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****** Page 1 ****** FILE: ogq -ec-HO rev b Rev: B, DATE: 1-1 g-12 INSTRUCTION MANUAL PUMP PL-US HO HIGH OUTPUT AIR COMPRESSOR / BATTERY CHARGER 170 Cherry Avenue West Sayville, NY 11796 kussmaul.com NOTE : This charger is designed for vehicles with dual batteries and negative ground. MODEL. #091 -SC-HO INPUT : 120 vole, Hz OUTPUT: 13.25 VOLTS, 11 AMPERES a YEAR WARRANTY ELECTRONICS ENERGIZED AND READY, WHEN SECONDS COUNT Ph: 800-346-0314 Fax: 631-567-5826 sales@kussmaul.com

****** Page 2 ****** INTRODUCTION The Pump Plus HO Automatic Battery Charger is a compact, completely automatic, dual channel battery charger designed for vehicles with a two battery system. The charger is ruggedized to withstand the shock and vibration encoun- tered by vehicle mounted equipment. Battery Charger Features: • Independent charge controls for each battery • Automatic current limiting • Optional dual battery charge/condition indicator • Power “ON” LED indicator DESCRIPTION Independent Charge Controls The Pump Plus HO contains two independent charge controls, one for each battery. This allows each battery to be independently charged while maintain- ing battery isolation. Each battery is individually sensed, eliminating the need for sense wires. Each of the charge controls is completely automatic and stops charging the battery when it is fully charged. There is no trickle charge and therefore no danger of overcharging and water boil-off. Automatic Current Limiting When batteries are severely discharged, some battery chargers can be over- loaded due to the high charging current required. The Pump Plus HO contains an automatic current limit. This circuit limits the output current to the rated 11 am- peres when charging a deeply discharged battery or if the starter cranks the en- gine while starting. The current limiter thus eliminates the need for an ignition interlock circuit.

****** Page 3 ****** SPECIFICATION Input: 120 volts A.C., 50/60 Hz., 3 amperes Input Fuse: 5 amperes, fast acting Pump Fuse: 15 amperes, slow blow Output Volts: 13.25 volts, nominal Output Current: 0 to 11 amperes, D.C., output determined by the state of charge of the batteries Remote Charge Indicator: Red Led indicates charging current Green Led indicates batteries are fully charged Weight: 12 lb.

****** Page 4 ****** Auto Pump Air Compressor Note; make sore the Auto Pump is vertical, 17 Presgure Swit&l BLK BLK RED +12 VCLTS Chassis Ground Pump Plus HO Charger A.C. FUSE oooonoooo ChA$*ig Ground Chassis Chasm Cr und Charge Remote Indicator (OplicnaJ} Note: All wire is 14 gauge, larger wire is required if ength exceeds 10 feet. Wiring Diagram Pump Plus HO

****** Page 5 ****** INSTALLATION Date Installed Installed By Vehicle Identification Vehicle Owner RECORD e WARRANTY WARRANTY All products of Kussmaul Electronics Company Inc. are warranted to be free of defects of material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repair- ing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or defects which become apparent in normal use within 3 years from the date the equipment was shipped. Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. shall have no liability for dam- ages of any kind to associated equipment arising from the installation and /or use of the Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. products. The pur- chaser, by the acceptance of the equipment, assumes all liability for any damages which may result from its installation, use or misuse, by the purchaser, his or its employees others.







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