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****** Page 1 ****** Yard Master 2 Series Indoor/Outdoor Portable Projection Screen User’s Guide Thank you for choosing the Yard Master 2 portable projection screen! Please read through this user guide before utilizing the screen. Correct usage and maintenance will ensure a long product life Care & Use Instructions Please be sure to distinguish between the front and back of the screen fabric when setting up the projection screen. CineWhite (front projection) has a black backing and Wraith Veil (rear projection) is labeled front, back. • Dust, dirt and scratches on the projection surface will affect the picture quality, please take note of the points below to prevent that from occurring: I. Do not touch the projection surface with your hands 2. Do not write or draw on the projection surface 3. Do not use fingers or sharp objects to point on the projection surface; this will damage the screen material. 4. Use a soft-damp cloth to clean the projection surface; do not use chemical cleaning agents or alcohol. 5. Use clean water when dampening the cleaning cloth and do not rub against the material to clean it. • After using the screen, disassemble it and store it in the carrying bag provided. • To avoid damage and injury, the screen should only be operated by adults. 061114 1

****** Page 2 ****** Product Description Design: The aluminum frame is designed to be light weight and easily operated making it easy to carry, assemble and disassemble. Screen Fabric: The screen fabric is attached to the rectangular frame and held in place by several press studs, which ensure an evenly stretched and flat surface. The CineWhite (front projection) and Wraith Veil (rear projection) screen materials are durable and can be folded many times without causing damage or distortion to the surface. Correct usage of the projection screen will ensure better viewing results. For front projection, assemble and view the screen as indicated in Fig. I. For rear projection, assemble and view the screen as indicated in Fig.2. (Fig. 1). Content and accessories list: When unpacking the screen, check that all parts are included A. Folding frame xl D. Projection screen material x I G. Rope x2 Parts Diagram B. Left and right folding legs x2 E. Knob screw x2 H. Canying Bag x I C. Screen material bag xl F. Eyebolt x2 I. Stake x4 061114 Note: The parts list above is subject to change without notice. 2

****** Page 3 ****** Frame Assembly and Screen Material Attachment I. Take thefoldingframe (A) out of the carrying bag (H) and place it on a flat surface. Unfold the longer sections first as shown in Fig.3-4. Fig. 3 Fig. 4 2. Unfold the frame until the latch on the hinge “clicks” into place. Repeat the procedure for the shorter sections.(Fig. 5-6) Fig. 6 Fig. 5 3. Make sure all 4 corners of the frame are at a 900 angle and the hinged support bar is straight and not bending. (Fig. 7-9) Fig.7 Fig.8 Fig.9 4. Insert the frame legs (B) into the openings located at the left and right bottom sides of the folding frame (A). Secure them by fastening the knob screw (E) into the adjacent hole. Next, screw the eyebolts (F) in to the openings located at the top of the frame (Fig. 10). Fig. 10 5. Take the screen material (D) out of the screen material bag (C) and align the corners of the screen material with the inside corners of the frame. Unfold as shown in the diagram (Fig.11-12). 061114 Fig.ll Fig. 12 3

****** Page 4 ****** 6. Once the screen material (D) is fully extended, secure the material by snapping the buttons onto the frame studs as shown in Fig. 13-15. Fasten the buttons in the following order D Fig.l Figi4 Fig. 15 c 7. Tie 4 pieces of rope (2 on the left and 2 on the right) to the eyebolts (F) that are located at the top of the frame. Next, lift the screen up while simultaneously opening the frame legs. Two people are needed for this step. Fig. 16-17 Fig. 16 Fig.17 8. To secure the frame, place a stake (I) into each hole located on the frame footing, and hammer it into the ground. Finally, tie the 4 ropes (G) to the stakes to prevent the screen from tilting or falling over. As fig.18. 9. After using the screen, disassemble the screen and store it in the provided carrying bag (h). To disassemble the screen, follow the user guide procedures in reverse order. Fig.18 Fig.19 For a local Elite Screens contact or Technical Support, please visit 061114 4








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