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****** Page 1 ****** T16F FOOT CONTROL CHASER User Instructions P roduct Des criptions This is a 4 channels foot control chaser, features 17 built-in chase patterns and 7 fixed scenes, each pattern has four operating modes: Audio, Fast, Medium and S low. When linkup, this unit can be used as a either a Master or S lave. A DMX controller or a foot controller(supplied) can be used to control this unit after proper connection. Control & Functions 0 0 2 3 4 1. Channel Output: 5A/CH., Total 15A max. 2. Circuit Breaker: 15A 5 6 7 11 10 9 8 3. Linkup Selector: Move this slider to select between Master and Slave. 4. Function Selector: This slider is used to select Audio/Fast/Medium/S low mode for the patterns. 5. Channel LE Ds: These LE Ds indicate the intensity of corresponding channel or activity of the pattern or scene. 6. Stand By Button: This button serves several functions. In Master mode, tap this button to 7. Pattern Button: activate or deactivate Stand By(jts LE D flashes when Stand By is active). Pressing this button for three seconds can activate 17 chase patterns or 7 fixed scenes. When chase patterns are activated, each tap of Pattern button will select a chase pattern. When the scenes are activated, each tap of Pattern button will forward a scene step by step. In Master mode, use this button to select chase pattern or scene. 24-004-0918 Rev 1.0

****** Page 2 ****** 8. Power Cable: AC 120V-60Hz, 15A max. 9. Power Switch: Press to turn on/off the power. 10. DMX In: In Master mode, this connector can be plugged in a foot controller(supplied) for remote control. In DMX mode, this connector is used to receive an incoming DMX signal from either a DMX controller or DMX output(11 ) on another unit. 11. DMX Output: This connector can be used to link to next unit. ATTERN STAND B Accessory(supplied) Technical Specifications: Power Input . Channel Output DMX In . DMX Out About the accessory: The Foot Controller incorporating a 3-pin female XLR connector is specially designed for cable remote control of the T16F. When the T16F is in Master mode, it serves as the two buttons: Pattern and Stand by on the T16F, has the same functions and operations. . AC 120V-60Hz, 15Amax. . 5A/CH., Total 15A 3 pin XLR male socket 3 pin XLR female socket Protection 15 ACircuit Breaker Accessory(supplied) Foot Controller xl PC Dimensions 220x155x60mm Weight 1.6Kg Product Instructions: l. Master mode: II. Slave mode: II. DMX mode ‘V. Stand By: V. Full On: Slide Linkup selector(3) to “Master”, this unit will serve as a Master, you can use this unit directly or by a foot controller(sold separately). By linkup function, several unit can be linked together and controlled by the Master.(There is only a Master in the linkup.) Slide Linkup selector(3) to “Slave”, this unit will serve as a Slave, all function buttons on this unit will be disabled and this unit will be contr- olled by the Master unit when available. Be sure the Linkup selector is in “Slave” position. Connect this unit with a DMX controller, this unit will be controlled by the DMX controller. DMX value 0-9 of DMX channel 1 activates Stand By, DMX value 10-249 leads to any of 7 scenes or 17 chase patterns. When the DMX value of channel 1 is among 250-255, this unit will act as a 4 channel dimmer pack and the start channel is the 2nd DMX channel. Tap Stand By button(6) to activate Stand By, its LED flashes indicating Stand By is active, which will kill all output momentarily. The second tap of Stand By will deactivate this function. Keep pressing Pattern and Stand By buttons at a time, Full On will be activated, all output will be brought to full intensity. Release these two buttons to leave.

****** Page 3 ****** Operating DMX controller: To smoothly operate this unit using the DMX channel 1 of the DMX controller, please refer to the following table: 100-109 110-119 120-129 130-139 140-149 150-159 160-169 170-179 180-189 190-199 DMX Value 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 DMX Value 250-255 NOTE: Function on T16F Stand by Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Function on T16F 4 channel dimmer pack DMX Value 80-89 90-99 200-209 210-219 220-229 230-239 240-249 Function on T16F Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5 Pattern 6 Pattern 7 Pattern 8 Pattern 9 Pattern 10 Pattern 1 1 Pattern 12 Pattern 13 Pattern 14 Pattern 15 Pattern 16 Pattern 17 1. When the 1st DMX channel is set to 0-9, the T16F will be in Stand by mode. 2. When the 1st DMX channel is set to 250-255, the T16F will serves as a 4 channel dimmer pack, and the start channel will be the 2nd channel. WARNING! This Product must be earthed. Disconnect power cable before opening. To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this product to a high temperature or high humidity area. Caution! No user serviceable parts inside, do not attempt repairs. In the event your unit should fail, please contact your authorized dealer.








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