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****** Page 1 ****** DIGITAL CLINICAL THERMOMETER INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Please read carefully before using DEVICE DESCRIPTION AND INTENDED USE KD-112@ This digital thermometer is intended to measure human body temperature for children and adults; it has digital display and can be used in household environment. CONTRAINDICATIONS The product is contraindicated: 1. Place the thermometer probe in scarred tissue or tissue compromised by any disorders of measuring site. 2. Place the thermometer probe on skin exposed to direct sunlight, fireplace heat, cold compress therapies: air conditioner flow, etc. FEATURES 1. Easy to read digital LCD (liquid crystal display). 2. Memory display for last temperature takem 3. Compact, accurate and durable LSI (large scale integration) device. 4. Very sensitive to obtain temperature. 5. If the thermometer is inadvertently left on after temperature stabilization, it Will automatically shut off in 3 minutes. 6. Small light weight unit. 7. When low battery indication shows, replace the old battery with a new battery. 8. The unit is water resistant. PARTS DESCRIPTION Display Window Probe Measure Value SPECIFICATIONS OWOFF M Battery Cover Measure unit Low Battery Indication Memory’ Indication Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Memory Battery(include) Battery Life Dimensions Weight Operating Condition Storage Condition Certification Compliance 90.0-109.9’F (32.0-43.9’C) 95.9-107.6’F ±0.20F, Other ±O.3ZF , (35 5-42.OOC ±O.I’C, Other ±0.2’C) Last memory’ LR41 Battery x Ipcs More than 5000 measurements 123.7mmx18. Immx10.4mm Approx. 9.8g includes battery 60.8-104.0’F(16-40’C), R.H. of 15-95% nan-condensing -4-122’F(-20-50’C): R-H- of 15-95% non-condensing ISO 13485 ASTM Elli2 PRECAUTION 1. Do not boil the probe. Instead, clean the unit by wiping it with a dry cloth and disinfect the probe with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. See cleaning instructions for details. 2. Do not drop the thermometer or expose it to heavy shock. 3. Do not bite or swallow the probe and the battery cover. 4. Do not let thermometer come Into contact with any thinner or chemical solvents. 5. After using: clean the thermometer and place it into the carrier case. 6. Do not store the unit under direct sunlight, ata high temperature, in high humidity or dust. Performance may be degraded. 7. Stop using the thermometer if it operates erratically or if the display malfunctions. 8. Keep out of reach of unsupervised children. Do not let children play With the unit. TEMPERATURE SHOULD BE TAKEN UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION. 9. Components may be harmful if swallowed. Contact a physician immediately should this occur. 10. Clean the thermometer probe before storing. 11. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit except to replace the battery. 12. Do not use if the display malfunctions or it operates irregularly. 13. Do not put this unit in dishwasher. 14. Ifthe thermometer has been stored at below-freezing temperatures, allow the thermometer to warm naturally to room temperature before using. 15. Performance of the thermometer may be degraded if: Operated or stored outside stated temperature and humidty ranges or if the patients temperature is below the ambient (room) temperature. 16. defore using, it is recommended to no drinking, smoking or excising for at least twenty minutes prior to do a measurement and no talk, walk during measuring, it may cause inaccurate reading. 17. When the battery IS almost exhausted, the symbol O will appear in the display window, meaning it’s time to replace the battery. 18. ORAL TEMPERATURES READLINGS ARE OFTEN 1 LOWER THAN ACTUAL BODY TEMPERATURE READINGS. 19. The readings is for reference, if feel sick or uncomfortable, please contact the physiciam BATTERY REPLACEMENT 1. When the symbol ” appears, the battery needs to replaced. 2. Pull the battery’ cover off in the direction showm 3. Use a object such as a toothpick or Insulated probe to pry loose the old battery’. Avoid of using any sharp metal object in this operation. 4. Place a new 1.5V button size battery’, LR41 or equivalent in the chamber with the positive(+) side up and the negative(-) side down. 5. Replace and fasten the battery cover securely. LIS Warning 1. Discard old battery carefully, out of reach of young children. Swallowing the battery may be fatal. Ifthe battery is swallowed, contact a hospital mmediately to have it removed. Do not dispose of the battery in a fire. It may explode. 2. For battery disposition, please consider the national regulation. 3. If no use for 1 month, please take out the battery to avoid the battery deterioration. HOW TO USE 1. Disinfect the probe with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol before usin . 2 Press and release the ON/OFF button, the display read { confirming that the unit is functioning properly. 3. Then the display will show L ‘F with ‘F flashing. If the room temperature is greater than 90.0’F: it will display rather than 4. Place the probe in the appropriate position. 6. Once the degree sign stopped flashing, the measurement is finished and the temperature is displayed. An alarm signal will also sound for approximately 8 seconds after ‘F stop flashing. 6. The unit Will automatically tum off in 3 minutes (approx.). Ho,vever, to prolong battery life, it is best to press the ONIOFF button to turn off once the temperature has been indicated. Special Features:!2LReg.a.llL When the unit is off, press and hold the ONIOFF button around 3 seconds, the last memory will be shown. Release the ONIOFF button, the unit will be ready for measuring. For Models with Fever alarm: If the temperature registers higher than 99.50F, the fever alarm (a quick beeping sound which occurs continuously for about 8 seconds) will sound when the peak temperature has registered. Also, the result will keep flashing until the thermometer is turned off For Switchable Centigrade and Fahrenheit Models: After tuming on the thermometer: the Centigrade or Fahrenheit mode can be switched within first 5 seconds by pressing and holding the ONIOFF button for 2 seconds.

****** Page 2 ****** NOTE: Always disinfect the thermometer before using. NOTE: Drinking or eating prior to use may affect reading; oral measurement should be taken 30 minutes after drinking or eating NOTE: In step 4, you may put a sanitary plastic probe cover on the sensor tip to prevent to cross-infection and contamination. use of the probe cover may result in a 0.2 OF(O- 1 ‘C) difference from actual temperature. Dispose of any used probe cover and store the unit in a safe place. NOTE: Temperature readings vary’ from person to person and tme to time find your normal temperature and watch for changes. if you compare readings bet,veen two thermometers, it is possible to have different readings even both of them are within accuracy requirement. RELIABLE METHOD TO MEASURE TEMPERATURE THE TAKING OF BODY TEMPERATURES: Change in body temperature IS one of the most mponant indicators of illness. It is important that accurate temperatures be taken. Even though the device is used in similar manner to the glass thermometer, it is important that the simple Instruction for use of this device be followed closely and that the person taking the temperature understands body temperature. BODY TEMPERATURE. A person’s bcdy temperature will usually be several tenths to one full degree lower in the morning than it IS Ill the late afternoon. Therefore: if your temperature is 97.9’F (36.60C) in the moming: it could be 38.4’F(36 9’C) or more in the late afternoon and still be normal. To determine what your normal body temperature is you should take your temperature both in the early moming and in the late afternoon over several days. Children have the same normal temperature range as do adults. A fever for both children and adults is typically defined as a temperature over 99.5’F(37.5’C) Exercise, excessive clothing, hot bath, hot weather, warm food and drink can cause mild elevations of upto 100.4’F(38.0’C) to 101.1 ‘F(38.4ZC) If you suspect one of these to be the cause of an elevated reading, eliminate the possible cause and retake the temperature in a half hour. ORAL USE Place the probe well under the patients tongue. Instruct the patient to keep their mouth closed while the thermometer is reading. A normal temperature by this method is usually considered bet,veen 98.6’F(36 OOC) to 99.50F(37.5’C). RECTAL USE If the rectal temperature is recommended by your doctor, you may use a probe cover. Insert the thermometer into the probe cover. Lubricate the probe cover with a water soluble jelly for easier insertion, do not use petroleum, it may cause inaccuracy reading. Inset the tip of probe no more than 1/2 Inch into rectum. STOP if you meet any resistance. The sensing unit is on the very’ tip ofthe probe and there IS no need to insert the probe deep into the rectum. In general, the rectal temperature IS around 1.0’F(0.5’C) to 2.0’F(1.00C) higher than oral temperature. NOTE : Due to petroleum IS an oil soluble jelly, it will cause low temperature reading. If applying petroleum jelly is necessary, it is recommended to prolong the measurement regardless of the beep sound and continuous wait for around 2—3 minutes. AXILLARY USE Wipe armpit a dry towel Place the probe in the patient’s armpit and keep the patient’s arm pressed firmly against the body. In general, the axillary temperature is around 1.0’F(0.5’C) to 2.0’F(1 .O’C) lower than oral temperature. Note that in order to achieve better axillary temperature measurement results, beep sound. NOTE. Children should be attended by an adult during the entire measuring. After use: the digital thermometer should be stored in a safe place: out of reach of young children. If you compare temperatures between tvvo thermometers: it is possible to have two different readings even it both thermometers are within their accuracy tolerance. Difference in how you take each reading and the thermometer’s tolerance range can account for nearly 0 2’F(0.1 ‘C) variabilty. TROUBLESHOOTING Err Auto detection is error. Please return to the distributor Please redo measurements. Please redo measurements. The device detects bw battery’, please change the battery. Ifthe device is not functioning, first check the battery’. Replace if necessary. EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS Operating instructions Manufacturer WEEE [Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, 2012f96dEIJ] The device could be send back to the manufacturer for recycling or proper disposal after the expected life time. Altematively the device shall be disposed in accordance With the national laws Warning and Caution YYMM : Lot Number composed by year(Y) and month(M) of manufacture CLEAN & DISINFECTION Do not use corrosive detergent to clean the unit. Clean the thermometer before and after use. Cleaning process: 1. Pre-cleaning wRh cold water wash several times. 2. Clean the probe with a solution of mild detergent about 10—15 seconds. 3. Continuously clean with cold water to avoid the chemical residues remaining on the device. 4. Rinse the device with drinking water or distilled water to ensure the removal of all remnants of the cleansing agent. 5. If necessary, repeat step 2 to step 4 in order to make sure the device is clean. 6. A final wipe down by a clean wiper is necessary to avoid water stains. Disinfection process: 1. To disinfect the device when completed the cleaning process. 2. Wiping the probe With a cloth dipped in a disinfectant solution such as 70—76% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol solution contact time min for disinfection. 3. The disinfectant free rinse without residues. Drying process: 1. After cleaning and disinfection process above. 2. Put the device to air-dry’ in the room temperature 68-86’F exposure time around 30—60 minutes. 3. And store the device in a dry, clean: and dust-free environment at room temperature. LIMITED WARRANTY This device is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defect under normal, household use. The battery is not covered under the warranty. Follow the directions closely will ensure years of dependable operation.lf the device does not function properly: please contact the distributor If the thermometer does not function properly: please contact 180 Innovations at or call customer service at 1-877-299-6700. Our representative will provide further instruction on how to correct the trouble or will ask you to return it for repair or replacement. LOT NUMBER INFORMATION LOT NO. (YYMM) on the device label means the manufacture year and the manufacture month. For example, ‘2008″ means the unit was manufactured in August, 2020. Thank you for purchasing a 180 Innovations product. Distributed by 180 Innovations Denver, CO 80204 Manufactured by: K-jump Health Co.,Ltd. Made in China Toll free 877-299-6700 REV.20200805 PN:8211206130








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