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PDF Content Summary: RA-IBB Instruction Manual For an overview of the wireless systems: Wireless Module Application Sheet / Wireless RAK Application Sheet For programming a wireless system: Wireless Module Programming Guide / Wireless RAK Programming guide What is the RA-IBB? The RA-IBB is an interface module which receives wireless Rako commands and retransmittes to Silent Gliss AM commands. The RA-IBB receives a RF Rako command and retransmits it to the blinds as an AM signal. The RA-IBB can be used with Silent Gliss products 2345, 4955 and 5100. Installing the RA-IBB The RA-IBB comes with a 12V supply fitted with a 13A plug. To install the RA-IBB: - Remove the lid and plug the jack cable of the power supply into the connector. - Locate or install a 13A socket to provide power for the RA-IBB. - Power up the RA-IBB to complete installation Rako modules should be mounted in areas that are adequately ventilated, dry and outside of any enclosed metal casings that may interfere with the wireless signal. Wherever possible the mounting bracket should be used. Whilst Rako modules are designed to be completely maintenance free the units should be mounted in an accessible location should there be a fault or re-addressing of the unit be necessary. RA-IBB Manual Version 1.1.1 Before starting to Programme the RA-IBB It is essential that “Wireless Rate Mode” is disabled in the Bridge or HUB if this is being used as part of the system. 1) To do this access the Bridge or HUB webpages and uncheck the “Wireless Rate Mode” tick box 2) While addressing and programming the RA-IBB please ensure there is at least 2 meters between the RAMPI,Bridge or HUB and the Silent Gliss curtain/blind. For more information on how to access the Bridge web pages please refer to Appendix 1 of all programming guides: Wireless Module Programming Guide Wireless RAK Programming guide Wired system Programming Guide Addressing the RA-IBB Open the project file for the installed Rako system and ensure that Rasoft Pro is connected to a communication device. NB The communication window at the bottom right should indicate whether a device is connected or not. In this case a RAMPI is connected. For instructions on how to connect to a communication device see Rasoft Pro programming guides. - Select “File” - “New device” to bring up the “New device Wizard” and choose “RA-IBB” from the list. - Choose a suitable device name. RA-IBB Manual Version 1.1.1 - Associate the RA-IBB to a room from the drop down menu. The room selected here will set the “Local Room” for this device. - Press and hold the clear button on the RA-IBB after a few seconds it will enter setup mode and the status LED will start to blink. Release the button and the status LED should continue to blink. - Press “Device is in set-up” and then “Finish” to send the addressing signal to the device. DO NOT ADDRESS MORE THAN ONE RA-IBB TO THE SAME ROOM ADDRESS IN THE SAME PROJECT FILE . DOING SO WILL RESULT IN NEITHER UNIT FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY. Programming the RA-IBB The RA-IBB can control up to 15 blinds/curtains in up to four different rooms. Set-up involves putting Silent Gliss Curtain/Blinds into programming mode. Please refer to the next section of this manual or relevant Silent Gliss literature. - Select the RA-IBB from the device list. - - In the “multi-room” tab move the sliders to indicate the number of curtains/blinds to be controlled in each room. Once complete press “Save & Upload” at the bottom of the page. NB Curtains and Blinds should never be addressed in the same room as Lighting Circuits. See RA-IBB Manual Version 1.1.1 For example in the image above there are 3 channels in the Living Room, 3 in the Kitchen, 4 in the Hallway and 2 in the Dining Room. The blue bar along the bottom indicates the number of channels allocated of the total of 15. - Next select the “Motor Pairing” tab to begin addressing the Blinds/Curtains themselves. - One at a time put each Silent Gliss curtain/blind in to set-up mode. Once it is in set-up press “Pair” to address it to the Rako room and channel in that row. - If a blind is paired incorrectly press “Unpair” to delete this address. WARNING: It is possible to pair a Curtain/Blind to more than one address. RA-IBB Manual Version 1.1.1 Putting the Silent Gliss Product in to setup mode Full instructions for Silent Gliss products should be included with the Curtain/Blind itself. A brief summary of how to put each in to setup mode is provided here: 4955 (Roller Blind) and 2345 (Roman Blind) Use a pin or other small device to press and hold the “motor programme button” on the blind for 1s. The Blind will pulse up and down to indicate it has gone in to setup mode. Once the “Pair” button in the “Motor Pairing” tab of the RA-IBB has been pressed then the blind will pulse up and down to indicate the pairing has been received. 5100 (Curtain Track) Use a pin or other small device to press and hold the “motor programme button” on the curtain motor for 1s. The red LED will start flashing to indicate it has gone in to setup mode. Once the “Pair” button in the “Motor Pairing” tab of the RA-IBB has been pressed then the blind will pulse up and down to indicate the pairing has been received. Controlling the RA-IBB Scenes cannot be set via the RA-IBB. The control of Silent Gliss blinds/curtains via the RA-IBB is limited to the following commands: Up/Open - Scene 2/Fade Up Stop - Scene 3/Off Down/Close - Scene 4/Fade Down Swapping Scene 2 to be Down/Close and Scene 4 to be Up/Open can be achieved via the Silent Gliss remote. RA-IBB Manual Version 1.1.1







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