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PDF Content Summary: WK-EOS-6 Instruction Manual For programming information: Wireless Module Programming Guide / Wireless RAK Programming guide For general overview: Wireless Module Application Sheet / Wireless RAK Application Sheet What is the WK-EOS-6? The WK-EOS-6 is a six button keypad for use with Rako wired systems. It will transmit Scene 1-3, Off, Fade Up/Fade Down in a single room before any custom programming is added. WK-EOS-6 require a RAK-LINK to operate as part of the system. WK-EOS-6 (as part of the wired network generally) can be wired in two ways: “Daisy Chain” configuration - A single run of keypads runs from the RAK-LINK and to an end point. It is still usually advisable to run a return leg back to the RAK-LINK as a spare. “STAR” configuration - Cables are all run back to a central point: a RAK-STAR usually located with the RAK-LINK. Each cable can be from a single keypad or a leg of keypads. Installation Note: The WK-EOS-6 comes in two sections “Front” and “Back” they are referred to as such in the following installation guide. The “Back” section is just a connection board for the CAT5/6 cable. The “Front” section contains all memory and programming. WK-EOS-6 Manual Version 1.0.1 Installation of the WK-EOS-6 with WP-EOS-60-xx: Prepare cable(s) in backbox ready for connection. Step 1 Separate the two halves of the WK-EOS-6 ready for installation. The “back” section (with the punchdown connections) will be installed first. TIP: Leave plenty of slack if possible to allow for re-punching down at a later date if required.

Step 2 Punch down cable(s) matching cable colours to colours written on the circuit board. There may be either one or two sets of cables to punch down. Step 3 Terminate the WK-EOS-6 as required. See “Terminating the WK-EOS-6” on page 3 of this manual. The back section of the WK-EOS-6 is now installed and is ready for the front section and cover plate. TIP: Take care when preparing and installing to not disturb the punchdown connections. Loops are provided on the back section to cable tie the cable(s) if desired. Step 4 Clip the front section of the WK-EOS-6 into the grid and connect the front section of the WK-EOS-6 to the back section of the WK-EOS-6. Screw the grid for the screwless cover plate into the backbox. TIP: If the wired network is powered then the backlit LEDs on the keypad will illuminate. Step 5 Clip the cover plate into the grid to complete installation.

WK-EOS-6 Manual Version 1.0.1 Coverplates (WP-EOS-60-xx) To mount the WK-EOS-6 to the wall a WP-EOS-60-xx is required as shown above. This is available in a variety of finishes including: - Satin Chrome (Silk) - WP-EOS-60-SC - Polished Chrome - WP-EOS-60-PC - Antique Brass WP-EOS-60-AB - Matt Black - WP-EOS-60-MB - Polished Brass - WP-EOS-60-PB - Matt Bronze - WP-EOS-60-BM - White (Matt) - WP-EOS-60-WH Terminating the WK-EOS-6 It is important to terminate WK-EOS-6 correctly otherwise the wired system will not function. The termination that is required depends on the nature of the installation and the position of the RAK-LINK within the system. No Term - Both Jumpers removed Used when the WK-EOS-6 is not at the end of line. This is usually identifiable by two cables being punched down to the WK-EOS-6. Term - Jumper fitted across 1+2 & 4+5 Used when the WK-EOS-6 is end of line in a daisy chain configuration. For example the WK-EOS-6 marked “TERM” shown in “Typical Wired Installation layout” on page one. Star Term - Jumper fitted across 2+3 & 5+6 Used when the WK-EOS-6 is end of line in a STAR wire configuration. For example the WK-EOS-6 marked “STAR TERM” on page one. Programming the WK-EOS-6 The WK-EOS-6 is programmed using the Rasoft Pro programming software. A WA/WTC-Bridge or WK-HUB is required for any programming of a wired system. Wired system Programming Guide - For information on how to programme the wired system using Rasoft Pro. WK-EOS-6 Manual Version 1.0.1







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