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****** Page 1 ****** File: IM_OGI -1 ea-xx_Aev A Date: 02-1 0-05 INs-rnucT10N MANUAL EURO CHARGER I.VHO AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER MODEL #091-qsæ-xx FOR SINGLE BATTERY SYSTEMS a YEAR WARRANTY KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS CO., INC. FAX: 631-567-5826 1 70 CHERRY AVE. , WEST SAYVILLE, N.Y. 1 1 1 TEL: in NY 631-567-0314 TOLL FREE: 800-346-0857

****** Page 2 ****** INTRODUCTION The Euro Charger I -VHO Battery Charger is a compact completely automatic charger designed for installation on vehicles with a single 12Volt or 24Volt battery system. Voltage is sensed so that the battery system is charged according to its requirements. The total output ofthe Euro Charger I -VHO Battery Charger is: 091-162-24:20 Amperes for 24Volt Battery Systems 091-162-12:40 Amperes for 12Volt Battery Systems Construction of the Euro Charger I -VHO is extremely rugged to withstand the shock and vibration normally encountered by vehicle mounted equipment. The unit operates completely automatically and stops charging the battery system when fully charged. There is no trickle charge and therefore no danger of overcharging and water boil-off. Any parasitic loads on the battery such as radio, lights, etc., are automatically supplied with current by the charger. INSTALLATION The Euro Charger I -VHO Automatic Battery Charger should be installed in an area with adequate ventilation. 1 . Mount the charger using the four holes provided for this. 2. Connect the wiring from the battery system to the Output Terminal Strip. 3. Connect the wiring to the battery system. Ring lugs that have been securely crimped, or soldered, should be used. 4. Double check all wiring before proceeding. 5. Verify that the dual voltage switch (DV switch) on the front panel corresponds to the applied voltage. 6. Wire the A.C. power to power input terminal strip. 7. Pilot light will light to show that the charger has power. 2

****** Page 3 ****** INSTALLATION WIRING DIAGRAM O O O O POWER o CAUTION Be certain that DV switch corresponds to input voltage AC Input Power Line Neutral Ground 230 INPUT lillof OUTPUT BATI Chassis Ground Chassis Ground IMPORTANT: Charger output wire size is AWG #8, minimum. Wire size is for a maximum length of 20 feet. If wiring is to be longer, larger wiring is required. Additional information is available on request. 3

****** Page 4 ****** SPECIFICATION e OUTLINE SPECIFICATIONS: Input fuse: 12 Amperes Output Voltage: See Chart Output Current: See Chart Charge Indicator: See Chart Weight: 22 lbs Model# Output Current Output Voltage Input Voltage 091-162-12 40Amps 091-162-24 20Amps 12V 24V 230/115, 50/60 Hz 230/115, 50/60 Hz O Input Current 5.0/10.0 Amps 5.0/10.0 Amps Charge Indicator 50 Amps 25 Amps O OUTLINE DRAWING 4

****** Page 5 ****** INSTALLATION e WARRANTY Date Installed Installed By Vehicle Identification Vehicle Owner WARRANTY All products of Kussmaul Electronics Company Inc. are warranted to be free of defects of material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or defects which become apparent in normal use within 3 years from the date the equipment was shipped. Equipment is to be returned, shipping charges prepaid and will be returned, after repair, shipping charges paid. Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. shall have no liabilityfor damages of any kind to associated equipment arising from the installation and lor use ofthe Kussmaul Electronics Company, Inc. products. The purchaser, by the accep- tance ofthe equipment, assumes all liability for any damages which may result from its installation, use or misuse, by the purchaser, his or its employees or others. 5







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