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****** Page 1 ****** 3sxr USB 2.0 ETHERNET ADAPTER for Laptops and Ultrabooks USER GUIDE

****** Page 2 ****** Getting familiar with your USB 2.0 ETHERNET ADAPTER R.J45 port Adapter USB 2.0 connecttr pes HOW TO CONNECT 1. Insert the USB end of the 3SlXT USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter into your laptop or ultrabooWs USB port 2. Connect the 3SIXT USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter RJ45 port with a ethernet cable (not supplied) 3. Connect the other end of the ethemet cable into your router 4. Automatically or manually set IP address of you laptop or ultrabook. Router gggs a •

****** Page 3 ****** FEATURES No driver software is required, plug and play Supports 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing Supports USB specification 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 Supports 802.3 IOBASE-T/IOOBASE-TX twisted pair crossover detection and auto-correction(HP Auto-MDIX) SYSTEM REOUIREMENTS WINDOWS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (32/64bit) MAC: Mac OSX 10.5 to 10.8 SPECIFICATIONS Connector Ethernet port Dimensions Weight Operating temp Operating humidity Storage temp Power consumption USB 2.0, Male x 1 RJ45 x 1 195 x 27 x 16mm 25g oo to 700 -100 to 800 0.75W

****** Page 4 ****** 3SIXT TWO YEAR WARRANTY 3SIXT will rep.lace the faulty product at cost to the consumer. The warranty (Eyes not extend to any cmseqw•ubal damages osts that may be marred and is valid for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. The consumer nust return the faulty to the retail stere it was purchased fr«n together with proof of purchase. The benefits consunw warranty are in ad(Ntion other rights and remedies of the consumer under Australim laws relation to the to which the warranty relates. Our corne With guarantees that be under Consumer Law. You are to a replacernalt or for maj(Y fdlure and for cMnpensation for reasmably foreseeable loss or You are dso to have the goods or if the fail to be of quality and the falure does not amount to a major The warranty is provided by: Cellnet Limited Austr*a): 59-61 Qantas Drive, Eagle Farm, Queensland Ph: +61 7 50tX). Em-au: 3sxr Ccvyright @ 2015 its logo are tradernarks of Cellrlet Group Limited in Australia & New Zealand. AN Rights CELLNET GROUP LIMITED 59-61 Qantas Dive, Eagle Farm. QLD ALEtralia. MADE IN CHINA N5418 PLEASE







3SIXT 3S-0449 (01) PDF MANUAL

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