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PDF Content Summary: DF-12L, DF-12L/2 Electric Fryers This manual contains important information regarding your Admiral Craft unit. Please read this manual thoroughly prior to equipment set-up, operation and maintenance. Failure to comply with regular maintenance guidelines outlined in this manual may void the warranty. MUST READ!!! WARNINGS • Do not touch any hot surfaces • Do not immerse unit, cord or plug in liquid at any time • Unplug cord from outlet when not in use and before cleaning • It is recommended that the fryer not be moved when it contains hot oil or any other hot liquid • Do not use this unit for anything other than intended use • Do not use outdoors • Always cook on a firm, dry and level surface • High temperature will cause scalding. Do not stand over fryer when operating and do not touch any part of machine while in operation, other than handle of basket and power controls • Do not use unit with a damaged cord or plug, in the event the appliance malfunctions, or has been damaged in any manner • Keep children and animals away from fryer • Any incorrect installation, alterations, adjustments and/or improper maintenance can lead to property loss and injury. All repairs should be done by authorized professionals only • Keep all flammable and combustible materials away from this unit • This machine must be placed on a level surface • Volume of food should be limited to avoid overflowing • Foods that do not absorb oil easily should be limited to avoid overflow • Use caution when placing large foods in fryer • When transporting the unit, the machine should be handled carefully, and held by the side handles FEATURES 1. These fryers are available in 2 different models. One is a 1-tank fryer (DF-12L); another is a 2-tank fryer (DF-12L/2). The 2-tank fryer is able fry two different kinds of foods at the same time. 2. The oil temperature is regulated by the temperature regulator and includes a yellow (hot light) which cycles on and off to indicate when the desired temperature has been reached. 3. The automatic shut off feature cuts power to the unit when the oil has reached 446°F (the maximum allowable temperature). 4. There is an automatic micro-switch on the bottom of the unit head. This will cut power to the unit if the head has been separated from the base of the unit without the power switch turned off or the power cord unplugged. 5. The stainless steel tank has a convenient spot for draining oil easily. 6. The heating coils are protected by a stainless steel panel base at the bottom of the unit. TO USE 1. Make sure the power supply you are using is adequate for continual fryer use and voltage is adequate. The use of a surge protector or circuit breaker is advisable. 2. Make sure that the temperature regulator knob is set to the off position 3. Remove basket from the machine. 4. Make sure the oil valve is closed 5. Fill oil receptacle with vegetable oil somewhere between the minimum and maximum levels, allowing room for food volume. 5. Plug the machine in. 6. A green “Power Light” will come on. Rotate the temperature regulator knob clockwise to the desired temperature. When the desired temperature has been reached, the yellow "Hot Light" will turn off and cycle and the temperature controller will maintain the temperature automatically. 7. Load food into basket, and carefully place loaded basket into machine to avoid splash. 8. Gently shake off excess oil from food when removing from tank after frying. 9. The enclosed frying basket is intended to hold small foods such as French fries and onion rings. Large food can be placed directly into the basket or oil tank. CLEANING After fryer usage, turn power controller counterclockwise to the “OFF” position and remove plug from power supply. The procedure is as follows: 1. Carefully remove unit head from box and place in a safe dry place. 2. Put an oil container under the oil drain and open the drain valve to empty oil into the oil container 3. Gently wipe oil tank removing any excess oil or sludge. Dry completely and place back on machine For best results, cover the fryer when oil is cool and not in use. This will keep unwanted debris from falling into the oil. For best results, always use fresh vegetable oil with each use. It is recommended that you inspect the unit before each use to check that the power cord is not frayed or damaged in any way. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM S1 - Micro-switch SA - Overheat switch EH - Heater element HL 1 - Power-on indicator HL 2 - Heater-on cycling indicator SB - Temperature regulator E - Ground connection NOTE: THE CIRCUITS OF THE TWO FRYERS ARE IDENTICAL. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE TWO TANK FRYER HAS TWO SEPARATE ELECTRICAL UNIT BOXES AND RECEPTICLES. TROUBLESHOOTING - Troubles listed are for reference. If any fault occurs, please discontinue use. Do not attempt to repair yourself. This will void the warranty. Problem Cause Solution Not working as well as expected Unit is not on a dedicated circuit Unplug unit, plug into a dedicated line and retry Basket is overloaded Too much product will bring down the temperature of the oil bringing it to a boil rather than a frying temperature. Use less product. Stopped working Reset button was tripped There is a reset button located on the back of the head. Unscrew the cap and push the button to reset. (Be sure to replace black cap) Micro/safety switch is not making contact Make sure that the unit is on a level surface and that switch is sitting flush making contact with the metal on the back of the body Indicator light won’t turn on and unit will not heat Plug not properly inserted into outlet Reinsert the plug TO RESET: Located on the back of the fryer head, it will read „reset‟ With the unit unplugged and fully cooled off, Press red button in to reset unscrew the know to expose red button 208V Deep Fryer w/faucet - DF-12L, DF Reference Number DF-12L and DF12-L/2 Part Number Description 1 DF-1/6 Temperature Limiter/Reset 2 Back Board 3 Screw for Back Board 5 DF12-5 Power Cord & Strain Relief 6 DF12-6 On/Off Switch 8 DF-8 Micro Switch 10 DF12-10 Cover for Oil Pot w/Handle 11 Body 12 DF12-12 Oil Valve 13 DF12-13 Insert Pin w/Screw for Head Unit 14 DF12-14 Power Indicator Light - Green 15 DF12-15 Heat Indicator Light - Orange 17 DF12-17 Bottom Grate 18 DF12-18 Heating Elements Supports 19 DF12-19 Heating Element 20 Heating Element Guard 23 DF12-23 Frying Basket 24 DF-24 Thermostat Regulator 25 DF-25 Thermostat Knob Set 26 DF-26 Rubber Foot VER811 ACE Electrical Equipment One Year Warranty ACE warrants its equipment against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the following conditions: This warranty applies to the original owner only, and is not assignable. ACE Electrical Equipment is warranted for one year, effective from the date of purchase by the original owner. A copy of the original receipt, or other proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty coverage. Should any product fail to function in its intended manner under normal use within the limits defined in this warranty, at ACE‟s discretion, such product will be repaired, replaced with a refurbished unit, or replaced with a new unit by ACE, after defective unit has been inspected and defect has been confirmed. ACE does not assume any liability for extended delays in replacing any item beyond its control. This warranty does not apply to rubber and non-metallic synthetic parts where usage, wear, or lack of preventative maintenance may create abnormal replacement rates, and these parts are excluded from this limited warranty. This warranty covers products shipped into the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii, and metropolitan areas of Alaska and Canada. Warranty coverage on products used outside the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii and metropolitan areas of Alaska and Canada may vary. Contact ACE for details at 1-800- 223-7750 The following conditions are not covered by warranty: • Equipment failure relating to improper installation, improper utility connection or supply and problems due to improper ventilation. • Equipment that has not properly been maintained, damage for improper cleaning, and water damage to controls. • Equipment that has not been used in an appropriate manner, or has been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, negligence, damage during transit, delivery or installation, fire, flood, riot, or act of God. • Equipment that has the model number or serial number removed or altered. • Equipment on which the security seal has been broken. If the equipment has been changed, altered, modified, or repaired without express written permission from ACE, then the manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages to any person or to any property, which may result from the use of this equipment thereafter. This equipment is intended for commercial use only. Warranty is void if equipment is used in other than a commercial application. In the event your repair is not covered under the stated warranty provisions, parts are available by calling 1-800-223-7750. Equipment not covered by repair should be picked up from our warehouse facility within 10 business days from notification date. Any and all arrangements and expenses for the return of this merchandise is your responsibility. “THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILTY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES AND CONSTITUES THE ENTIRE LIABILITY OF ACE. IN NO EVENT DOES THE LIMITED WARRANTY EXTEND BEYOND THE TERMS STATED HEREIN.” VER40111







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