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PDF Content Summary: (2) Beltpacks, (2) Headset Mics, Desktop USB Powered (2) Handheld Mics, Desktop USB Powered PDWM2122 - PDWM2125 Home & Office UHF Wireless Microphone System Wireless BT Streaming PA Public Address Mic System Please read this operation manual in detail in order to understand how to operate this product properly. This is a wireless microphone, which is suitable for the TV network K songs, singing, karaoke room, home entertainment and other occasions. Receiver Front Panel 1. MIC: Wired Microphone input 2. MIC/VOL: Wired Mic Volume Control 3. VOL. A: Wireless Mic A Volume Control 4. VOL. B: Wireless Mic B Volume Control 5. TREBLE knob 6. BASS knob 7. ECHO knob 8. MUSIC: Audio input music volume control 9. POWER: ON/OFF Switch 10. Wireless Mic A RF indicator 11. Wireless Mic A AF indicator 12. Wireless Mic B RF indicator 13. Wireless Mic B AF indicator 2 10 11 12 13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Receiver Back Panel 1. DC 5V Input: Can use power adaptor for power supply, can connect to power bank for power supply. (Could use it outdoor easily.) 2. R+L RCA input 3. 3.5mm audio input 4. L+R 6.3mm Output 5. 3.5mm audio output 6. R+L RCA output Handheld Transmitter Grill Frequency ON/OFF Switch Battery Compartment 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 Belt-PackTransmitter Grill ON/OFF MIC Input Frequency Display Battery Cover Headset Microphone Product features 1. Super noise reduction function, high signal-to-noise ratio. 2. Strong anti-interference ability, high e ciency noise suppression output. 3. The corresponding range of frequency is wide, ultra low distortion. 4. Perfect working condition indication and battery indicator. 5. Dual channel design with two microphone can be used at the same time without interference with each other. Use connection instructions 1. The receiver is placed near a computer or multimedia speakers, connected power supply with the power adaptor and USB cable, plug the one side of the provided audio cable into the mixed output port. The other end is connected to the computer microphone input(MIC IN) or multimedia audio input port. The receiver two antennas are pulled out and adjusted with the ground vertical, then turn on the receiver.When the power indicator light is bright, the system is in standby mode. (Notice: Receiver is better not to work at the dead angle position to ensure a good signal environment.) 2. Opentransmitter battery cover, properly put battery into the battery compart- ment, then close the battery compartment. (Please pay attention, do not install the battery oppositely.) 4 3. Turn transmitter power switch to ON, the frequency display will be bright. Then the RF indicator of thereceiver will be bright, which means the receiver has received the transmitter signal, then adjust the volume knob, there will be sound when speaking to the microphone. 4. If the battery shows low voltage, please replace with a new battery in time. 5. Receiver is designed with di erent output and input sockets. For di erent broadcasting, recording equipment and occasions to use. TV Connection 5 Computer Connection Smart Phone Connection 6 DVD Connection Wireless BT Streaming Connection 1.Turn on Wireless BT of audio sources devices (e.g.Smart phone). 2. Search the Wireless BT name of receiver, named “PYLE”. 3. Comple the pairing of audio sources devices (e.g.Smart phone) and receiver. 4. Play music from the source device. You will hear the music come out from the speaker. Adjusting suggestions 1. Wired microphone volume (MIC.VOL): 60% 2. Wireless microphone volume (VOL.A, VOL.B): 60% 3. BASS: 30% 4. TREBLE: 60% 5. ECHO: 60% 7 Features: • Desktop Wireless Microphone System • PA Public Address Mic Audio Control Receiver • Home Theater & O ce Karaoke-Style Vocals • UHF Narrow Band Audio Transmitter • Wireless BT Music Streaming Ability • Convenient Microphone Voice-Over • Talk-Over Ability via USB / Bluetooth Streaming Music with Microphones • Digital LCD Display with Mic Frequency • Dual Antennas for Extended Wireless Range • Powered via Included USB Power Cable • Simple Plug-and-Play Operation • Built-in Acoustic Pop Filter (for PDWM2125 model only) • Integrated Low Noise Circuitry • Ultra-Wide Frequency Response • Noise-Eliminating SMT Technology • Crisp Audio Clarity for Vocals & Singing • Connect & Stream Audio to External Devices • 1/4'' -inch (6.5mm) Wired Microphone Input • Rear Panel 1/4'' -inch (6.3mm) Unbalanced Mixed Output • Rear Panel Aux (3.5mm) Audio Input/Output Jacks • Rear Panel RCA (L/R) Audio Input/Output Jacks • Audio Configuration Echo / Treble / Bass / Music / Master Vol Adjustment • Independent Channel Volume Control • Power ON/OFF Switch • AF / RF Audio Signal LED Indicator Lights • Perfect for Professional Audio Stage & Studio Performances • Directly Connects to Home Theater Systems, Stereo Receivers, PA Speakers, Mixers • Used for Home Karaoke, Classroom, O ce & Business Applications Wireless BT Streaming Connectivity: • Simple & Hassle-Free Pairing • Instant Wireless Audio Streaming Ability • Play Music Directly from Your External Device • Works with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers • Wireless BT Network Name: ‘Pyle’ • Wireless BT Version: 4.1 • Wireless Range: Up to 32’+ ft. 8 PDWM2125 PDWM2122 What's in the Box: What's in the Box: • Microphone Receiver Base • Microphone Receiver Base • (2) Wireless Beltpack Transmitters • (2) Wireless Handheld Microphones Beltpack Transmitter Size (L x W x H): Handheld Mic Size (L x W x H): 2.5’’ x 0.8’’ x 4.1’’ -inches (Each) 10.1’’ x 2.0’’ x 2.0’’ -inches (Each) • (2) Headset Microphones • RCA-to-Aux (3.5mm) Cable, 4.6’ ft. • RCA-to-Aux (3.5mm) Cable, 4.6’ ft. • Aux (3.5mm) Audio Cable, 3.3’ ft. • Aux (3.5mm) Audio Cable, 3.3’ ft. • 1/4'' -inch (6.5mm) Audio Cable, 3.3’ ft. • 1/4'' -inch (6.5mm) Audio Cable, 3.3’ ft. • USB Charge Cable • USB Charge Cable • USB Wall Power Adapter • USB Wall Power Adapter Technical Specs: • Wireless Operation: UHF Band Transmitter • Microphone Element/Type: Dynamic • Pickup/Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional • Wireless Operating Range: Up to 165'+ ft. • Frequency Stability: <0.002% • Sensitivity: 2/MV • S/N Ratio: >95dB • Transmitted Power: 10mW • Dynamic Range: >95DB • Distortion: <1%, 1kHz Modulation • Frequency Response: 50Hz-18kHz (3±dB) • Construction Material: Metal Alloy Receiver Base, Engineered ABS Mics • Battery Operated Betlpack, Requires (2) x ‘AA’ Batteries, Not Included (Each) • Power Supply: 120/240V (USB Power, DC 5V) • Mic Receiver Base Size (L x W x H): 8.3’’ x 4.9’’ x 2.0’’ -inches This product can expose you to a chemical or group of checmicals, which may include ”Lead(Pb)” which is known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 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