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****** Page 1 ****** WIZARD OWNER WITH PARTS LIST AUTO supß SICKLE BAR 30 !NCH S OCK NO. 4XFS845 GIJÅRD ASSEMBLY HAND WHEEL DEFLECTOR SOCKET HOLD DOWN CLIP SICKLE BAR ARM MOUNTING PLATE SHOE The 4XF5845 (30-inch) Sickle par 4S:shibped tiany disassembled. The parts eonsiSt of ethe sickle bar houSing, the knife and guard assembiy,; the hdlev rod end assembly and a cartons containing. mis- cellaneous parts. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS The Bar assembly can be attached to the, Sickle housir@ plate in either a centered or end mourited position. & Fer center mounting,. the four boles the center off the bar assembly are to be used;, For end’ mounting, -four holes are provided on the left side, of the bar. assembly. Place the. lower socket. on tbe knife and bar assem- bly to align with holes ‘in sickle section. Two lengths of cap screws, are provided. (The two longer ones to be used for mounting the socket and’ thé, shorter ones for. securing knife sections im vacant socket position. (When shipped from the factory, the short END MOUNTING cap screws are attached to the knife sections s at the end/ mounting position:) Slide the grommetove’r sickle arm end, pösition the connecting plate, Of sickle housing over bar and gua& assembly with grommet lying in the lower socket. 4 Se+ll’@ knife and guard assembly to sickle bar, housing with the four carriage bolts provided for •this purpose. Pla •e upper socket over lower socket and grommet d secure by passing cap screws through upper socket, lower socket and into tapped holes in knife assembly, Use lock washers provided. INSTALLATION TO TRACTOR Attach the, sickle bar to the tractor with the Snap Hitch. Position the *ickle bar in front of the trac- tor. • Loosen handwheel on snap hitch about half way out on stud, Drive: the tractor forward over the sickle. bar so that the snap hooks are engaged ‘in the notches on the •front edge of the engine mounting plate. Press tractor handles down until sickle bar (Continued Ori Page 4) WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY KANSAS CITY 8, MISSOURI

****** Page 2 ****** i3 9 64 63 62 59 60 62 56 55 48 63 64 65 66 67 10 a 12 78 44 45 46 17 14 23 15 21 39 69 77 20 40 76 16 19 41 18 22 58 56 54 59, 52 38 27 37 36 43 24 2b>t 35 42 74 34 70 72 71 75

****** Page 3 ****** ilted beckwa•rd to approximately 3 a 300 angle. ractor and mowerånfthis positiony. give handles em ‘downward’. pusllb and. spring tension latch engage the; rear of mounting plate. Tighten ndwheev •toi lock latch in • position. Install the drive belt, from the -tractor sheave to the sickle bar’ sheave. •To- do this it will be necessary. to first hemove the, tractor drive belt from the variable sheave. A divider, is provided for attaching to the right hand shoe and is particularly recommended when sickle bar is mounted in the end position. The divider can be, bent to. different positions as desired. To attach the divider, remove the cap screw from the right hand shoe and place end of divider in upper hole at tip of, shoe. Position the brace of divider so that the- hole corresponds with •hole in bar and guard and replace. cap screw in its original position. B. Replace damaged sections. Check fit of Imife. sections to ledgef ande wear Link Clip •MaihIdlerlRod Retainér Rod end plates. If the knife sections’ are sharp, •clean ting is entirely dependent upon the following:a 1. Alignment of ledger plate surfaces. 2. Wear plate •adjustment, 3. Straightness of knife bar. 43 Knife registration. 51.• Hold down clip clearance. ALIGNMENT, OF LEDGER PLATE SURFACES hempve the knife assembly. Check all guards for alignment of ledger plate surfaces. This alignment may be checked. by using astraigbt edge or drawing a stfing tightly across these surfaces. Any one guard being too high Will create . excess clearance between the ledger plates’ of adjoining guards and thepknife sections. Misalignment can be corrected by. bending guards up or down, as required. Hammer ohiy, off solid portion of the guard–beyond the lip. WEAR PLATE ADJUSTMENT The wed plates support the back of the knife gec- tionsü and, guide the knife bar in the guard recess. Wear) plates have elongated holes fore adjus!ment agai%st the knife, bar to. prevent it from drifting forwå$d and backward. Adjust by, loosening the guard sliding the. wear plates -forward against the -ßife bar. Avoid a tight fit; Check the top sur- face of the wear plate with the ledger p)ate surface; TheSe:åtwo surfaces’ must be even. A• low wear plate should be shimmied. ‘idler ‘Tod ‘.end assembly on the left side of main frame undert the tractor, transmission brac- •Install front of •od end to ‘idleh pulley ßuardtöf sickle Ibar,. Remove the spring„clip from the bdttom end of. the attachment idler control rod’, attach the FPring •retainer to rod end ‘in •approximately the genter ‘hole (for temporary installation) and •replace. Adjust idlér control assembly for proper belt tension. With lever engaged,: the compression spring should .be , compressed approximately 3/8-inch to 1/2 inch for. proper belt tension. Use the proper one of the series of holes in spring retainer for this adjustment. MAINTENANCE The. sickle, bar housing is equipped with sealed bear— ings. which are packed with grease when the sickle bar Qis • assembled at the plant. Lubricate the grease fitting on the idler pulley regularly. Oil sickle bar knife assembly under the hold down clips. approximately every eight hours of operation. Keep blade sharp and avoid nicking edges. FOULNG OR CUTTNG FAILURE At •Check *sharpness of knife sections. If sharpening is-necessary, .@.sickle grinder with atholder ‘should •be, used -for this operation to may-itain correct grinding angle: (Same as.original:) Hold Dowp. Clip Wear Plate Guard bolt. ‘Guard Lip Knife Bar knife Section Gåard 1/64″ Maximum Clearance Baék Bar Ledger Plate; or plane •surface of Guard KNIFE CLEARANCE If sthe knife ‘fits too loosely, in most cases clearance can ibe obtained by hammering down or prying„ up the ‘front end• hold down clips. The suggested method is to remove. the Imife assembly. Reinsert Che knife and adjust each clip as is reached, for the entire . length of the- bar. Bend each clip up or down asa*equired.e The approximate clearance to. be maintained should not exceed •1/32 -inch. Fitting these clips tightly will cause binding or scoring. Lubricate freely. PROPER BELT TENSION Proper belt tenSi6n is € of primary •importance. A loose ‘belt will cause slippage and reduce the sickle speed, increasing the possibility of fouling the knife. Adjust belt ‘tension at take-up points in the engaging lever and linkage assembly. Worn belts should be fePleeed. Foå•m 550461 WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY KENCO

****** Page 4 ****** IMPORTANT ORDÉÄING iNSfRüCTIONS Quantity, part number andl„de$criplion of.’e€ch To insure getting correct materials without de14Y; please supply the following’ införmation. Please •part wanted. print to avoid errors. 3:, Advise as Eto whetheF parts should be- Shipped by niail’, exphessS@r freight, 1 € The •STOCK NUMBER as shown on the name plate. Ref. No. 2 4 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 4. Name, shipping address and mail address. ORDER PARTS FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER NUMERICAL PARTS LIST Part No. 1700727R 1110096 308790R 130159 222031R 149898R 229358R 1700714R 1700739 1185043 129042 190138 990490R 1104954 1108552 990484R 1700942 1700998 150433 121880 1700736 308841R 308834 101986R 101984R 101985R 182316 1701194R 1701190R 1701284 Description Housing and Hitch Assy Elastic Nut, 1/2″ Latch Pin Capscrew, 3/8-16 x 1-1/4 Req,i«. Ref. No. 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53. 54 55 56 57 58. $9 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 $15 78 Part No. 101981 1701285 1701210 1103995 190153R 1701053R 1701062R 1700707k 1700738 1700737 111*0108 1700691R 1701586 1185039 1106904 Description Céntér. Section .(lnc. Rivets) L. Section (IIIC/ Rivets) Capscrev,. ‘1/4-28 x 1/2 Knife Assy, Inc. .39 thru 42 Shake Proof Washer Spacer Cap Screw, 3/8-16 x 2 Shoe Divider Cushion Cup Outer Cushion Inner Cushion Lock Nut Carriage Bolt, 3/8-16 x 1 W/nut and washer Moun!ing Plate Capscrew, 1 Mounting Cuåiion Dowel Vin Cäpscrew, 5/16-i8 x 4-1/2 Retaining Ring Retaining Ring bearing Retaining Ring Bearing Wobble Shaft Key; 3/16’v sq. xl;1/2 Housing, External Spring Retainer Flat Washer, 5/16 Spring Cotter Pin, 3/32 x 3/4 No. Reqtd. 11 Latch Rod Spring Hand Wheel Bracket Thrust Washer Retaining Ring Idler Puliey Bolt; Bushing Pulley 1700717R Idler Sheild Grease Fitting Belt, 49″ Capscrew, 1/4-20 x 3(.4 Capscrew, 3/8-16 x 7/8 Pulley see screw, Set Screw;w 5/1648 Slinger Deflectdrc, Socket Grommet Capscrew, 1/4-28 1-1/4 Spacer Washer Lower Socket Clip Wear Plate R. H. Guard (w/ledgéi• plate) Center Guard (w-ledger plate) L. H. Guard plate)’ Ledger Plate (Inc. Rivet) Plow Boit, •3/8-16 x 1-1/4 Plow Bolt, 3/8-16 x 1 Cutter Bar Only Guard and Bar AysyØinel. 29 thru 37 R’. H. Section (Inc. Rivets) 16 1185042 1185044 1185040 1185046 1185052 1700709R Arm 1700772 1700733R 1700992R 149é96R 17-00742R Rod End 135097R Spring Clip 1700743R Idler Assy 1701482 Guard Assy 1701365 Spacer 1701380 Shim, .005 1701381 Shim, . 015 As Reqtd. NOTE: Nuts and bolts are standard sizes and can be obtained •from your Hardware Or Implement dealer. OPERATION There are so many different cutting jobs that Can be done with the Sickle, Bar and such a wide variety of ways of •doing the jobs, that •it is. pretty much a matter of’ experience determining the best’ way to go your particular job. Plaq your work before starting and always avoid cutting back through the area whiéh has been. mowed. It is desirable to have the tractor wheels at the widest position. For cutting fine grass, such as June grassy the cutting unit must be kept in’ fivst cla•sé conditione The sickle sections must be sharp and *held close to the, guard plates by the sickle clip. Let the sickle bar” Shoes run on the *ground. Adjust the handle bars to the most suitable height and Ilet the ‘tractor do the work.







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