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****** Page 1 ****** ELITE YardMaster Manual series Outdoor Movie Manual Projector Screen User’s Guide Thank you for choosing the Yard Master Manual projection screen! Please read through this user guide before utilizing the screen. Correct usage and maintenance will ensure a long product life Product Description: The Yard Master Manual is a non-electric outdoor projector screen for wall and patio installations that brings media room quality to your outdoor spaces. Its sleek aluminum casing beautifully accessorizes your backyard, patio, pool deck or anywhere a gathering for evening movie time is appropriate. Outdoor Projection Screen Disclaimer Never leave your projection screen out and exposed to direct sunlight. Regardless of screen brand, prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation degrades the chemical bonds causing the material to eventually decompose. Photo degradation first causes the material to lose its theater- grade reflective qualities. Eventually nature will completely destroy even synthetic materials. For this reason, the Yard Master Manual has a retractable design that allows the material to be drawn up into its protective casing to be shielded from solar radiation. Care & Use Instructions • Dust, dirt and scratches on the projection surface will affect the picture quality, please take note of the points below to prevent that from occurring: 1. Do not touch the projection surface with your hands 2. Do not write or draw on the projection surface 3. Do not use fingers or sharp objects to point on the projection surface; this will damage the screen material. 4. Use a soft-damp cloth to clean the projection surface; do not use chemical cleaning agents or alcohol. 5. Use clean water when dampening the cleaning cloth and do not rub against the material to clean it. •To avoid damage and injury, the screen should only be operated by adults. Rev041916 1

****** Page 2 ****** Ilardware Parts List for Yard Master Manual Series A. Mounting Bracket x2pcs E. M5x15 Screw& Bolt x4pcs B. MIO Anchor and M4x50 Screw x4pcs F. Curved Nail x2pcs C. MIO Anchor and M5x50 Screw xlpc G. Hook x2pcs D. Suspended Ceiling Bracket Connector x2pcs H. Elastic String x2pcs Installation Instructions Please consult a professional installer, Elite Screens is not liable for faulty installations. Flush Mount to the Wall l. 2. 3. Rev041916 Mark the location of where the screen is to be installed, drill your holes and insert the MIOAnchors (B). Install the Mounting Brackets (A) to the wall and secure with the M4x5() Screws (B). Anchor wall Mounting Bracket Mounting bracket Fix Plate 1 M4x50 Screw Mounting Bracket Fix Plate 2 Attach the screen to the Mounting Brackets (A) by inserting the top of the case to Fix Plate 1 and securing the back of the case to Fix Plate 2. Make sure the case slots are securely attached to the mounting brackets. Mounting Bracket Fix Plate I Mounting Bracket Fix Plate 2 2

****** Page 3 ****** Mounting Bracket Case Slot I Screen Case case Slot 2 Flush Mount to the Ceiling 1. Mark the location of where the screen is to be installed, drill your holes and insert the MI()Anchors (B). 2. Install the Mounting Brackets (A) to the ceiling and secure with the M4x50 Screws (B). Cei ing Mounting Bracket——————-+ MIO chor Mounting Bracket Fix Plate 3. M4x50 Screw Mounting BracketFix Plate 2 Attach the screen to the Mounting Bracket (A) by inserting the top of the case to FixPlate 1 and securing the back of the case to Fix Plate 2. Make sure the case slots are securely attached to the Mounting Bracket (A). Fix Platel Rev041916 Fix Plate 2 3

****** Page 4 ****** Suspended Ceiling using Chains (additional hardware required) l. You can also hang the screen on a ceiling by using chains (not included). 2. Connect the Suspended Ceiling Bracket Connector (D) to the Mounting Bracket (A) and secure with the M5x15 Screws & Bolts (E). M5x15 Bolt (E) Mounting Bracket Suspended Ceiling Bracket Connector (D) M5x15 Screw (E) 3. Insert chains (not included) through the loop holes of the Suspended Ceiling Bracket Connector(D). Suspended Ceiling Bracket Connector Loop Holes (D) Screen removal from the Mounting Brackets 1. Pull down on the Mounting Bracket Release Tab and remove the bottom case away from the wall/ceiling followed by the top of the case. Release Tab Rev041916 Pull bottom of case first away from wall/ceiling 4

****** Page 5 ****** Screen Operation 1. Pull the screen down from the lanyard or from the handle only in a 90-degree angle. The screen is designed to stop at any location. To achieve this, make sure to pull straight down and allowing the screen to come up to lock into place. Do not attempt to pull the screen down by the surface or touch the screen, as it will damage the screen and void the warranty. 2. To retract the screen, simply pull the screen down more than 2 inches and retract the screen back releasing it up gently. The screen is equipped with a SLOW RETRACT MECHANISM which allows the screen to slowly retract without the need to hold on to the handle or lanyard. Simply release the handle and the screen will retract by itself into the housing. -4 Attention: If the screen does not unlock, carefullypull the screen straight down with a little force. Always pull the screen down at a 90-degree angle. Securing the weight bar location l. 2. 3. 4. Pull the screen down until you have reached the desired location. Mark the drill-hole area of where the screw is to be installed, then retract the screen. Drill the hole and insert an MIOAnchor (C), secure it with anM5x50 Screw (C). Allow a I-inch gap between the wall and screw head to allow room for the weight bar and pull handle to release freely. Pull the screen down and secure it to the screw location. Make any adjustments if there are any deviations. Note: Remove the screw when not in use any longer to avoid an accident. Rev041916 Minimum I-inch clearance required 5

****** Page 6 ****** How to groundthe screen l. 2. Attach the Hook (G) into the Iron Ring, and join the Hook (G) and Curved Nail (F) using the Elastic String (H) Drive the Curved Nail (F) into the ground and stretch the Elastic String (H) in the direction of the Curved Nail (F) to secure screen to the ground and supply adequate tension to the screen. Iron Ring 00k Elastic String Curved Nail Ground For more information, technical support or your local EliteScreens Rev041916 contact, please visit 6








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