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PDF Content Summary: *911375-00* 98/9927 911375-00 Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Installation Instructions Devices covered by these instructions: 98/9927 Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device 98/9927-F (Fire) Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device CD98/9927 (Cylinder Dogging) Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device EL98/9927 (Electric Latch Retraction) Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Special tools needed: 5/64” hex wrench #10-24 tap Drill bits: #25, 1/8”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 13/32” Index: • Screw chart ............................. 2 • Preparation chart ....................3 • Device installation ............... 4-6 • Cut top rod ............................. 7 • Install rod extension ................ 7 • Optional equipment ............... 8 • Cut device .............................. 8 Customer Service © Allegion 2016 Printed in U.S.A. 1-877-671-7011 allegion.com/us 911375-00 Rev. 12/16-e ABCEFGHIJD 2 SCREW CHART #10-24 X 1” Sex Surface bolts mount (1-3/4” or door) #10-24 X 1-1/2” Sex bolts (2-1/4” door) #10 x 1-1/4” Wood screw Surface mount (wood) - Packaged with trim - #10-24 X 1-3/8” 990 trims (1-3/4” door) #10-24 X 1-7/8” 990 trims (2-1/4” door) #10-24 X 3/4” Surface mount or #10-24 X 1-1/8” Sex bolts 2-1/4” door #10 x 1-1/4” Wood screw Surface mount (wood) #10-16 x 3/8” Thread cutting 1-3/4” door 2-1/4” door #10-24 X 3/4”Metal frame #10 x 1-1/2” Wood screw Wood frame #10-12 x 10-24 x 1-1/4” Combination #8-32 X 1/4” Sex bolts (1-3/4” door) End cap 1/4-20 X 3/4” 1/4-20 X 1-1/4” #10-12 x 10-24 x 1-1/4” Combination Latch covers #10-12 x 10-24 x 1” Combination #8-18 x 3/8” Thread cutting Metal or wood frame Variable floor surfaces Metal or wood door Center case cover PREPARATION CHART Go to instructions on next page before using Preparation Chart Top strike #25 Drill Latches #10-24 Tap lateM5/16” 13/32” Drill Drill (device (trim side) side) 1/8” Drill pilot 1” deep d ooW13/32” Drill thru *Rod guides #25 Drill #10-24 Tap 1/8” Drill pilot 1” deep *Use rod guide as a template to mark holes Center case - 4 holes Surface mount Sex bolts or 990 trims #25 Drill #10-24 tap 1/8” Drill pilot 1” deep Surface mount Sex bolts #25 Drill #10-24 tap 1/8” Drill pilot 1” deep If door already has this cut-out for trim, no further cutting is necessary See template for strike variations XCL CL X1/4” Drill (device side) 13/32” Drill (trim side) 13/32” Drill thru Door cut-outs Outside cylinder applications: *End cap bracket - 2 holes Mark with template and cut-out: Metal door (cut device side) Wood door (cut thru) 1/4” Drill (device side) 13/32” Drill (trim side) For trim applications with working lever, thumbpiece, or knob: Mark with template and cut out: 13/32” (cut device side only) Drill thru *Prepare holes after lock side of device is mounted and hinge side is leveled Bottom strike #25 Drill #10-24 Tap 1/8” Drill pilot 1” deep 3 1Draw Horizontal Center Line ( ) and Assemble Device Template Device template 395⁄8" to finished floor RHR RHR shown (LHR opposite) 2 Position Template as Shown and Mark Vertical C Vertical 23⁄16" Standard backset For 9927 single and double door 3Align Top and Bottom Templates Along C and Prepare Door Or flip template over for: 23⁄4" backset If using a 9927 with a 9975 mortise device on a double door L See “Preparation Chart” on page 3 for drill, tap, and cut-out information See trim instructions for pull side door preparation. Line X-X in trim instructions is same as vertical device C L . Top template Plastic template Bottom template 4 4 If Necessary, Remove NL Drive Screw NL drive screw Factory installed on back of center case With the NL drive screw removed, key locks and unlocks lever, knob, or thumb piece. For the trims listed below, REMOVE NL drive screw. 996L 696TP 990TP 996K 697TP With the NL drive screw installed, key retracts latch bolt. DO NOT remove NL drive screw for the following applications: NL, EO, DT trims and 98/99-2 double cylinder devices (i.e. TP-2, L-2, and K-2). *996L-BE *E996L *996K-BE *E996L-BE *If the trim being installed is "BE" (i.e. 996L-BE), the trim lock tumbler on the back of the device must be in the UP position before device is installed. This allows the trim to be unlocked at all times. Correct Orientation (RHR shown) 5 If Using a Cylinder with a Tailpiece, Prepare Device and Cylinder *696TP-BE *697TP-BE *990TP-BE trim lock tumbler in UP position If necessary, remove drive screw and rotate cam until trim lock tumbler is in UP position, then reinstall drive screw 360 ̊ Incorrect Orientation a. Install tailpiece guide. Tailpiece b. Cut tailpiece as needed. Tailpiece guide Rotate tailpiece guide to match tailpiece 1⁄2" r ooDe cafruS Level device 8 Install End Cap Bracket and End Cap B C End cap bracket flush Mark and prepare 2 mounting holes Secure end cap bracket and end cap 6 Install Trim (if using) and Secure Device Center Case to Door Ccaesne ter A 11⁄2” Minimum clearance (with end cap removed) if device is too long for door, see “Cut Device” on back cover See “Screw Chart” Trim on page 2 for screw (optional) types and sizes 7 Mark and Prepare 2 Holes for End Cap Bracket See “Preparation Chart” on page 3 for preparation information 109 Install Top Latch and Rod Install Top Strike 11Adjust Top Rod (Screw Rod Into or Out of Latch) Until Adjusted as ShownDTop latch Top rod (longer of the two) #325 sex bolts (required) If top rod is too long, see “Cut Top Rod” on page 7 If top rod is too short, see “Install Rod Extension” on page 7 299/299F strike E 260U strike 3⁄16" F Shim to 3⁄16" as shown 499F strike Strike plate (299 only) (for LBR devices) See instruction 911009 With door With door open: closed: Latch bolt deadlocked Latch bolt stays retracted (will not push in) Release trigger extended 5 12 Install Bottom Strike, Latch, and Rod 248L-4 strike G Shim (as needed to engage latch) Bottom 304L strike rod Grout strike into floor DBottom latch (top Dlaootcr h orpeetrn acted) #325 sexbolts (required) 13 Adjust Bottom Rod with Door Open (Top Latch Retracted) With door With door open: closed: Latch bolt should clear floor Latch bolt should be deadlocked and not bind on strike (will not push in) Open and close door a few times and check for deadlatching when door is closed. Readjust rods if needed. 6 14 Install Rod Guides and Covers H Latch cover (2) *Rod guide (2) I Remove blue film JCenter case cover Install at midpoint of each rod *See “Preparation Chart” on page 3 CUT TOP ROD 1. Measure amount to cut off rod as shown below. 2. Cut rod. Note: Rod cutting is required for doors shorter than 7’. Amount to cut off 3. Drill new hole. Actual door opening height 4. Reinstall rod end and roll pin. *Standard door heights: Amount cut off to With no extension 7’ (84”) With 1’ extension 8’ (96”) With 3’ extension 10’ (120”) *96” OR *120” Use Drive out roll pin 1/8” dia. *84” *Rods are factory sized for 7' (84") door. Measure actual door opening height cut off drill thru piece as a templateand subtract that number from 84" to get amount to cut off top rod. INSTALL ROD EXTENSION 1. Measure door opening to determine amount to cut off rod extension. *Rods are factory sized for door heights shown above. Measure actual door opening height and subtract that number from 96" (for 1' extension) or 120" (for 3' extension) to get amount to cut off extension. 2. Cut rod extension. Drive out roll pin 3. Drill new hole. 1/8” dia. Use metal template drill thru supplied with extension (on both sides of rod) Actual door opening 4. Reinstall rod end and roll pin. height 5. Connect top rod and rod extension.Rod extension Top rod 7 OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - CONTINUED 1. Remove mortise cylinder cam and reinstall in reverse (Figure 1). 2. Insert (Figure key 2). and rotate cam to install the cylinder to the cover plate 3. Remove key to slide cover plate in position in the mechanism case. Std. mortise cylinder Mortise cylinder cam CD (CYLINDER DOGGING) CUT DEVICE 5/16” Std. mortise cylinder Offset toward pushbar Std. mortise cylinder Dogging plate cover Cylinder collar Mortise cylinder cam CD function conversion Cylinder Cylinder locating washer lock nut Figure 1 Mechanism case Dogging procedure Turn cylinder key clockwise approx. 1/8 turn for standard dogging Depress pushbar Figure 2 1 Measure amount to cut off device. 2 Tape and mark area being cut. Remove anti-rattle clip 1-1/2” minimum clearance (with endcap removed) Device aligned with mounting holes 3 Cut device square. 4 Slide anti-rattle clip into device. Cut device square and remove all burrs Anti-rattle clip inside Tape Cover plate Note (flush to pushbar) If 5/8” diameter wire access hole has been predrilled in door, cut Pushbar device 5/16” from center of hole. NOTE: Device must be cut square for proper end cap fit 2”min. 8







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