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PDF Content Summary: Body Fat Scale Instructions for use The scale is specially designed to test your body weight, body fat, hydration, muscle and bone percentages and to help you keep a close eye on the daily changes of your body fat, hydration, muscle, bone and weight. Based on the analysis of your height, weight, age, etc., it calculates your daily energy requirement, and can be used as a helpful tool to control your weight. Please read this instruction manual carefully before use. Tips / Recommandations A. The device is designed to allow auto step on. The first time you use the scale please ignore the initial reading as this may reflect the factory settings. The scale will be accurate as of the second use. B. For better results, always remove your shoes and socks. C. It is advisable to always take measurement at the same time of the day. D. Readings can be misleading after intensive exercise, excessive dieting or under extreme dehydration. E. Always weigh/use the scale on a hard and flat surface. F. For children under 10 or adults over 100, the scale can only be used in regular weighing mode. G. For adults over 70, body builders or people with extreme fitness levels, there may be deviations in the measured data. 1Features / Specifications 1. Size of LCD screen: 92 x 51 mm / 3.6 x 2 inches 2. Uses high precision strain gauge sensor: 0.2 lb / 100 g 3. Multifunction: test body fat %, body hydration %, body muscle %, body bone % and suggest daily calorie intake requirement 4. Daily calorie intake: the data reading indicates the energy you need to sustain the daily metabolism and ordinary activities required for your weight, height, age and sex. 5. Five activity levels 6. Built-in memory for 12 different users 7. Regular weighing mode. Auto step on weighing and consecutive add-on weighings 8. Low battery and overload indicators 9. Last immediate memory recall 10. Compare current result to the last record Warning The body analysis weighing mode, called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which is used by this scale, determines your body fat proportion by transferring a harmless signal all the way through your body. A. This scale provides body analysis measures for a majority of people, but people with the following condition should never use this scale under this weighing mode: • Pregnant women • Those with symptoms of edema • Those on dialysis treatment • Those who use heart pacemakers or other implanted medical devices These people should only use a scale under the regular weighing mode, which will indicate only your body weight. B. The fat and hydration percentages content evaluated by this body fat scale is only for reference (not for medical purpose). If your fat and hydration percentages content is over/below normal level, please consult your doctor for more advice. C. Keep away from strong electro-magnetic fields when using the scale. D. It could be slippery if you weigh on a wet surface. Moreover, the weighing platform surface is glazed, never step on the edge of the scale and do keep balance during your weighing. Performance index Item Weighing IndexCapacity Fat % Hydration % Muscle % Bone % Calorie Index Range Division 1KCAL 150 kg 330 lb 0.1 kg 0.2 lb 4.0% 60.0% 0.1% 27.5% 66.0% 0.1% 20.0% 56.0% 0.1% 2.0% 20.0% 0.1% 2 3 Press Press To install / Replace battery 1. Open battery case cover at the back of the scale. 2. Install new battery by putting one side of the battery beneath the battery holder and then pressing down the other side. Battery baffle Setting weight unitThis scale is available in kg or lb. You can set to the one you prefer by pressing the unit conversion button on the back of the scale (picture shown on the left). Press the unit conversion button when scale is powered off. LCD shows current weight unit. Press the button again to convert to another weight unit. After selecting the prefered unit, the scale kg will auto-off after 3 seconds. The selected Press weight unit will be activated the next time lb you turn on the scale. st:lb . When setting lb as weight unit, the default height unit is feet/inch. . When setting kg as weight unit, the default height unit is cm. LCD Display Key Illustration SET : Turn on the scale / Save parameters / Prompt to next parameter. (Please refer to the Setting personal parameter section) : Advance the value by one interval each press. Hold down button to advance more quickly. : Decrease the value by one interval each press. Hold down button to decrease more quickly. Regular Weighing Mode (indicates body weight only) 1. Auto step on weighing Height Unit Gender Weight Unit Age Activity levels User memory code Calorie Unit Fat status indication Fat % Bone % Hydratation % Muscle % Activity Levels Sedentary/very inactive: little or no exercise Moderate activity: Extremely active: always standing or walking athletes Install battery (please refer to Page 3) and place the scale on flat floor. Light activity: non-physical work Very active: manual or physical work Displays your weight. Once weight is stabilized digits will flash and lock in. 4 52. Consecutive add-on weighing After digits stabilize, additional loads can be added. Ensure each add-on load exceeds 2 kg (4.4 lb) to get a new reading. Example: If you want to get the weight of a baby, you can weigh yourself first, and then pick up the baby, without stepping off the scale. Then you will get the total weight reading. Subtracting the original reading from the new one will give you the baby’s weight. Body Analysis Weighing Mode (indicates body fat, hydration, muscle, bone and daily calorie intake) (1) Setting personal parameters The first time you turn on your scale, the default parameters are set as follows: Prenez dans descendre Hold without off the vos votre your scale bras stepping la bébé sans baby balance. Install battery (please refer to page 3) and place the scale on flat floor. Display total weight. 1 Gender Height Age Masculin 165 cm / 5’5’’ 25 2 Parameters can be set in the following range: Target weight 50 kg / 110 lb Memory Gender Height 100 - 250 cm 3’3’’ - 8’2’’ Age Target weight 1-12 Female Male 10 - 100 20 - 150 kg 44 - 330 lb Parameter 3 setting Example: the 3rd user, male, 175cm, 28 years old, can set his parameters as follow: Press to select your target weight. Press ON/SET Default parameters Press Power off to turn on. to select user code. Press ON/SET to confirm and prompt setting. to next Press ON/SET to to confirm next setting. and prompt Press to select gender. Press to select activity level. Press ON/SET Press to confirm and prompt to select height. to next setting. Press ON/SET to prompt confirm to next and setting. Press ON/SET Press to confirm and prompt to select age. to next setting. Press ON/SET Power off Scale shuts off automatically after 8 secondes. LCD screen shows “0.0” Personal parameters have been saved. . Note: . If automatically If while setting the parameters there are no entries saved and body fat measuring will start. body fat measuring starts before you had time to for period of 6 seconds, the parameters already set will be finish setting your parameters, press SET for 3 seconds to return to the setting mode. You will then be able to set you user code, gender, activity level, height, age and target weight again. 6 7(2) To start weighing It is really important to remove your shoes and socks before stepping on the scale especially when you are using the scale in body analysis weighing mode. Assure that your feet are well positioned on the metallic sensors, otherwise the scale will not be able to determine your body composition. Example: the 5th user, female, 166cm, 26 years old can measure as follow : Power Power off off Press ON/SET to switch on. Press to select user code or reset parameters. Show last user parameters or default of the parameters. Wait until the digits stabilize. Step onto weighing platform gently. Weight reading will flash once and then lock in. LCD screen shows “0.0” Your current weight. Display results. Prompt to body fat measuring mode. Results The reading will flash will re-appear two times at and next then use. save. Power off Scale automatically shuts off after 8 seconds. To recall test record Press to consult your last record. Displays the last record of the user. Press to page up or down. Power off Power off Press ON/SET Press to switch on. to select user code. Wait 6 seconds. 8 9 Warning IndicationsLow battery indication The battery power is running low, please replace with a new battery. Overload indication The weighing subject on the platform exceeds the maximum capability of the scale. Maximum weight capacity is 330 lb / 150 kg. Low Fat % Indication The fat percentage is below the outlined performance index and therefore cannot be measured. (see Performance Index section) Please consult a health care professional. High Fat % Indication The fat percentage is above the outlined performance index and therefore cannot be measured. (see Performance Index section) Please consult a health care professional. Re-test Error exists, please step off the scale and start over. Readings 1. Body Fat Percentage Body fat scale sends a small and completely harmless electrical current through your body. The electrical current passes more quickly through fat free tissue like muscle than it does through fat. The amount of resistance to the electrical current relates to how much fat-free mass a person has and their body density. 2. Understanding the readings Fat percentage is an index of fat content in human body The same goes for hydration, bone and muscle. The information provided by the scale is for reference only. Consult your health care professional for more detailed information. 3. Fat / Hydration Content Fitness Assessment Chart After weighing you can use the following Assessment Chart for reference: Female Male Age Fat Hydration Fat Hydration Status Indication Key Line 4.0-16.0% 66.0-57.8% 4.0-11.0% 66.0-61.2% lean Too 16.1-20.5% 57.7-54.7% 11.1-15.5% 61.1-58.1% Lean <30 20.6-25.0% 54.6-51.6% 15.6-20.0% 58.0-55.0% Nor- mal 25.1-30.5% 51.5-47.8% 20.1-24.5% 54.9-51.9% Fat 30.6-60.0% 47.7-27.5% 24.6-60.0% 51.8-27.5% Too fat 4.0-20.0% lean Too 20.1-25.0% Lean >30 25.1-30.0% Nor- mal 30.1-35.0% Fat 35.1-60.0% Too fat *** The above information is for detailed reference only. For more detailed information, consult your health care professional. BF: Fat % BW: Hydration % BM: Muscle % BONE: Bone % |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| 66.0-55.0% 4.0-15.0% |||| 54.9-51.6% 15.1-19.5% |||| |||| 51.5-48.1% 19.6-24.0% |||| |||| |||| 48.0-44.7% 24.1-28.5% |||| |||| |||| |||| 44.6-27.5% 28.6-60.0% |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| 66.0-58.4% 58.3-55.3% 55.2-52.3% 52.2-49.2% 49.1-27.5% 10 Advise for Use & Care 1. The glass platform will be slippery if it is wet. 2. Keep standing still during the course of weighing. 3. DO NOT strike, shock or drop the scale. 4. Treat the scale with care as it is a precise instrument. 5. Clean the scale with a damp cloth and avoid water getting inside the scale. DO NOT use chemical or abrasive cleaning agents. 6. Keep the scale in a cool place with dry air. 7. Always keep your scale in a horizontal position. 8. If the scale does not turn on, check whether battery is installed or battery power is low. Replace battery. 9. If there is an error message on the display or if the scale does not turn off, remove the battery for about 3 seconds, then install it again. If you cannot resolve the problem, please contact your dealer for consultation. 10. Not for commercial use.







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