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****** Page 1 ****** Unpack 3. pair + Connect Make sure you have the following items in your 808 EarCanz Sport package: • 808 EarCanz Sport Bluetooth earbuds • Micro USB charging cable • Eartips in 3 sizes • Travel pouch If you have any questions about this product, visit or call our toll-free help line at 1-800-732-6866. 1. Charge the EarCanz Sport For best performance, we recommend you charge your EarCanz Sport earbuds fully before using them. 2. Turn on the EarCanz Sport Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or other device. Right earbud (side) Right earbud (side) Open the DC IN flap on the side of the controls below the right earbud. Plug the included USB charging cable into the charging jack behind the DC IN flap. Plug the other end of the charging cable into a USB power source (like a computer or a USB charger). The indicator light on the front of the controls turns red while the earbuds are charging. It turns blue when the earbuds are fully charged. Unplug the USB charging cable when the earbuds are charged. To turn on the EarCanz Sport and start pairing to your Bluetooth device: Press and hold the button on the controls for about 6 seconds (until the indicator on the controls starts blinking rapidly). To turn on your EarCanz Sport regularly: Press and hold the > button on the controls for 3 seconds. The indicator on the controls starts blinking slowly. To turn the EarCanz Sport off: Press and hold the > button on the controls for 3 seconds. h. i settings attÄgs Choose 808 EarCanz Sport from the pairing options on your smartphone. (If it’s not in the list, choose “Scan” from your phone’s Bluetooth menu.) IMPORTANT: If you’ve previously paired your phone or other Bluetooth device with these earbuds, the earbuds will automatically attempt to reconnect to that device when you turn them on. If you want to pair to a new device, turn the earbuds off. Then press and hold the > button on the controls for about 6 seconds (until the indicator on the controls starts blinking rapidly) to put the earbuds in pairing mode. Once the indicator on the controls starts blinking, go to step 3 to pair and connect. The earbuds beep when the process is complete. The indicator on the controls turns solid blue. Note: The process of enabling Bluetooth and connecting varies from device to device. See your device’s owners manual for more information and specific instructions. Bluetooth Wireless Connection Tips • Make sure the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned on. • The earbuds’ Bluetooth wireless connection works up to a range of roughly 33 feet (10 meters). This range may vary, however, based on other factors, such as room layout, wall material, obstacles, your device’s Bluetooth performance, etc. If you’re having problems connecting to the earbuds, move closer to your phone, • Make sure your device supports audio transfer A2DP. • If your device asks you for a password to connect, use “0000”i To pair the EarCanz Sport again After turning your earbuds back on, they automatically attempt to reconnect to the last connected device. If the last connected device is not available, the earbuds will enter pairing mode and be ready to pair to a new or different device.

****** Page 2 ****** Using the EarCanz Sport Putting the EarCanz Sport in your ears The EarCanz Sport earbuds come with medium-sized eartips installed. You can use different-sized tips, but first try them with the mediums. Find the L and R markings on the buds—place the cord behind your neck with the L bud on the left and R bud on the right. Place each earhook over each ear as as shown here. Then place each tip in each ear. Finally, bend each earhook so that it fits snugly over the outside of each ear with the tips in place. If the tips don’t fit, follow the directions in the next section to change them. Changing the eartips If you want to use different size eartips, remove the pre- installed eartips from each earbud. Then find the pair in the size you want, and push each tip onto each bud until it’s secure. Listening to music Set your device’s volume for music to 50%. Note: This is to make sure the sound from the earbuds isn’t too loud when you start streaming. Start playing music or other audio on your device. Within seconds, the earbuds start streaming the audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. Controlling playback and volume The control panel near the right earbud lets you control music playback and volume wirelessly. To play/pause music: Press the > button. To adjust volume: Press the + or — button. To go to the previous/next song: Press and hold the + or — button. Answering/ending phone calls The earbuds’ control panel has a built-in microphone, so you can use the EarCanz Sport for phone calls. Your phone will ring through the earbuds when you’re receiving a call. You can answer and end the call wirelessly from the control panel. To answer or end a phone call: Press the button. To decline a phone call: Press and hold the > button. IMPORTANT: Not all phones support playback control and phone answer/ end control. Check your phone’s user manual for more information if you’re having trouble with these functions. ece o Bluetooth EARCANZ SPORT WIRELESS EARBUDS quicl< start guide HPA215 01








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