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PDF Content Summary:

****** Page 1 ****** PLUS LITE Direction for product use

****** Page 3 ****** ,ontent

****** Page 4 ****** Use environment Operation temperature -13* to 1310F ( to ) Waterproof rate Domestic waterproof Can be used for daily wash or use in the rain, That is, water drops only splash on the surface rather than impose on the device. Battery 5 days of normal use. 2

****** Page 5 ****** Articles in the box D A: Bracelet B: Bracelet buckle C: Quick user guide D: Charging clip E: Manual c 3

****** Page 6 ****** Overview of the setup 1. Charging 2. APP setup 3. Device operation 4. Screen operation 5. Device function 6. Setup 7. Service and support 4

****** Page 7 ****** Charging Please charge the bracelet for two hours before the initial use. Connect with the charger. Please connect the charger with your bracelet. Button 5

****** Page 8 ****** Charging Connect with the charger The charger touch spot is well-matched with the touch spot of the bracelet, and the can be fitted together. 6

****** Page 9 ****** Charging Insert the Micro-USB interface in the bracelet battery base. Plug the IJSB connection line into the power. The screen will show the charging icon. When the electricity is full, the full charge icon will be shown by the screen. It takes one and a half hour for full charge. When the electric quantity of the battery is not enough, the screen will display the low-energy icon 7

****** Page 10 ****** Acquire the APP If it is to use the mobile device to set the bracelet, you have to acquire the bracelet App first by searching 3PLIJS ELITE Tracker in the App store or Android application store, downloading and installing the App in your mobile device. iOS 7+ , Bluetooth 4.0 BLE , iPhone 4s+ , iPad3+ iPad Mini+ , iPod touch5+ Android 4.3+ , Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Avail able on the App Store 8 ANORC•• Are uw Google play

****** Page 11 ****** Connect the APP 1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your mobile device; 2. Turn on the 3PLIJS ELITE App on your mobile device; If you are a new member, please register or log on via an existing account. After inputting your personal information, please click the setup; 3. Please make sure the bracelet is close to the device, and select LITE from the Bluetooth list; 4. The pairing demand will be displayed on your mobile device. Press the watch screen to accept the pairing; 5. After pairing successfully by the bracelet, your bracelet and mobile device will receive a notice. If the pairing fails, please repeat the same step. The pairing is a one-time process. If you want to pair with the watch with other accounts, please cancel the existing pairing first.

****** Page 12 ****** Wear the device Fasten the watchband Wear the watchband on your wrist, fasten the buckle, and make the buckle pin pass through the watchband hole. Suggestion: Add a few drops of water on the watchband hole will make it easier to be buckled up. 10

****** Page 13 ****** Awakening device Click the button to activate the screen. The bracelet screen will be turned off when it is not in use. Please click the button to awaken the device. xl 11

****** Page 14 ****** Screen operation All screen operations are completed by using your fingertip to click the bracelet button. Click to switch the interface. 51 18 3.1 1 nr 118 Long click to enter into/ withdraw from the sleep mode. Tips: If you are not sure what to do on a specific screen, try clicking the button to switch to another screen. 12

****** Page 15 ****** Main menu IH:5B Time, date 511B Step 3.1 1 nr Distance 11B Calorie Click the button to switch the interface. 13

****** Page 16 ****** Clock interface Time, date, electric quantity 1 H: 5B The time and date of the bracelet will synchronize with your paired mobile device automatically. You may manually set the time and date you like via the setting of 3PLUS ELITE App. Please confirm your bracelet is fully charged to avoid time reset. 14

****** Page 17 ****** Step, calorie, distance Step 5118 Distance 3.1 Iru Calorie 118 The whole-day walking steps, distance and burnt calorie of yours can be monitored by the bracelet, and you may click the touch screen display area and check the data displayed on the bracelet, or you may monitor your activity data and historic records via the “activity” option in the 3PLUS ELITE App. You can check your daily target completion process through the main activity picture, and see the detailed figures of your daily, weekly and monthly performance by clicking the activity column. The daily data can be displayed by the bracelet. The activity monitor will reset every day at midnight. If you need to upload the latest activity data of yours, please remember to click the upper right synchronization icon of the 3PLUS ELITE App. 15

****** Page 18 ****** Sleep mode When the screen is lightened, long click the screen to enter to the sleep mode. Tme Sleep icon Click the button to switch the interface. 16

****** Page 19 ****** Electric quantity Check the electric quantity of the battery on the main interface I H: 5B To achieve the optimal use effect, the electric quantity of the battery should not be lower than 10%.

****** Page 20 ****** Notice Calendar matter reminding Missed call reminding Social contact message reminding Message reminding Bluetooth disconnection reminding Email reminding The bracelet can display calls, missed calls, messages, emails, social contact media activities, calendar matters and anti-loss notices. Open the 3PLUS ELITE App, click “setup > notice”, and select the notice you want the watch to receive. If you want to stop using some notices, please slide the radio button to the left and click the bracelet screen to neglect the notice, otherwise, the notice will show up again next time when the screen is activated. 18

****** Page 21 ****** Caller identification 15951 18 The caller identification only supports Latin characters. 19

****** Page 22 ****** Remind Sport SPORT Wake up Sleep SLEEP Medicine MEDICIH Eat Reminder Click the “remind” option of 3PLIJS ELITE App to add daily reminding. You can set 6 kinds of daily reminding for the most, and you may select the provision type, preference time and date. Your bracelet will vibrate slightly and display the corresponding reminding icon to remind you. Click the bracelet to neglect the reminding. If not, the reminding will appear buo minutes later 20

****** Page 23 ****** Target Click the “target” option of the 3PLUS ELITE App to set the target of daily walking step, walking distance, burnt calorie and sleep hours. Click the synchronization button on the upper right to save your target setting. When the target is reached, your watch will vibrate slightly and display the target completion icon. 21

****** Page 24 ****** Customer support Customer support is ready to help. • Web support: • Email support: 22

****** Page 25 ****** Troubleshooting Data synchronization failure by the APP 1. Please check if the network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone have been turned on. The network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone need to be turned on at the same time for data synchronization. 2. Please check if the bracelet is near the mobile phone and the connection distance is within 5 meters. 3. Please confirm the binding with your bracelet is successful. Failure of bracelet binding by the APP 1. Please check if the network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone have been turned on. The network and Bluetooth of your mobile phone need to be turned on at the same time for watch binding. 2. Please check if the bracelet is near the mobile phone and the connection distance is within 5 meters. 3. Please check the bracelet has not bound with other accounts. Contact us If your problem cannot be resolved by the above ways, please contact us by emails. 23

****** Page 26 ****** Supporting devices iOS IPhone 6 , iPhone 6+ , iPhone 5c IPhone 5s , iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, etc. Android HTC One M9 , HTC , HTC D610t Samsung S6 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , Samsung S4 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , Samsung S3 Sony Xperia Z2 , VIVO 3S LG G2 , LG G3 , HUAWEI P7 , OPPO Find7 , Nexus 5 , MOTO X , iSWAG MAGNET47, etc. 24

****** Page 27 ****** Product specifications Size: 16.6mm (width) *10.7mm (thickness) , 139—195mm (inner perimeter) Material: face shell: PC resin, watchband: TPIJ flexible glue Display screen: OLED, 0.91 inch, 128*32 lattice Sensor: three-axis acceleration sensor Vibration motor: supportive Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Battery: 55mAh Tme display: RTC+ time synchronization Charging way: USB charging clip Weight: about 20g Waterproof rate: domestic waterproof 25

****** Page 28 ****** 26








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