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****** Page 1 ****** Micro-computer Temperature Controller (ETC-200+) Operating Instructions Main functions ‘Temperature measurement and control ‘Temperature calibration ‘Alarm when exceeding temp limit nput password to adjust parameter Specification and size • Front panel size: 75(L)x34 • Product size: Technical parameters •Power supply: 50—60HZ • Temperature measuring Defrost control ‘Start-up delay protection ‘Switch between refrigeration and heating • Mounting size: 71 • Sensor length: 2 0m (include the probe) • Power consumption: < 3W • Temperature controlling •Resolution: 0 10 -400—99 90); 1 C in other range •Accuracy: -400–700); <less than at other range Relay contact capacity: Refrigeration: IOA/220VAC, the max load it can driving is 0 5HP/220VAC •sensor type: NTC sensor(10KQ B value 3435K) Defrost: IOAJ220VAC •Ambient temperature: 600 • Storage temperature: -300-—75 C • Relative humidity: (No condensate) Panel instruction •c SET A Elitech Display: Three nixie tube to display temperature and other information Key instruction: A key: up key; V key: Down key; SET key: To set; to operate defrost the temperature measurement state, but the modified parameter is not saved and the instrument operate as original parameters 5. It displays the "Er" when firstly electrified or when there is an error during the saving process, please press any key can restore the default value. Functions • Refrigeration and heating functions: Refrigeration mode: when the measured temperature is2 the upper temperature limit, refrigeration starts, and when the measured temperature iss the lower temperature limit, refrigeration stops Heating mode: when the measured temperature issthe lower temperature limit, heating starts, and when the measured temperature is the upper temperature limiti heating stops •Start-up delay function: When electrified for the first time, if the actual measuring temperature is the upper temperature limit, the unit will not work at once, refrigeration can start only until running out of the delay time. Ifthe interval between two start-up 2 start-up delay protection time, the unit may work at once if needed; if the interval between two start-up upper temperature limit+ alarm temperature value when exceeding temp limit or measuring temperature is lower temperature limit—alarm temperature value when exceeding temp. limit, screen will blinkingly display measured temperature with buzzer humming •Exceeding temperature limit alarm cancellation: When alarm temp. value exceeding temp. limit is set as 20, exceeding temp. limit alarm function is cancelled OAIarm muting: Under alarm status, press any key to mute the alarming noise without changing the screen displaying status Menu instruction Indicator light status Red light on Red light flashes Red light on * Red Ii ht flashes quickl Manual defrost figure I figure 2 figure 3 Red light flashes Operating instructions Code FOI F02 F03 F04 F05 F06 F07 F08 Parameter Set temp. upper limit Set temp lower limit Tem – calibration Start-u dela Defrost cycle Defrost time Alarm temp- value when exceeding temp Mode selection Setting range Compressor normally works Compressor start-up delay Normal defrost Parameter adjustment II mit -39 -40 o o 0 o 120 119 +5 30 99 99 20 Unit Min Hour Min Default -15 -18 3 6 30 20 I Check parameter: press “A” to show normal temperature after displaying temperature upper limit for 2s; press ” to show normal temperature after displaying temperature lower limit for 2s; Press “SET’ to show normal temperature after displaying defrost cycle and defrost time each for 2s 2. Password set: In normal temperature state, press “SET” at least 3s to enter password setting status (Fig 1), the first digit flashes, press “A” or “V” to input the first digit password(O-9) then press key for confirmation. At the same time the screen display as Fig.2, then following the first step to input and confirm the second and third digit passwords. If the input passwords are correct, enter menu status with display FOI; If input an error password it will automatically return to Fig-I for the correct input again. If input error password for three times or no key operation in 30s it will automatically return to temperature display status Enter into main menu and display Code POI-P03 to change the password following the above mentioned steps 3 The default password is 111 If forget your password, power off then press ‘SET” and ” * ” synchronously and restart for more than 5s until display ” on ” . Now the password is the default, change the password according to the above mentioned steps 4. Parameter setting: Input the correct password and enter into the main menu state. Press * to display the latest set value. Press “A” or for modification, press or “v ‘i and hold on to increase or decrease quickly, press “SET” A “or to display the with glistening for 2s for temporary confirmation and return to the former parameter Then press next parameter and follow the above step to finish all the parameter setting When all the parameters have been modified, press ‘SET” for at least 3s to confirm and exit from the parameter setting status to the state of temperature measurement. If not press “SET” for 3s for confirmation or no key operation in 30s after adjusting all the parameters, it will also return to Password menu Setting range Default Code Description Ot Refrigeration Error menu Error menu 1 :Heating Possible reason Parameter savin error Sensor error POI Digit 1 password P02 Digit 2 password P03 Digit 3 password Wiring diagram IOA/220VAC IOA/220VAC O 0 9 9 9 1 E2 Measurin tem . exceeds tem imit aaaaaaaeaæa 9 3 o o CD Jiangsu Jingchuang Electronics Co. , Ltd. Power supply 220VAC








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