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****** Page 1 ****** Active, High Voltage factory Sicrcos OEM Line Converter If you like the LC2i, you’ll love the EQX Equalizer/Crossover Now that you have a great sounding preamp signal, and you have restored the bass from the factory roll-off, the next step toward sonic perfection is to match the entire system to your car. The EQX equalizer/crossover has 13 bands of equalization and a 24-dB Linkwitz- riley crossover to fine tune your system for that true sonic nirvana. Patent Pending Better s

****** Page 2 ****** GTOTM Great Turn On: No need to look for a trigger wire. The LC2i turns on all by itself. Just hook up the speaker level inputs and as soon as you turn on the factory audio system the LC2i will power up as well. After the LC2i turns itself on, it provides a 12 volt trigger output to turn on your amplifier. GTOTM Selector A Jumper which you can reach from the end panel allows you to set this feature on/off for specialized installations. The factory default setting for the GTOTM circuit is always ON. Setting the AccuBASSTM Bass Compensation: Factory speaker systems have trouble reproducing loud clean bass. Some companies systems limit the bass at higher volumes so as not to damage speakers. The AccuBASSTM circuit puts that bass back. Here’s how you set it up. After the LC2i [Amps/ and speakers are in- stalled and ready go: 1. Turn the system on and play some music with a good bass track. 2. Turn the volume up while listening for the bass. AccuBASSTM Level control AccuBASSTM Threshold control 3. If you hear a spot where the bass just drops right out… stop. Leave the volume there and go to your LC2i. 4. Set the AccuBASSTM Level control on the top of LC2i to the center detent. 5. Now, use a small screwdriver to turn the Threshold control clockwise slowly until you hear the bass pop back in. 6. Re- adjust the AccuBASSTM Level control on the top of the unit to get the proper amount of bass compensa- tion, and you’re ready for some ground pounding bass. 0K, what if your bass doesn’t roll off, but you still want more? No problem! “lürn the AccuBASSTM Level control fully down, rotate the threshold control fully clockwise to lock in the bass equalization. Now you can turn up the AccuBASSTM Level control for the amount of bass you want. Placement And Mounting of Optional Dash Remote: (Purchased Separately) The dash control may be mounted under the dash using its own bracket or through / i/ a custom hole in the dash. It should be within reach of the driver and in a spot where the LED is plainly visible. fhø

****** Page 3 ****** Specifications: Maximum speaker level input 400 watts per channel @4 Ohms Maximum Preamp output Optional Dash Level Control Remote Frequency response Total harmonic distortion Signal to Noise ratio Input Impedance Output Impedance Power draw Recommended fuse rating 9.5Vrms/13V peak +OdB / -19dB 0.01% >110dB 20K ohms 150 ohms 150 mA 1 Amp 325″ x IS” x 5.4″ (6S ” L incl uding mounting) Size (Chassis) Weight 1 pound Patent Pending Conditional Warranty People are scared of warranties. Lots of fine print, lots of noncooperation, months of waiting around. Well, don’t be scared of this warranty. It’s designed to make you rave about us to your friends. It’s a warranty that looks out for you and helps you resist the temptation to have your friend “who’s good with electronics” try to repair your AudioControl LC2i. So go ahead and read this warranty, then enjoy your new component for a few days before sending in the warranty card and comments. “Conditional” doesn’t mean anything ominous. The Federal Trade Commission tells all manufacturers to use the term to indicate that certain conditions have to be met before they’ll honor the warranty. If you honor these conditions, we will warrant all materials and workmanship on your LC2i for five years from the date you bought it, if installed by an authorized AudioControl dealer, and will fix or replace it, at our option, during that time. Here are the conditions that make this warranty condi- tional: 1. We need to know that you bought your product from an authorized AudioControl dealer. So go to or right away, and register your LC2i. 2. You must keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase, showing when and from whom the unit was bought. We’re not the only ones who require this, so it’s a good habit to get into with any major purchase. 3. Your LC2i must have originally been purchased from an authorized AudioControl dealer. You do not have to be the original owner, but you do need a copy of the original sales slip. 4. You cannot let anybody who isn’t (A) the AudioControl factory; (B) somebody authorized in writing by AudioControl to service your LC2i If anyone other than (A) or (B) messes with your LC2i , that voids your warranty. 5. The warranty is also void if the serial number is altered or removed, or if the LC2i has been used improperly. Now these sound like big loopholes, but here is all we mean by it. Unwarranted abuse is (A) physical damage (don’t use the LC2i for a jack stand); (B) improper connections (120 volts into the power jack can fry the poor thing); (C) sadistic things. This is the best mobile product we know how to build, but if you mount it to the front bumper of your car, something will go wrong. 6. If an authorized United States AudioControl dealer installs your LC2i, the warranty is five years, otherwise the warranty is one year. Assuming you conform to 1 through 6, and it really isn’t all that hard to do, we get the option of fixing your old unit or replacing it with a new one. Validate your warranty: Visit to register your LC2i. Legalese Section This is the only warranty given by AudioControl. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which vary from state to state. Promises of how well your LC2i will work are not implied by this warranty. Other than what we’ve covered in this warranty, we have no obligation, express or implied. Also, we will not be obligated for direct or indirect consequential damage to your system caused by hooking up the AudioControl LC2i. Failure to send in a properly completed warranty card, ne- gates any service claims.

****** Page 4 ****** Active, High Voltage, High Impedance, Line Converter for Audiophile Sound from Factory Head Units Level Speaker Level Input Port nor optional Dash Remote G TO TM Selector Power Connector out put AOdi0C output Fixed Preamp Output Threshold Bass Output Optional Dash Remote Remote 02 Speaker Level Input accepts up to 400 watts RMS • AccuBASSTM Bass Compensation • Selectable turn-on • 9.5 Volt Pre-out • 12 Volt Trigger Out • Dual Amplifier Outputs • Level Matching Controls • Optional Dash Remote Level Control • Designed and Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest Speaker Level Level Matching Gain Controls AccuBASSTM Bass Compensation Most factory speaker systems are not capable of loud, clean bass reproduction. This is why many car manu- facturers restrict bass frequencies at higher volumes. AudioControl’s AccuBASSTM Bass Compensation circuit corrects this with a set it and forget it remix circuit. Pre-out SUB AMP Radio Basic Bass Add-on System Radio Multi-Amp Add-on System Speaker Level Audioeont•o•, 22410 70th Ave West e Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 USA Phone 42S775-8461 • Fax 425-778-3166 Optional Dash Remote Fixed Output HIGHS AMP SUB AMP Variable Bass Output 02010 Audiocmtrol. All rights reserved.








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