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****** Page 2 ****** READ FIRST SAFETY INFORMATION • Use 3SlXT VR Headset for its intended puqryse only, It is not a toy. Parental supervision is required for children under 10 years old • Do not look directly at bright light while wearing 3SlXT VR Headset Without your Smartphone inserted or cover closed. Doing so may damage your eyesight. • It is to view content through 3SlXT VR Headset for more than 30 minutes at a time, as this may cause eye strain. • VR content viewed through 3SlXT VR Headset may cause epileptic episodes in some Please seæk professional medical advice if you also begin experiencing balance and vision problems, head or neck pain and cease use of 3SIXT VR Headset immediately. • If you are allergic to certain plastic, synthetic fabric and paint materials, ymJ may irritation of the skin. If this happens, stop using 3SlXT VR and consult a medical professional. • If using earphones with 3SlXTVR kæp the volurræ at a reasonable as excessive exposure to Imad sounds can cause hearing damage- • The 3SlXTVR Headset only works when a Smartphone is inserted into correctly (please see Getting to Know Your VR Headset) ard specific VR rantent settings are set correctly. • VR content is fully immersive. so ensure you are in a secure location prior to wearing 3SlXT VR Headset c SIX • Before wearing 3SlXT VR Headset, please aware of the surrounding environment and it is clear of obstacles so you don’t trip or fall as certain content may cause you to make certain movements and you rnay becorne unbalanced • Only use 3SlXT VR Headset when viewing VR content do not use whik? driving; operating machinery or any real life activity that requires your attention, • Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair 3SlXT VR Headset. • Do not immerse or put 3SlXT VR HeatEet in water ard keep 3SlXT VR Headset in a cool. dry place and protect from dust • Do notexpose 3SlXT VR Headset to excessive heat including sunlight and fire. • Do not burn or incinerate 3SlXT VR Headset. • Wipe 3SlXT VR Headset and its lens With a clean soft cloth Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean any part of 3SlXT VR Headset. Doing so rnay discolour or corrode the outside materials and fabric, • Do not wash the inner mask Doingso may cause the cushioning material to deteriorate. • 3SIXT is not fiablc for any damages, incidents or accidents caused by incorrect use of the 3SIXT VR Headset.

****** Page 3 ****** GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET Padded • Eye Mask Ventilation Head Strap hook Pupil Distance IPD} Dial Focal Distance Eye – O Cable cavity For more informatior

****** Page 4 ****** HOW TO VIEW VR CONTENT USING THE VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET Testing VR content on your Smartphone Download, stream or use existing content on your Smartphone to test for VR compatibjljty. Using the gamet video or app menu, you will be able to determine if jt supports Left/Right Split Screen (see Figure 1) e.g. youtube displays this icon when VR content is available. It is suggested you select the highest definition video Agure t An example of how a Left/Rjght available (e.g. 1080p) for an SpJ/t 5cræn should Jook like on O Smartphone if VR cmtent js available. optimal viewing experience. How to view content with the headset 1. Setup the compatible content and ‘pause’ it on your Smartphone prior to inserting into the Smartphone holder/ cover 2. Gently open the Smartphone holder/cover (O). Holding your Smartphone with the screen facing inwards, place it securely and centrally into the spring-loaded clasp. 3. Press ‘play’ or ‘un-pauset your content and close the cover (O). If you find that the content is upside down and it jsnt automatically corrected by your Smartphone, ‘pause’ again, reopen the cover (O) and rotate your Smartphone. Continued over and support visit

****** Page 5 ****** 4. Place the VR Headset onto your head (after making necessary adjustments for Head Strap, Focal and Pupil Distances). 5. Now you can explore, play & imagine your world in Virtual Reality! Adjusting Head Strap, Focal & Pupil Distances Head Strap: Place the VR Headset on your head. Move the left, right and top straps at the Head Strap hooks (O), making sure it sits comfortably, but firmly on your forehead, nose and cheeks. Adjusting the Focal Distance (ED): Focal Distance is the ‘lens depth’ or how far an object is away from your eyes. Twist the Focal Distance (FD) Dials (O) back and forth until you find a comfortable distance. Each dial is able to be individually adjusted for full customisation. Short-sighted users will find this handy as it removes the requirement for glasses to be worn while using the VR Headset Adjusting the Pupil Distance (Pl)): Pupil Distance (PD) is the distance between a users pupils (usually 55-75mm). By adjusting the Pupil Distance (PD) Djal (O) to your specific measurement – you can achieve best focus. Ventilation If your Smartphone gets too hot while viewing content, you can remove the Ventilation Cover (O. Using Earphones or Charging Cables You can charge your Smartphone and listen on earphones while using the VR Headset. Make sure to use a long cable and be sure it is out of the way of your movements. Use the available Cable Cavities (O) to feed your Earphones or Charging Cables through to your Smartphone.







3SIXT 3S-0688 (01) PDF MANUAL

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