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****** Page 1 ****** In the box ooo PERCENT MPU901 ULTIMATE CHARGING STATION with a portable Lithium-lon battery: 2600 mAh Location of Controls o o O O O O Rear 120 V grounded AC outlets USB charging ports Power Indicator LEO Power pack USB charging port Power pack LED Indicator Portable power pack Powerpack unlock switch User Guide Specifications I IMPORTANT Please read the Warnings and Safety Guidelines first and this entire user guide before using the Portable Charger. AC input: AC120V -60Hz AC Output: Two- Rear grounded outlets: AC120V 3 USB DC port output: DC 5V (Total 3.1A) Portable Powerbank: Lithium-lon battery: 2600mA; OUTPUT: DC 5V IA POWER CONNECTION Ultimate Charging Station ooo pence” t CHARGING STATION User Guide User Guide Charging devices with the USB ports Charging Other Devices 00 slot 1 | slot 2 | slot 3 The Ultimate Charging Station 3 Hub can charge up to 3 mobile devices (smartphones. tablets, PDAs, etc.) at the same time. Please note that the number of devices that can be charged and the length of tme it takes for each device to fulty charge depend on the amperage require- ment of each device. Use all 3 slots to simultaneously d’,arge 3 smartphones or a combination of small (tablet, smartphone PDA MP3 player, carr•erae etc,l The Charging Station has a maximum total of 3.1 amps. It will split the 3.1 amps betw•een the number of devices being charged- If the Portable Povver Pack is boing dwgod as well. then the 3.1 amps will be distributed between the 3 USB ports AND the Portable Power Pack, Or. using only the first and second slots. you can charge up to 2 tablets at the same time. or a tablet and a smaller dewce that requires less than 3.1 amps. NOTE; Device can provide up to Amp current; thus, all devices connected need to require 3.1 Amp current or less together. Warnings and Safety Guidelines NOTE: Failure to follow these safety guidelines can cause personal injury and/or damage to the Ultimate Charging Station. It may also void the product warranty. Be sure to read this User Guide entirely before using the Ultimate Charging Station for the first time. Indicates information about safety practices which, if not followed, may result in serious injury or death. CAUTION Indicates information about safety practices which, if not followed, may result in personal injury, or are necessary to prevent fire or equipment WARNING overheating. CAUTION: Keep children away from the Ultimate Charging Station. It will generate the same potentially lethal AC power as a normal household AC wall outlet. CAUTION: Do not use the Ultimate Charging Station in the presence of flammable gases or fumes, for example near propane tanks or in the bilge of gasoline powered boats. WARNING: While using the Ultimate Charging Station, keep it away from materials that can be affected by high temperatures. The housing can becorne warm during operation, especially extended period operation. WARNING: Do not use the Ultimate Charging Station in the presence of flammable gases or fumes, for example near propane tanks or in the bilge of gasoline powered boats. Limited Warranty the unlikdy that this product is ce does ncc oedocrn may Sir Month’ frccn yc•.r date af gurchxe return n to the authorized seresce center for revojr cr exctunge. to C*TAIN WARRANTY • Provide pr004 of the d’te of purchase within the (dated ba of saki, • Prepay shipping costs to authorized service cent ete and rernermtber to insure y•eur return- • l/*lud• a return shipping address (no P.O. a teephoae contact numb«, Eid defective unit within • Describe the defect or reason you ore returning the product. Yce.Jt proo:t Ete reosred or repuced. at t*..r ‘or the or rrvo&4 of eqval value f by the ser•ic.e ceetter It'” pqot3.Kt is defective •tcduts as re.uit of shivvrtg ‘eqvre to with the The shipping address of the authorized service center is: Southern Telecom, Inc. Attention: Customer Service (2nd Floor) 14-C 53rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 you questicrrs ce concernirq this product. plea»e cont«t cg.r ser•/ice degvtrnert Customer Support: g Phone: 1-877-768-8481 (Toll Free) Or via the web: Click on “Product Support” Warmnty service not provided Tho ncR from accident. dbase cvetdtÜtt, 184 and is the ot A1 being to roe tcø Lirrvt•tion of Warranty: • ts TOTHS ALL or PURPOSE FEFf-FY C*SCLAIMEÜ NOVERFAL cn GWEN INC. ITS *CENTS, OR SHALL A OF N ANY THE scorE OF • OR AS LINDER n.’ls WAFF.ANTY IS TEE THE SOUT HERN TELECOM, SHALL BE LIABLE MICE-N IAL OR CAMAGES THE ce ON CV LAWS EXCEPTTOT€ EXTENT or FITNESS A 15 LIMITEDTO THE SET A.aoa,t. rut limitaton ot at limitations long an irrol€d warranty the limatzthns rray rnt to you. This •aarranty glees you rt$/ts. ard ycu also may rights vary from state to state. O O O O Charging devices with the rear AC Outlet Device’s Chargng Cord (not Included) a o 60Hz The ULTIMATE CHARGING STATION operates with 100-2401/- 50/60Hz power sources. Plug the grounded AC plug into a household grounded outlet AC source. The POWER LED will light up on front of unit. NOTE: When the unit is not operated by the AC power or will be unused for long periods of the time, Please remove the AC plug from the wall outlet. Charging devices with portable power pack CHARGING YOUR POWER PACK FOR FIRST TIME Charge the POWER PACK a minimum of 6 hours prior to first use. Make sure the POWER PACK is fully insert into the main unit, it will lock in automatically. The LED INDICATOR will turn ON and start to FLASH (BLUE) while in the charging mode. When the POWER PACK is fully charged, the LED will stay a steady BLUE. When fully charged, the POWER PACK can be removed for use from the main unit. Slide the UNLOCK switch to the right to eject the POWER PACK automatically. RECHARGING THE POWER PACK After prolonged use, the POWER PACK will become weak and the Blue LED INDICATOR will start to FLASH, alerting you the POWER PACK needs to be recharged. Legal Information FCC part 1 5: This equipment has boon tcstcd and found to ccmpty with tho rcquircmonts for a Class a dig tal device under Pert 15 cf the Federal Communications Commission IFCC) rures. ‘These requirements are •ntended to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a resdential insta?lation. This equipment gererates, uses and can radiate radio frequercy energy and, if rot instatled ard used in accordance with the instructicnse may cause harmful interforonce to radic commu- nications. H0Mjcvere there is no guarantee that interference wil not occur in a partyculer Installetion, If this equipment does cause harr-rful Interference to radio or televson reception, whTh can be determined by turning the equrpment off and on, user is to t t Y to correct the by one Of following meagures: • Reaor ent or relocate the receiving antenna, Increase the separation the and • Connect the equrpment ir.tO an Outlet on a circuit different f ram that to which the receiver is connected. • Consult the dealer or an cxpcricnccd technician for help. Do not attempt to repar or modify this equprnent Caution: Changes or modifications to this not exoressly approved by the party responsible for com.plianco could void the USCNS authority to cocratc tho equipment. “This device comples with Part 15 of the FCC Rulas Operat on is subject to the following t’.’C0 conditions: Ill this device may not cause harmful interference, and 121 this devvce must accept any Interference received, Includng interference thet may cause undesired c.veratiorg This equipment comples with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an urcontroilod environment. This equipment should bo installed and operated with minimum distance of 20cm betvveen the radiator and your body. All trademarks and trade names are those ot their respective o•.wners- 0 1] The Ultimate Charging Station is capable of powering most 120VAC products, such as laptops, tablets, lamps, printers etc. CAUTION: Do not plug higher consumption AC devices such as Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, toasters, microwaves, etc. into the AC outlets. This can cause damage to the Ultimate Charging Station. Connect your device’s charging cord AC plug to the AC Outlet on either of the Ultimate Charging Station AC rear 100-240V— 50/60Hz grounded outlets WARNING: Shock Hazard Be careful when inserting an AC plug into a 3-prong outlet. The prongs of an AC plug can become bent from misuse. If an AC plug is not inserted properly into the AC outlet. a bent prong can slip outside of the Portable Charger and become a shock hazard. Additional Safety Precautions: • DO NOT insert foreign objects into the Ultimate Charging Station’s AC outlet or other openings. • DO NOT expose the Ultimate Charging Station to water, raine snow or spray. • DO NOT use the the Ultimate Charging Station in temperatures over 1 OOF /40C. Ifthe Portable CAUTION RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE DISPOSE OF USED BATTERIES ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS Charging devices with portable power pack Charging Other Devices using the USB port. 00 IMPORTANT Charge the POWER PACK a minimum of 6 hours prior to first use. The Portable Power Pack is capable of powering or charging most consumer electronic devices that have USB power ports. 1. Connect your device’s USB charging cord to your device’s charging port (please refer to your device’s user guide for charging). (cable not provided) 2. Connect the USB end of your devices USB charging cord to the USB Charging Port on the powerbank, 4. When your device if fully charged, be sure to remove your device and the Charging cable from the Portable Power Pack. NOTE: The USB Charging Port will power OFF automatically when a device is disconnected from the port. Troubleshooting The Portable Power Pack is plugged in and has been charging for a long time, but the LED Charging Indicator Light is still flashing, not steady. The Portable Power Pack has not charged long enough. Charge it for more than four hours continuously. The Portable Power Pack can’t charge any other devices. Recharge the Portable Power Pack. The Power Pack must be fully inserted to the base station. NOTE: Smart circuit protection; the maximum output current is 1000mA. If a short circuit or overcurrent occurs, the power supply output will shut down, and the power pack will need to be recharged in order to function. Manufactured and distributed by Southern Telecom. lnc- Bentonville, AR 72716 Printed in China








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