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****** Page 1 ****** 3nSbar ONE BRAND, ONE SOLUTION SC455 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner 2D USB with Base User Manual Vl.o Wireless 5- Chargind Method 1- Scanner Overview LED Indicator 3- Cable Connection Guide (1 ) USB Data cable ( 2 ) RS232 Data cable Pairing Guide Method • First step: Insert the cradle as above picture. the green light of the cradle will continue ( on not able to pair when green light flashing.) Second step: After insert the cradle , it must be scan the below bar code within 20s Pair in one step I Transmitter (Scanner) Working mode Following working mode can be set directly. *Real-time mode Inventory mode Cache mode 4- Scanning Method and Distance x Buzzar Cradle LED Indicator Scanning window Scanner Trigger Button x 900 C) Correct x -90 Cardle 2- Cable Plug & Unplug @Plug as picture above Press the buckle click, then pull out the cable Wireless Settings Wrong 3 Setting Step Scan the barcode of “Enter setting” II I I II III I II II II II I Enter setting ( @SET ) Scan function bar code Restore factory defaults Scan “Exit and Save” Bar code Exit and save ( @END) Note: All functions must be in accordance with the settings for The above process or scan the bar code setting function is invalid. IIILLlÅhhtr NOTE: LED beam should be full coveraged on the bar code Note: Real time mode: Scan and transmit data will automatically lost if upload failed. Cache mode: Same as real time mode if connection normal. Scan bar codes will be automatically restore if connection failed. Will upload one by one if connection return as normal. Inventory Mode: Scanning bar codes will be restored without upload. Will upload once scan “Upload data” barcode. Will clear once scan “Clear data” Will check sum once scan” Data sum” Inventory mode setting Following working mode can be set directly. Upload data Data sum II I II I II I I II II II I II I I I I II III I I I II I I Clear Data Upload data: Bar code data will transmit to terminal once scan this bar code. Date sum: Scan “Data sum” bar code to check the scanner restore data sum. Clear data: Scan “Clear data” and clear all the restore data in scanner

****** Page 2 ****** 3- Sleep Time Setting The sleep time means the time between the last operation move and auto turn off the scanner. User able to scan the corresponding bar code of the sleep time which is needed to accomplish the sleep time setting. Sleep time setting process: Stepl :Scan SET “bar code , enter setting. Step2:Scan the corresponding sleep time bar code to accomplish the setting. Step3:Scan ” END code finish setting. 20s 60s 3min 5min 15min 30min None sleep Code 39 Setting Transmit Star/Stop ChAracter *Do not Transmit Star/Stop Charaq.ter Enable Code 39 Full ASCII Disable Code 39 Full ASCII Receiver (Cradle) Set interface mode Receiver(Cradle) can upload data via USB keyboard or Rs232. Default is USB keyboard USB Keyboard Rs232 RS232 baud rate setting Scanner baud rate setting should be same as receiver software-Default is 9600. *9600 19200 11 5200 @ Illumination Off 6 Video Reverse On *Off Barcode Settings Scanning Mode *Trigger Mode If the Trigger Mode is enabled, you could activate the scanner by providing an external hardware trigger,or using a serial trigger command Continue Mode This set the scanner to work in Continue mode. 2- Set Suffix Add CR Add LF Add CRLF Light LED Status Scanner Red light turn green Red light blinks Green light blinks once Green light blinks twice Green light on Red light on Blue light on Green light on Green light blinking Cradle Green light blinks 30s Red light on Green light blinks once Green light on Buzzer Scanner beeper mode Four Beeps Short three beeps Short one beep Short three beeps short one beep Long short beep Description power on Pairing match Upload successfully Upload failed Working normally Low battery Charging normal Charging complete Pairing unsuccessful Pairing state USB identify failed Uploaded successfully Working normally Description power On Pairing successfully Scan and transmit successfully Data upload failed Power off Enter Setting Mode Buzzer Craddle beeper mode Four Beeps Short one beep Description power On Scan and transmit successfully Troubleshooting Q&A: Ql.:Cradle upload data via RS232,no data display when scan bar code. A1 : Should confirm interface is RS232(Refer to Interface Setting Mode).Should confirm scanner baud rate is same as Rs232 software. Q2:Upload data via USB, no data upload and alarm buzzer after scanning bar code. A2: Set scanner upload data interface as USB. Set scanner working mode as real time mode. Q3:Cradle LED not on when upload data via RS232. A3: Refer to “Cable connection guide” to check power supply.








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