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****** Page 2 ****** READ FIRST SAFETY & CARE INFORMATION • Use 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds for its intended purpose only. It is not a toy. Parental supervision is required for children under 10 years old. • Avoid excessive volume levels and prolonged periods of listening. Do not use around road traffic. • Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair 3SlXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds. • Do not immerse or put 3SlXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds in water and keep 3SlXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds in a cool, dry place and protect from dust. • Do not expose 3SlXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds to excessive heat including sunlight and fire. Do not burn or incinerate 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds or expose to extreme temperatures (450). • Wipe 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds with a clean soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean any part of 3SlXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds. Doing so may discolour or corrode the materials.

****** Page 3 ****** GETTING TO KNOW YOUR BLUETOOTH STUDIO EARBUDS O Gel Ear Clips 0 USB Charging Port (under Ear Clip} Earbuds o O indicator O Controller o Volume up Multi-Function O Button (MFB) Volume down o Ear Clips SMALL ON O Micro USB Charging Cable O Gel Earbuds MEDIUM ON

****** Page 4 ****** CHARGING YOUR BLUETOOTH STUDIO EARBUDS I. 2. 3. Insert the supplied Micro USB Cable (O) (Micro USB end) into Bluetooth Studio Earbuds 5V input port (O). Insert USB end of cable into the USB 20 port of your 110/240V wall adaptor, laptop or PC. The LED Indicator (O will turn red when charging, then blue when fully charged. The indicator light will flash red when the battery level js low, and there will be a voice prompt. If left unused for 3 months, a fully charged battery will lose Its charge. TURNING ON & PAIRING YOUR BLUETOOTH STUDIO EARBUDS for the first time 1. 2. Ensure your Bluetooth Studio Earbuds are fully charged and separate the Bud Backs from each other to enter ‘standby/’ONt mode’. The Voice Prompt will say “Power On”. Once ‘ON’, press the Multi-Function Button (MFB) (O for 5 seconds to put the Bluetooth Studio Earbuds into ‘pairing mode’ with your device. ‘Pairing mode’ is evident if the LED Indicator (O) flashes red then blue – the Voice Prompt will say “Pairing”. For more informatic

****** Page 5 ****** 3. 3SlXT-M777′ should then appear on the Bluetooth device list on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Press/click it and the Voice Prompt will say “Phone X connected” when pairing has been achieved. SETTIUCS BLUETOOTH 3SIXT-M777 PAIRING YOUR BLUETOOTH STUDIO EARBUDS every time after Within operating range (up to 10m), the Bluetooth Studio Earbuds will automatically pair to your device when Bluetooth is enabled and the Earbuds are separated (‘ON’ position). This will be confirmed by the Voice Prompt saying “‘Phone X connected”. STANDBY MODE If the 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds are left separated for over 3 minutes without music playback or calls, it will enter ‘standby mode’ to save battery life. In ‘standby mode’ you can make and receive calls or reinstate music playback by pressing the MFB for the required operation (see Music/ Call Operation table). Disconnect the Earbuds from your device to return your device to normal functionailty. Jn and support visit

****** Page 6 ****** PAIRING TO MULTIPLE DEVICES 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds support multi-pojnt technology, which allows you to connect them to two different Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. I. 2. 3. Follow the initial pairing instructions previously outlined on the first device you would like to pair – ‘Device 1’. Turn off the Bluetooth Studio Earbuds. Now follow the pairing instructions to connect the Earbuds to the second device – ‘Device 2’. Select ‘3SlXT-M777’ from the Bluetooth device list on ‘Device 1’ to finish the multi-point connection. If ‘Device 1’ is on a call, and a call comes in on ‘Device 2’, press the Multi-Function Button (O) to answer the ‘Device 2’ call and put the ‘Device T on hold. You can switch between the two calls by double pressing the MFB GENERAL OPERATION Power on Power off Pair Factory reset Separate the two Earbud harks join the two Earbud backs together Press the Multi-Function Button (MFB) for 5 (When e) Press the MFB for 5 seconds (when charging)

****** Page 7 ****** LED INDICATOR & VOICE PROMPTS Flashes blue twice Flashes red for 2 seconds Flashes between blue and red Flashes between blue and red 3 times Flashes blue every 7 seconds Voice says “Power On” Voice says “Power orr Voice says “Pairing” Bluetooth Studio EarEnrds are ‘ON’ Bluetooth Studio Earbuds are ‘OFF’ Bluetooth Studio EarbLÆls are in ‘pairing rnode’ Bluetooth Studio are in ‘factory reset’ Bluetooth Studio EarbLÆls are in ‘standby mode’ (not playing music or not in a call) MUSIC/CALL OPERATION Pla y/Pause Volume up Next Song Volume Down Song Answer a call End a call Reject a call Transfer between Earbuds and Phone Redial last outgoütg call Mute Activate voice control (e.g.. Siri) O Press the MPB once to press once again to resurne playing Short press Long press Short press Lcmg press when playing music when playing music when playing music when playing music Press the MF80 once to ‘answer’ an incoming call O Press the MFB once to •end’ call O Press the MFB once for 1 second to ‘rejecti an incoming call During a call. press the MFB I second Press the MF80 twice while in music playback or ‘standby mode’ Press the MFB twice during a tall Press the MF80 for 1 second while in music playback or Standby

****** Page 8 ****** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Profile Chipset Codec Noise Bluetooth Range Playback Talk Time Standby Time Charging Tüne Weight *EDR mop, AVRCP, HFP, HSP CSR8645 APT-X CVC6.o 10 rnetres 5 hours 5S hours 180 hours 2 hours 36 x 30 x ZE mm 16g SAFE USE WARNING Due to the isolating characteristics of these Bluetooth Studio Earbuds do not use while driving riding a bike or where vehicular traffic is present, or in any other activity where failure to hear surrounding sounds could be dangerous. Use of these Earbuds at excessive volumes may cause permanent hearing damage. Always turn the volume down before use. Take caution in regards to inserting objects into ear canal and use at own risk. For more information visit Siri a tradernark of registeæd in the US. and other cruntrjes. The Blætcoth mark and are owned by the Bluetcn:jth SL Inc. and any of stxh marks by 3SIXT S license.







3SIXT 3S-0777 (01) PDF MANUAL

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