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****** Page 1 ****** TEL: in NY 631-567-0314 FILE:091-1 17-xx.PM6.5 DATE: 8-30-2005 INSTRUCTION MANUAL EURO CHARGER II AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER MODEL #091-117-XX 3 YEAR WARRANTY KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS CO., INC 170 CHERRY AVE. , WEST SAYVILLE, N.Y. 1 1 796-1 221 FAX: 631-567-5826 TOLL FREE: 800-346-0857

****** Page 2 ****** INTRODUCTION The EURO CHARGER II, Model 091-117-xx is a compact , completely automatic dual chan- nel battery charger designed specifically for the fire service and emergency vehicles. The voltage of each battery is individually controlled so that each battery is charged only as much as required. Once the batteries are fully charged, current stops flowing to guard against over- charging and water boil-off. Of rugged construction, the charger is made to withstand the shock and vibration encountered in vehicle mounted equipment. Utilizing components which meet international safety requirements makes this charger ideal for worldwide applications. BATTERY CHARGER FEATURES Completely automatic operation, charges battery on demand Input voltage, switch selectable, 115 volt or 230 volts Output voltage regulated, eliminates overcharging battery Output, current limited to protect charger from overloading Optional charge indicators INSTALLATION The EURO CHARGER II automatic battery charger should be installed in an area with adequate ventilation. Mount the charger using the four holes provided. Connect the wiring from the batteries to the output terminal strip Double check battery wiring. Verify that the battery voltage appears at charger output terminals. Set the voltage selector to either the 115 volt or 230 volt position to match the input source available. Connect the input power to the input power terminal strip and energize charger. Verify that power indicator is illuminated and charger is charging.

****** Page 3 ****** INSTALLATION WIRING DIAGRAM 115 or 230 voltage se- lector switch. NOTE: Do not apply 230 volts to the charger with the se- lector switch in the 115 volt position serious dam- age may result o FUSE INPUT A.C. Input Power Line Neutral Ground OUTPUT BAT 1 BAT 2 Chassis G und Optional Bar-graph Indicator 091-11-127-xx o POWER o REMOTE Chassis Gr und Bat 2 Gnd Bat I Optional Economy Indicator KUSSMAUL MAINS ON EURO CHARGER BATTERY CHARGING 091-90-012-xx Chassis Ground IMPORTANT: Charger output wire size is 14 awg. Wire size is for a maximum length of 20 feet. If wiring is to be longer, larger wiring is required. Additional information is available on request.

****** Page 4 ****** SPECIFICATION & OUTLINE SPECIFICATIONS: Input: see chart Output: see chart Output Current: see chart Charge Indicator: 0-15 amps 5% Weight: 11 lbs Output Voltage Input Voltage Model # 091-117-12 091-117-24 Output Current 12 Amps 6 Amps 12 24 DIA Input Current 1.3/2.6 Amps 1.3/2.6 Amps II 375 Charge Indicator 1 5 amps 8 amps 9/32′ 4 375 5 50 230/115, 50/60 Hz 230/115, 50/60 Hz 101375 4.375 OUTLINE DRAWING

****** Page 5 ****** INSTALLATION RECORD & WARRANTY Date Installed Installed By Vehicle Identification Vehicle Owner WARRANTY All products of Kussmaul Electronics Company Inc. are warranted to be free of defects of material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or defects which be- come apparent in normal use within 3 years from the date the equipment was shipped. Equipment is to be returned, shipping charges prepaid and will be returned, after repair, shipping charges paid. Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. shall have no liability for damages of any kind to associated equipment arising from the installation and /or use of the Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. products. The purchaser, by the acceptance of the equipment, assumes all liability for any damages which may result from its installation, use or misuse, by the purchaser, his or its employees or others.







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