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****** Page 1 ****** USER MANUAL electriü 27″ LED MONITOR eiQ-27MF144FSHDRB Thank you for choosing electriQ Please read the user manual before using this monitor and keep it safe for future reference Visit to view our entire range of Intelligent Electricals

****** Page 2 ****** CONTENTS Safety Information What’s Included Monitor Dimensions Connections Available on the Monitor Wall Mounting Getting Started Monitor Controls Initial Setup Menu Options Picture Settings Image Settings Colour Temperature Settings OSD Settings Reset Miscellaneous Settings Specification Troubleshooting electriQ UK Support 1 2 4 4 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15

****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY INFORMATION Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated. Keep these instructions – The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. Heed all warnings – All warnings on the appliance and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. Follow all instructions – All operating and usage instructions should be followed. Do not use this equipment near water, or in humid environments — The appliance should not be used near water or moisture e.g. in a wet basement or near a swimming pool. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not use solvents or petroleum based fluids. Do not block any ventilation openings. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, stoves or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Do not tamper with the supplied plug. This plug is a BS1363 standard plug. Protect the power cord from being walked on or trapped, particularly at the plug and at the point where it exits from the appliance. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table specified by the manufacturer or sold with the apparatus. When a cart or stand is used, use caution when moving it to avoid any injuries or damage from it tipping over. Unplug the apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as if the power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus or it has been exposed to rain or moisture, it does not operate normally or has been dropped. Please keep the unit in a well-ventilated environment. The monitor should only be connected to a mains power supply as rated on the back of the equipment. To prevent overload, do not share the same power supply socket with too many other electronic components. Do not place any connecting wires where they may be stepped on or tripped over. Do not place heavy items on the cable as this may cause damage. When removing from a socket hold by the plug and not the wires. Disconnect the power immediately and seek professional help if the plug or cable is damaged, liquid has spilt onto the set, if accidentally exposed to water or moisture, if anything accidentally penetrates the ventilation slots or if the set does not work normally. 2

****** Page 4 ****** Do not remove the safety covers. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Trying to service the unit yourself is dangerous and may invalidate the product’s warranty. Only qualified personnel should service this apparatus. Do not block ventilation slots on the back cover. The monitor can be placed in a cabinet but ensure at least 5cm (2″) clearance all around. Do not tap or shake the screen, this may damage internal components. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall not be placed on the apparatus. WARNING: The wall plug socket is used as a disconnection device and should remain readily accessible. WARNING: The batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as direct sunlight or fire. AT FULL VOLUME. PROLONGED LISTENING MAY DAMAGE THE USER’S HEARING. This warning sign is to warn of dangerous voltage inside the product. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electft shock, DO NOT remove the cover (or back). NO user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. 3 This warning sign is to alert you Of important instructions accompanyi ng the product.

****** Page 5 ****** WHAT’S INCLUDED User manual Power supply 4 Power cable HDMI

****** Page 6 ****** CONNECTIONS AVAILABLE ON THE MONITOR DC IN 12V O Pnwer Plug HDM12 HDMII 5 DP2 DPI Audioout Connect the monitor to any device with an HDMI output 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. O DP Port Remove the cable by pressing the arrow key Audio output Connect headphones or external speakers to the monitor- DC input port: Connect the supplied power supply to power the monitor HDMI port 1: Used to connect a compatible device. Supports HDMI 1.4 & 2.0 ; HDMI port 2: Used to connect a compatible device. Supports HDMI 1.4 & 2.0 ; Display Port 1: Used to connect a compatible device. Supports Display Port 1.2 Display Port 2: Used to connect a compatible device. Supports Display Port 1.2 Audio output port: Used for connecting headphones, or external speakers 5

****** Page 7 ****** WALL MOUNTING The monitor is provided with mounting holes for a VESA approved wall mounting bracket (not supplied) The VESA mounting pattern is: 100x100mm and the size of the screws is 4 x M6 x 10 (not supplied) Do not use screws longer than specified or damage will occur to the internal components. NOTE: As the monitor is considered heavy, please consult with a professional wall mount installer to perform the installation. GETTING STARTED MONITOR CONTROLS EXIT MENU POWER 1. 2. 4. 5. MENU : AUTO: Go back to previous menu, and exit the on screen display Move down/left in the OSD menu; Decrease (-) the value of volume/brightness. Move up/right in the OSD menu; Increase (+) the value of volume/brightness. Enter into OSD menu and select an item for confirming settings. POWER: Turn the monitor on and off. 6

****** Page 8 ****** INITIAL SETUP Connect the monitor to a power outlet. 1. 2. 3. Press the POWER button on the monitor or to turn it on (The indicator will be blue) Connect the relevant cable to the corresponding input on the monitor. The source will be automatically detected. To change between inputs, press the “Source” button to enter the source menu. Use the and ‘W” buttons to choose the input source between DPI, DP2, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. DPI DP2 HDMI 1 HDMI 2 MENU OPTIONS The menu for the monitor can be accessed by pressing the menu button on the control panel. This menu is separated into the following sub menus: Picture Settings, Image Settings, Colour Temperature, OSD Settings, Reset, and Miscellaneous options, details of each menu can be found in the following section 7

****** Page 9 ****** BRIGHTNESS * oso• BRIGHTNESS BRIGHTNESS BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST ECO DCR HDR MODE STANDARD OFF OFF 50 Value “0-100” “0-100″ and GAME, Allows the adjustment of the image brightness, according to ambient light in the room. CONTRAST Allows the adjustment of contrast between white and black areas of the image. Value ECO Allows selection of image settings between the following: STANDARD, TEXT, MOVIE, FPS, RTS”. DCR Allows the dynamic contrast of the picture to be turned ON and OFF I-IDR MODE Allows to change the GAMMA value between “OFF, AUTO, MAX 8

****** Page 10 ****** IMAGE SETTINGS oso H. POSITION IMAGE H v POSITION POSITION CLOCK PHASE ASPECT 50 50 50 50 Allows adjustment of the horizontal position of the display image. Use the “4” and ‘w” buttons to horizontally move the image. V. POSITION Allows adjustment of the vertical position of the display image. Use the and buttons to vertically move the image. CLOCK Allows adjustment of the CLOCK setting. Value”0-100″ PHASE Can reduce video distortion and instability. Value”0-100″ ASPECT Allows selection of video format of the between “16:9, 4:3…. 9

****** Page 11 ****** COLOUR TEMPERATURE SETTINGS COLOR TEMP COLOR TEMP RED GREEN BLUE COLOR TEMP. WARM 50 50 50 Allows adjustment of the colour settings between the following options: “Normal — Warm – Cool – User”. In the ” User” setting, you have full control to alter the individual settings ” Red : 0-100, Green: 0-100, and Blue : 0-100 RED Allows adjustment of the red element of color for the image GREEN Allows adjustment of the green element of color for the image BLUE Allows adjustment of the blue element of color for the image 10

****** Page 12 ****** OSD SETTING lb oso LANGUAGE OSD SETTING LANGUAGE OSD H. POS OSD V. POS OSD TIMER TRANSPARENCY 50 Allows selection of desired language: “ENGLISH, FRENCH, TURKISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, CHINESE, DUTCH, JAPANESE, GERMAN, POLISH, KOREAN”. OSD H. POS Allows adjustment of the horizontal position of the OSD OSD V. POS Allows adjustment of the vertical position of the OSD OSD TIMER Allows adjustment of the duration of the OSD, value “0-60” TRANSPARENCY Allows adjustment of the transparency of the OSD, value “0-100” 11

****** Page 13 ****** RESET oso RESET RESET IMAGE AUTO ADJUST COLOR AUTO ADJUST RESET SHARPNESS BLACK LEVEL Returns the monitor to its factory default settings. SHARPNESS Allows adjustment of sharpness between “0-4”. BLACK LEVEL Allows adjustment of black level between “0-100”. 12

****** Page 14 ****** MISCELLANEOUS oso SIGNAL SOURCE MISC SIGNAL SOURCE VOLUME LOW BLUE RAY FREESYNC OVERDRIVE HDMI ON 50 1920X1080 @ 144Hz Allows user to choose the signal source of the display ” HDMI 1, HDM12, DPI , DP2, AUTO”. VOLUME Allows adjustment of the volume of the monitor from “0-100″. LOW BLUE RAY Allows adjustment of the low blue effect of the display, value: 0-100. FREE SYNC Allows FreeSync to be turned ON and OFF”. OVERDRIVE Allows adjustment of Overdrive function. Overdrive is a technology that allows the monitor to decrease response time 13

****** Page 15 ****** SPECIFICATION Panel Type Case Type Best Resolution Active Display Area Pixel Pitch Contrast Ratio Brightness Response Time Viewing Angle Display Colours eiQ-27MF144FSHDRB Adjustable Colour Temperature Video Compatibility Aspect Ratio Speaker Multimedia Speakers 27″ (16:9) LED Backlit Monitor Plastic 1920(H) x 1080(V) @ 1441–lz 597.6 (H) X 336.15 (V) 0.311 (H) 0.311 (V) 1000:1 Typical 350 cd/m2 5ms(G2G) U/D: 850 / 850, L /R: 800 / 800 16.7M WARM/ COOL /USER Mufti-Standard for NTSC / PAL 16: 9 Rightx 1 Left x 1, 2X3W Stereo. Audio Yes 20 – 10 to 50 oc Sound Demodulation Mute Operating Humidity Operating Temperature Video Interface Audio Interface Safety & EMC Certification Stand Type Button Position POWER Voltage Power Consumption INIOUT INTERFACE HDMI 2.0 x2, DP 1.2 x 2 Audio Out x 1 CE / FCC / ROHS Desktop Right Hand Side ACI 00-240V 50/60Hz s42W 14

****** Page 16 ****** TROUBLESHOOTING Problem No power No picture Buttons on the monitor don’t do anything Noise or other interference Solution Insert the plug securely into the power outlet Ensure that the equipment is connected properly Ensure the correct input is selected Disconnect the plug and then reconnect it. (The unit may not be operating properly due to lightning, static, or other factors.) Electronic equipment near the unit may be causing interference. Relocate the unit or move the equipment. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participating civic amenity sites run by their local councils. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local household waste recycling centres. electriQ UK SUPPORT If the unit fails to operate call: 0871 620 1057 or complete the online form Office hours: 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday Unit J6, Lowfields Business Park Lowfields Way, Elland West Yorkshire, HX5 9DA 15








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