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****** Page 1 ****** 3nSbar ONE BRAND, ONE SOLUTION SC1150 Imager Handheld Barcode Scanner 1 D USB With Base User Manual Lights Indicator I Scanner Overview Buzzer LED Indicator Scanning Window Trigger Button Barcode scanner Note: Product appearance depends on goods 4 Scanning Angle 2 Cable plug&Unplug (Pluggable scanner applies) OPIug as picture @Press the buckle click, above then pull out the cable 3 Connection Guide (I).USB cable 5 Methods LED Indicator Blue light blinking Red light On Buzzer Beep Indication One Beep Three Beep Four Beep Continuous Beep Explanation Decoding Successfully Standby status Explanation Decoding Successfully USB Data transfer failed Power on Successfully parameter setting x 900 x 900 00 ID Image Scanner x 10 100 ID Laser Scanner x _900 x -900 Correct ö”xseoce deco Wrong (2).RS232 cable (3).RS485 cable Troubleshooting Q&A: QI:USB bar code scanner with “beep beep beep” after scanning and no data uploaded. A1: Unplug and plug the scanner into another USB port. Q2: USB bar code scanner without data upload and alarm buzzer after scanning. A2: Restore factory default. Q3:No laser beam or LED after connection via Rs232. A3: Refer to Data cable connection guide and check the power supply Q4. No data upload and alarm buzzer after scanning via Rs232. A4: Terminal should have software to transfer data when using RS232,not cursor position. NOTE: Laser beam or Red LED light should be full coveraged on the bar code

****** Page 2 ****** Decode Settings Setting Step Scan the bar code of “Enter setting” Enter Setting 2 Scan the function bar codes Scan the bar code of “Exit and Save” Exit and Save 6Suffix Values Suffix can be appended to scan data for use in data editing. Function barcodes ODefaults Parameter Is Restroe default parameter will not change interface Mode. Refer to interface mode selection for setting interface. bold means default parameter. Restore Defaults @Numeric Keypad This functions is useful when using non— English OS and Keyboard layout. Enable Numeric Keypad *Disable Numeric Keypad @Trigger Mode Single decode: When a bar code has been decoded, the reader will be turned off. The reader must be triggered again to read another label. Continuous decode: The reader will produce as much data as it can decode regardless whether it is the same or not. This mode is mainly used for demonstration and diagnosis. *Single Read Continuous Read @Decode Mode Disable repeat decode: Disable continue to read the same bar code. Multiple read: The same label can only be decoded again after the label has not been detected for a number of scans. (This mode can only be programmed in Continuous read trigger @lnterface Mode According to your requirements to select the correct interface mode as blow. Serial Output USB VCOM USB HID Keyboard USB&Serial Output Automaticlly @Auto Trigger (Optional) When the scanner detects an object in its field of view, it will be trigger and attempt to decode without press the button *Disable auto trigger Enable auto trigger 9Keyboard Language The selecting of key board layout supports SCode39 Setting Transmit ST/ SP *Not Transmit ST/sp *Disable Full ASCII Code39 Enable Full ASCII Code39 OUPC Setting many country. *US German French Belgian Czech Italian Enable UPC None OxOA (LF ) TAB French Turkish Brazil Spanish -E convert to UPC-A *Disable UPC-E convert to UPC-A *OxOD (CR) OxOD OxOA (CR LF ) mode.) Disable repeat decode Multiple decode Enable UPC-A convert to EAN-13 *Disable UPC-A convert to EAN-13 *Enable repeat decode








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