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****** Page 1 ****** Air Jack / Support Stand Operating Instructions & Parts Manual Model ATD7350 o O 0 Capacity 10 Ton This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. ATD Tools Inc. 160 Enterprise Drive, Wentzville MO 63385 Printed in China ATD7350-MO rev 06/11

****** Page 2 ****** A WARNING • Study, understand, and follow all instructions before operating this device. • Do not exceed rated capacity. • Use only on hard, level surfaces. • Lifting device only. Immediately after lifting, support the vehicle with appropriate means. • Do not move or dolly loads with this device. • Lift only on areas of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. • No alterations shall be made to this product. • Failure to heed these markings may result in personal injury and/or property damage. A ADVERTENCIA • Leer, comprender, y seguir las instrucciönes antes de utilizar el aparato. • El manual de instrucciönes y la informaciön de seguridad deben estar comunicado en lengua del operador antes del uso. • No segujr estas indicaciönes puede causar dahos personales o materiales. SAFETY AND GENERAL INFORMATION Save these instructions. For your safety read, understand, and follow the information provided with and on this jack. The owner and operator of this equipment shall have an understanding of this jack and safe operating pro- cedures before attempting to use. The owner and operator shall be aware that use and repair of this product may require special skills and knowledge. Instructions and safety information shall be conveyed in the operator’s native language before use of this jack is authorized. If any doubt exists as to the safe and proper use of this jack, remove from service immediately. Inspect before each use. Do not use if broken, bent, cracked, or damaged parts (including labels) are noted. Any jack that appears damaged in any way, operates abnormally or is missing parts, shall be removed from service immediately and the manufacturer notified. If you suspect that the jack was subjected to a shock load (a load dropped suddenly, unexpectedly upon it), immediately discontinue use until the jack has been checked by a factory authorized service center (contact distributor or manufacturer for list of Authorized Service Centers). It is recommended that an annual inspection be done by qualified personnel. Replace worn or damaged parts with Factory Authorized Replacement Parts only. Labels and owner’s manuals are available from manufacturer. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ATD TOOLS 10 Ton Air Jack/Support Stand is designed to lift and support rated capacity loads. Intended use: To lift one wheel or one axle of a vehicle for the purpose of service and/or repair of vehicle components. Use this jack in pairs when lifting an entire end of a vehicle. Check with vehicle owner’s manual for proper lift points. Use one pair per vehicle. A WARNING: Rated capacity of this device isa reference to the working load this stand is capable of sustaining. Rated capacity is not increased when jacks are used in mutip/es. A WARNING: Do not use for any purpose other than those uses outlined in this manual. DO NOT use jack around corrosive materials such as chlorides – commonly used by road crews to melt snow and ice. Water and slush from vehicles exposed to chlorides may enter jack cylinder, severely and permanently damaging interior of cylinder and causing air leaks which adversely affect lifting performance. SPECIFICATIONS Model ATD7350 Capacity 10 Ton Starting Height 17-1/2″ to 40″ Max. Lift Height 51-1/8″ 2 Power Travel 11-1/2′ Jack Size (LxWxH) 22′ x 12″ x 17″ Rated Capacity Air Pressure 200 psi

****** Page 3 ****** o O Upper Post Low Post Air Cylinder Wheels PREPARATION Before Use Saddle Exploded Post Air Control Valve Lock Pins Lock Pin Holder Post Holder Air Hose Handle Handle Grip Figure 1 -Air Jack/Support Stand Components 1 . Verify that the product and application are compatible, if in doubt call Atd Tools Technical Service line (636) 327-9050 2. Before use, read the operator’s manual completely and familiarize yourself thoroughly with the product and its components, and recognize the potential hazards associated with its use. Know your jack and how it operates before attempting to use. Assemble handle Attached handle to the handle bracket on cylinder set with bolt and nut provided. Refer to parts drawing (page. 6) for component location. Prepare air system A CAUTION: Air source must not exceed 200 psi maximum. 1. Connect a union fitting (sold separately) to the air supply inlet (ref. Fig. 2). 2. Attach 1/4″ NPT coupler (sold separately) to union fitting if desired. 3. Frequent, but not excessive lubrication is required for best performance. Too much oil will collect inside jack and be expelled during exhaust cycle. An automatic inline oiler is recommended, but oil may be added manually before operation or after approximately 1 hour of continuous use. Pour 1 teaspoon of good quality air tool lubricant into air supply inlet of control valve. 4. Dirt and water may accumulate inside jack during use. An inline filter/dryer is recommended. 5. Air Jack/Support Stand is now ready for use. WARNING: Never use more than one extension with this unit. Using more than one extension causes the load to be lifted beyond the maximum designed safety lifting height, which could cause loss of load. Check the jack 1. Examine the jack for broken or damaged parts. Roll the jack to ensure that it rolls freely and smoothly. 2. Raise and lower the unloaded saddle throughout the lift range to ensure proper operation before placing any load on the product. 3. Replace worn or damaged components with factory replacement parts only. (See Replacement Parts Section). Lubricate as instructed in Maintenance Section. 3

****** Page 4 ****** Air Supply Inlet Air Out to Jack Valve Contro Fiqure 2 Air Valve OPERATION Lifting WARNING: Only attachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufacturer shall be used. A WARNING: Do not connect two jacks to one control valve. Operating the jacks in this way can cause of loss of control during raising and lower the vehicle. 1. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for lifting. 2. Position vehicle on hard level surface with parking brake selected. Chock wheels at opposite end. When lifting trailers, lower landing gear. A WARNING: Do not attempt to raise a partially filled tanker or transport containing an unrestrained load. A sudden load shift can occur causing dangerous tilting or toppling of the vehicle. NOTICE: Actuation of the air control valve will raise and lower the post. 3. Position the unit under the lift point of the vehicle such that load will be centered on lifting saddle. 4. Extend post to desired height and insert locking pin through appropriate hole. If necessary, use post extension for additional height. Post extension slides inside post and is held in place with safety pin (ref. parts drawing). 5. Connect air compressor hose to control valve, then attach to air supply of 200 psi maximum. The unit is now ready to lift. 6. Press the air control valve lever marked “UP” to raise post until it contacts vehicle lift point. Ensure lift point is secure and centered on lift post saddle. 7. Press and hold air control valve until desired height has been achieved, insert the other lock pin through the hole in the ram post such that the lock pin will fully engage both sides of the head plate when lowered. 8. Slowly release the air pressure and make sure the lock pin engages fully into both sides of the low post slot. 9. Ensure the vehicle is level and stable, then fully discharge air pressure. 10. Before working around the lifted vehicle, ensure the vehicle is level and stable between the jacks. WARNING: After lifting, never work on, under or around a load until the post is properly pinned and the air is exhausted. If the air is not exhausted and the jack is not properly pinned, the jack may rise or drop suddenly when a heavy object is removed from or placed on the vehicle. 4

****** Page 5 ****** Lowering A WARNING: Check that all tools and personnel are clear before lowering load. Maintain control of speed at which load descends at all times. 1. Press the “UP” air control valve lever to raise post locking pin away from cap plate. 2. Ensure the vehicle is still stable, then remove lift post locking pin. 3. Press the “DOWN” air control lever to exhaust air pressure. Vehicle will gradually lower. 4. Discharge the air pressure from the jack fully once the vehicle is on the ground. 5. Ensure saddle is fully lowered, remove jack from under the vehicle and store properly. TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Air Jack will not lift load Air Jack will not hold load Air Jack does not lift smoothly MAINTENANCE Possible Causes • Inadequate air supply • Overload condition • Air line leaks • Locking pin not engaged • Cylinder requires lubrication The Air Jack/Support Stand is best operated with an in-line oiler. If using the jack without an oiler, complete the following steps before each use, or every hour is used continuously: 1. Disconnect the jack from the air hose. 2. Apply a few drops of good quality pneumatic tool oil through the air line. Inspections should be made before each use of jack, checking for abnormal conditions. Regular inspections should be made weekly for daily use and monthly for intermittent use. 1. Inspect air hose for leaks or kinks. Replace if necessary. 2. Air control valve should operate freely. Wheels should rotate freely. Corrective Action • Ensure adequate air supply • Use larger capacity jack • Locate and seal leaks • Engage locking pin • Apply #630-AAA Lubriplate to cylinder wall (see MAINTENANCE) Figure 3 3. The post should extend and retract smoothly throughout its full range. If jack does not lift smoothly, remove bolts around cylinder cover, remove cover and lift piston weld assembly to the piston stops. Tilt the assembly to clear the piston stops. Clean and lubricate using #630-AAA-Lubriplate. 4. A periodic coating of light lubricating oil to all rotating and sliding portions of the jack will help to prevent rust and assure that the wheels move freely. 5. Lower the saddle to its lowest position when not in use. 6. When jack is not in use, tip it forward until it rests on the wheels and use extra support to hold the jack as shown in Figure 3. This allows trapped water to drain from inside the cylinder. 5

****** Page 6 ****** REPLACEMENT PARTS Not all components of the jack are replacement items, but are illustrated as a convenient reference of location and position in the assembly sequence. When ordering parts, give model number, parts number and parts description. 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 110 Replacement Parts List for ATD7350 16 14 15 11 12 13 Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 8 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Part# 34100-001 34100-002 34100-003 34100-004 34100-005 34100-006 N/A 34100-007 34100-008 34100-009 34100-010 34100-011 34100-012 34100-013 34100-014 34100-015 34100-016 34100-017 34100-018 34100-019 N/A 34100-020 34100-021 34100-022 Description Low Post Gliding Ring Seal Ring Washer O-ring Bolt, M12 x 25 Air Cylinder Set Washer Wheel Pin, 5 x 30 Bolt, M8 x 60 3/8″ Air Hose Set Air Control Valve Handle Grip Washer Nut, M8 Locking Pin Safety Pin Handle Assy Guilding Ring Cap Set Nut, M16 Exploded Post Upper Post Qty. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 6 1 1 Fiqure 4 – Parts Illustration for Model ATD7350 6

****** Page 7 ****** ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY For a period of one (1 ) year from date of purchase, Atd Tools Inc. will repair or replace, at its option, without charge, any of its products which fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, or which fails to conform to any implied warranty not excluded hereby. Performance of any obligation under this warranty may be obtained by contacting your point of sale and obtaining return or repair information from your supplier. Except where such limitations and exclusions are specifically prohibited by applicable law, (1) the CONSUMER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY SHALL BE THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE, and (2) Atd Tools Inc. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDEN- TAL DAMAGE OR LOSS WHATSOEVER, and (3) THE DURATION OF ANY AND ALL EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS LIMITED TOA PERIOD OF ONE (1) YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Atd Tools Inc. 160 Enterprise Drive, Wentzville, MO 63385 Tel: (636)327-9050 Fax: (636)327-9046 7








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