in the watch and exit a menu. 19

****** Page 21 ****** Quick Settings Brightness Adjust the brightness of the watch by tapping the icon and selecting the desired level of screen brightness. Airplane Mode Airplane mode turns off all the Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile device. When the icon is grey, this feature is OFF. When the icon is white, this feature is ON. Do not Disturb Mode (DND) DND mode mutes all notifications and vibrations but keeps your watch’s Bluetooth connection. When the icon is grey, this feature is OFF. When the icon is white, this feature is ON. 20

****** Page 22 ****** Settings Tap on the gear icon to access the watch’s settings. You can adjust settings like quick view, vibration, message font size and backlight time on the watch. You can also reset or restart the watch from this menu. Activity 7876 685 You can check your daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned, and active minutes from the watch. Swipe to the activity center and select the icon of the activity you want to see. You can cycle through the activities by swiping left or right. Sync the data to the 21

****** Page 23 ****** 3Plus Hybrid App and check your daily activity data and historical data from your phone. *Note* The watch’s activity tracking will reset to 0 on the watch every night at midnight TODAY 32±0 3.8 6 nr a 130 Dashboard 22

****** Page 24 ****** You can check your daily goal completion through the 3Plus Hybrid App’s dashboard. Tap the Heart icon to see a graph of your heart rate over time. Tap the Weight icon and enter your daily weigh-ins to track your weight over time. To see a detailed overview of your daily activity, tap on one of the activity bars on the dashboard. Daily History STEPS Weekly View Oailv History STEPS 11.’E.E.l l? .00fi 12.000 Monthly View The watch will store your activity data for up to 7 days, so remember to sync the watch to the 3Plus Hybrid App 23

****** Page 25 ****** regularly to record your daily activity data. We recommend syncing the watch to the app daily. Heart rate 112m Close Heart rate (ON) Start Heart rate (OFF) To manually turn on the heart rate monitor, swipe to the heart rate interface and tap Start to measure your current heart rate. To turn off the heart rate monitor, tap Close. *Note* Manually turning on the heart rate monitor on the watch uses a sigmficant amount of battery To continuously monitor your heart rate throughout the day, we recommend turning on the Auto Track Heart Rate feature in the Hybrid App’s settings. 24

****** Page 26 ****** For all day heart rate monitoring, use the Hean Rate Auto Track setting in the Hybrid App. Set the frequency of when you want your healt rate to be checked. You can also set High/Low HR limit alerts to let you know if you go beyond or below a certain heart rate level, BACK Heart Rate Auto Track HR Range Alert Low HR Limit High HR Limit 40 60 70 5 min > 50 bpm > 180 bpm > 0k bpm 25

****** Page 27 ****** Heart rate Range Alert: You can select your Heart Rate Range Alen in the Settings section of the Hybrid App. This is helpful during exercises and workouts to make sure you stay within your target zone. Heart rate too high Heart rate low LOW o 26

****** Page 28 ****** Record Workout The Cruz Hybrid Watch can record your workout data so you can monitor your hard work overtime. When you’re ready to record your workout, select the Record Workouts icon (the sprinting man icon) from the Apps section. Press the Play icon to start recording. eee You can pause or end your current workout at any time. To finish recording, tap the Flag icon to end the workout. 01 ‘h 27

****** Page 29 ****** Workout results will be displayed once the recording is completed: Time of workout, steps, distance, calories burned and average heart rate. View your entire workout history from the 3PIus Hybrid App. Keep track of your progress to see how your fitness has improved over time! 12 19 26 VON 27 Workouts May 2019 01 08 22 29 o 0.93 O 03 07 28 02 09 16 23 o o 18 o O Results 0025 0704am- 08S8a-n Results 04/25 07:34arn – 08 5881″i e 107 188 Results 04/25 07:34arn — 08:58ern miles Done 28

****** Page 30 ****** Sleep tracker The Cruz Hybrid watch can monitor your sleep quality and track your sleep patterns. Press the icon on the left to turn the Ohm sleep tracking mode on. Press the chart icon on the right to view your previous sleep history. 8h05m G 55m 4/24/2017 7h45m 4/25/2017 29

****** Page 31 ****** Preset Sleep: You can also set a preset sleep schedule to program the watch to automatically track your sleep during a specific time frame. Go to the 3Plus Hybrid App’s menu, select settings, then select “Preset Sleep” BACK Auto Sleep Bed Time Awake Time Preset Sleep 08:00 pm > In this setting screen, turn Auto Sleep On and adjust your “Bedtime” and “Awake time” accordingly. 30

****** Page 32 ****** Notifications Read and receive your smartphone notifications directly on your Cruz Hybrid watch. To turn on notifications, open the Hybrid App, select settings, then select notifications. You can select specific notifications you want to receive on your Cruz Hybrid watch, or you can select “All Notifications” to receive all the alerts that are listed. Not O O Note: Notifications will only work if the Cruz watch is paired to your smattphone device via Bluetooth and is within Bluetooth range. 31

****** Page 33 ****** Incoming / Missed Calls Check who’s calling directly from your wrist. You can also view previously missed calls in your notification history. Text Messages (SMS) Get alerts when you receive a new incoming text message. You can read the text message(s) directly from the Cruz Hybrid watch screen by tapping on the text notification. Calendar Stay on top of your busy schedule and check your calendar events directly from your watch. (Only compatible with your mobile device’s default calendar app.) Emily 4415 348 2480 @ Emily 11:44 04/75/2017 Hellc. do yc•u have free time? I would like tc talk you 04/25/2017 at eight the o’clock plane. 32

****** Page 34 ****** Social Media Stay connected with your favorite social media apps and view the notification details directly from the screen. (Not compatible wth all apps. Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Snapchat; Instagram, Line and WhatsApp are compatible. Others may also apply) Email Check and read your new incoming email messages right from your watch. (Only compatible with the mobile device’s default email app) (1/25) @Twitter 11:44 04/25/2017 SportsCenter recently Tweeted – Take a look at these highlights @ Outlook 10:54 04/25/2017 Nick: Meeting is at 33

****** Page 35 ****** Goals. Goal Achieved Medals: With the Hybrid App, you can create activity goals for each type of daily activity. Select the Edit icon in the top right corner of the dashboard to customize your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hours slept and weight. When your goal is reached, your watch will vibrate and let you know that you’ve completed one of your daily activity goals! To keep yourself motivated daily, you can earn prestigious medals vhen you’ve reached a certain step count in one day. You can show off your medals by connecting with friends and family on the leader board. You a Diamond Reach 20,000 Steps rne:tal’ Gold Reach 15,000 Steps o se.or Silver Reach 10,000 Steps o you a bronze Bronze Reach 7,000 Steps

****** Page 36 ****** You can also view the total amount of medal’s you’ve earned on the 3PIus Hybrid App. Go to the Activity dashboard and select “Medals” to see a breakdown of your latest achievements! Compare your success with your friends by viewing their medal count in their leaderboard profile. 6 Leaderboard Andy Leaderboard 61 17 21 18 25 2 6 137,850 124200 88,250 73,012 70,400 25,850 O o 00 0 0 @ SVry•aut3 35

****** Page 37 ****** APPS Find your favorite apps for fitness, weather, music and more in the apps section. Only oo 59 01 H Music Control your music from your wrist. Play a song on your phone first, then open the music app on your watch to skip, replay, play, pause, and control the volume. (Compatible with Spotify and music downloaded directly to your smartphone) Timer The timer can help you keep track of the time. Set timers up to 24 hours. 36

****** Page 38 ****** c o 08:00 09:00 Stopwatch Time yourself to record the amount of time it takes to complete an activity or exercise. Find My Phone If you misplace your phonet the Cruz Hybrid watch can help you find it. Tap on the icon and the watch will send a signal to your smartphone to vibrate and play the default alarm tone. (The watch must be within Bluetooth range for this feature to work) Reminders Stay on top of your day by setting reminders from the Hybrid App. To remind yourself of your upcoming reminders, view your list of reminders on the Cruz Hybrid watch. 37

****** Page 39 ****** WKL 82’F Weather You can check the weather forecast of your current location on the Cruz Hybrid watch. You can pick between a daily view or a 5-day forecast to help plan your schedule. Follow the steps below to add another location 1 2. 3. 4. Open the Hybrid App and go the Settings Tap on Weather and Add a new location Search by typing in the name of a city and select your desired location. You can adjust the temperature measurement, daily or 5 day forecast and the icon size. 1 90 LOS Angeles 820F • SUNNY to g;Ofttingøgo WEO 04-2b LOS Angeles H820FI L620F 38

****** Page 40 ****** Quick Setting Menu The Quick setting menu allows you to easily access shortcuts to help you customize your watch. Swipe up on the main screen to access coo this menu. Battery Reset FEB 15 O SUN Settings Find the settings by tapping on the gear icon in the quick settings menu. You can check your battery’s percentage, adjust the screen timeout time and more in the settings section. Airplane Mode Airplane Mode turns off the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the app. When the icon is white the airplane mode is ON. When the icon is grey airplane mode is OFF. 39

****** Page 41 ****** Brightnss FEB 15 SJN Briqhtness Set the watch’s screen brightness by tapping on the different sections to increase or decrease the brightness. Do not Disturb Mode Silence all your notifications and features that use vibrations. This does not turn off the Bluetooth connection between your watch and the app. When the icon is white, this mode is ON. When the icon is grey, this mode is OFF. 40

****** Page 42 ****** 10. Customer support 3PIus customer support is ready to help. You can find helpful FAQs, how-to videos, and troubleshooting answers on our support site. Web support: Email support: 41

****** Page 43 ****** 11. Troubleshooting What do I do if the app fails to pair with the watch? 1. Check if your mobile device’s network and Bluetooth settings are turned on. 2. Check if the watch is near your mobile device. The connection distance must be within 30 ft. 3. Make sure that the watch is not connected to another account or mobile device. 4. Make sure your mobile device’s OS is using either Android 5.0 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher. What do I do if the app fails to sync my data? 1. Check if your mobile device’s network and Bluetooth settings are turned on. Your mobile device’s Bluetooth must be turned On in order to sync the data the app. 2. Check if your watch is near your mobile device. The Bluetooth connection distance is within 30 ft. This may vary depending on the amount of interference between your mobile device and the Cruz Hybrid watch. 3. Make sure the watch is paired with your mobile device and to the 3Plus Hybrid App. 42

****** Page 44 ****** Why am I not receiving notifications? I. Make sure the notifications settings are turned On 2. Your mobile device must be within Bluetooth range of your Cruz Hybrid watch. 3. Try restarting your Cruz Hybrid Watch. 4. Try force closing the Hybrid App on your mobile device then reopening it. 5. If you still aren’t receiving notifications on your watch, try restarting your phone. How do I reset or restan my watch? 1. To reset your watch, swipe up to access the quick settings menu and tap on the settings icon. Tap Reset and tap on the green checkmark to reset the watch. 2. To restart your device, swipe up to access the quick settings menu and tap on the settings icon. Swipe up until you find the Restart option. Tap Restart and tap on the green checkmark to confirm. *Note* if you restart the watch, the activity data will not be deleted. 43

****** Page 45 ****** Why is my watch not charging? 1. Make sure the connected power source is working. 2. Make sure the Micro-USB is firmly connected to the charging dock. 3. Make sure the watch is correctly placed onto the charging dock. The watch face will change to show the watch is charging. You can also tell the watch is charging by when the LED indicator on the charging dock red. is Please visit our website and read our FAQs or contact customer support if you’re still having issues. 44

****** Page 46 ****** 12. Supported devices iOS iPhones using iOS 8.0 and above Android Android phones using Android 5.0 and above 45

****** Page 47 ****** 13. Product specifications Display: 1.22″ TFT 240*240 Processor: Freescale + Nordic Optical heart rate monitor: AMS Battery Capacity: 200mAh Lithium-polymer Bluetooth: BLE 4 0 Waterproof classification : 3 ATM. Weight: Approximately 0.181bs (79g) 46

****** Page 48 ****** 14. Remarks Please charge the watch when it has low power. Please use our standard charging dock to charge the watch. Do not leave the watch in a damp environment or expose it to liquid when charging. Please do not expose the watch to extreme temperatures. Please do not place the device near a fire and avoid contact between the watch and any sharp objects. Please do not misuse the watch, including but not limited to, dropping, dismantling, dissembling, puncturing baking, burning, etc. Please do not clean the watch with an abrasive cleaner. Please keep it out of reach of infants as small parts may cause choking. For the latest up-to-date manual version, please visit our website at 47








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