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****** Page 1 ****** USER GUIDE k(bgan.com k(bgan corn 32″ QI-ID IPS FREESYNC FRAMELESS MONITOR (2560 x 1440) KAMN32QF7TB

****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY & WARNINGS Read all instructions before using the appliance and retain for reference. Unplug the monitor before cleaning it with a slightly damp, clean cloth. Wiping the screen once it has been turned off with a dry microfiber cloth is recommended. Do not use cleaning alcohol or ammonia-based liquids or other harsh cleaners. This monitor is designed with ventilation holes on the back of the casing. Do not cover or block them. Avoid placing the monitor near heaters, stoves, fireplaces or other sources of heat, as well as in rooms lacking in adequate ventilation. Do not insert any objects or spray any liquids into the vents. Do not position the monitor in unsafe locations. If the monitor falls, it may be damaged and may injure nearby people. Unplug the monitor if it is not going to be used for an extended period. Do not place heavy objects on the monitor, its power cord or any connected cables. Do not open the back panel of the monitor, as it contains a high-voltage current even when not plugged in.

****** Page 4 ****** OVERVIEW c A Monitor B Stand Connector C Stand Base D M4 x 10mm Screws (4x) M5 x 16mm Screws (lx) E Power Adapter F HDMI Cable G User Guide PS FREESYNC FRAMELESS MONITCR

****** Page 5 ****** ASSEMBLY Built-in stand 1 2 Lay the monitor on a cloth with the LCD panel facing down to prevent the LCD panel from being damaged. Install the bracket body on the stand base with screws. I Attach the stand base by pressing it on to the LCD panel.

****** Page 6 ****** Angle adjustment The viewing angle of the built-in stand can be adjusted forward 50 or backward 150 for a comfortable viewing experience. Note: The above illustrations are for reference only. Take care not to touch the screen area when adjusting the angle of the monitor.

****** Page 7 ****** VESA mount Before installing this monitor on a desk or wall mount, make sure to disconnect the stand. Consult a professional technician for wall mount installations. Kogan accepts no liability for installations not performed by a professional technician. To ensure sufficient ventilation, Install the monitor at least IOcm away from the wall and leave about 10cm of space at each side of the monitor. 2 a 4. 5 NOTE: Place a clean, dry and lint-free cloth on a flat, stable surface. Gently lay the monitor on the cloth with the LCD screen facing down. Identify the four wall mounting screw holes on the back of the monitor. Install the wall mounting bracket (not supplied) on the back of the monitor and attach the monitor to the wall according to the mounting bracket’s instructions. Make sure that all screws (not supplied) are tightened and secured properly. Ensure the wall mounting bracket and screws conform to VESA standards. For more information, refer to the user manual for the wall mounting bracket. Screw size:

****** Page 8 ****** CONNECTIVITY Turn off the PC and the monitor before connecting them. n Power Cable Connect the included power cable to the monitor power port, then connect the other end into a power outlet. Power Cable a USB You can connect a charging device to the USB port (output 5VDC/1A) on the monitor.

****** Page 9 ****** HDMI Connect an HDMI cable from your PC to the monitor. DisplayPort Connect a DisplayPort cable from your PC to the monitor. apceol.e OUTPUT a 3.5mm Audio Out Earphones or speakers can be connected to receive sound output from your monitor. Note that the sound output on your PC must be set to the monitor. Earphones (Not •nclvded)

****** Page 10 ****** OPERATION Setup 1. 2. 3. Connect your PC to the monitor using the included HDMI cable. HDMI Connector Connect the power cable to your monitor then connect the other end to your power source. It is recommended that you use a surge protector with adequate voltage if a wall outlet cannot be reached directly. Locate the power button on the monitor and press it to turn the monitor on. FreeSync The feature itself is on by default when setting 75Hz refresh rate. In order to use this feature, note you must have hardware with FreeSync capability, an HDMI cable and the latest graphic drivers. Connect to the monitor using an HDMI cable. After connecting, you may receive a prompt to enable the feature on your computer. If you do not receive the prompt, you may need to enable the function in your graphics card menu. See your graphics card manufacturer’ s documentation for instructions on how to turn on and/or enable FreeSync.

****** Page 11 ****** Controls You can easily control the functions of the monitor through the control buttons. Control button n E Exit Button: Press to exit. a M Menu Button: Press to display the OSD menu or enter sub-menus. AUp Button: Press to move up in the menus. Y Down Button: Press to move down in the menus. Power Button: Press to turn the monitor on/off. LED Indicator: Changes colors to indicate status. • The below table shows the monitor status indicated by the indicators. Light Blue Red No light Monitor Status Power on Standby mode / No signal Power off

****** Page 12 ****** OSD menu 1 2 a 4. Iltrput 00k”‘ To view the OSD menu, press the control button at the bottom right of the monitor. Use the buttons (E, V M, U) to configure options. To return to the previous menu to set other menu items, press E. Press E to exit the OSD menu. Main Menu Sub-Menu Input Source HDMI 1(2.0) Brightness Brightness/ Contrast Contrast Color Setting Picture Quality Setting DCR Gamma Picture Mode Color Temperature Saturation Low Blue Light Sharpness Overdrive Noise Reduction Options N/A 0-100 0-100 on, Off 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, Standard, Photo, Movie, Game Normal, Warm, cool, USER 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100 Off, High, Middle, Low Off, High, Middle, Low Description Select input Adjust display brightness Adjust display contrast Turn DCR function on/off Set gamma Set visual mode Adjust colour temperature Adjust display hue Adjust display saturation Set blue light filtering level Set display sharpness Set screen response time Reduce noise caused by signal source interference

****** Page 13 ****** Off, High, Low on, Off 0-100 Display Audio OSD Other Super Resolution Dynamic Luminous Control Backlight Aspect Ratio Mute Volume Language OSDH-Position OSD V-Position OSD Transparency OSD Timeout OSD Rotation FreeSync [Adaptive Sync] Reset Middle, Wide Screen, Auto on, Off 0-100 English,f6jf2tc , PyccKMM, Espafiol, Francais, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian 0-100 0-100 0-100 5-100 Normal, 90, 180 270 on, Off N/A When the resolution of the display screen is low, this function can be turned on to enhance the image resolution. Turn dynamic luminous control on/off Adjust Backlight Select on-screen aspect ratio Turn mute mode on/off Adjust audio volume Set OSD language Adjust the OSD’s horizontal position Adjust the OSD’s vertical position Adjust the OSD transparency value Set how long the OSD remains Set OSD rotation direction Turn FreeSync on/off Reset monitor configurations

****** Page 14 ****** SPECIFICATIONS Model Screen Size Aspect Ratio Backlight Brightness Panel Resolution Refresh Rate Response Time Viewing Angle Contrast Ratio VESA Mounting Colours AMD FreeSync Signal Input Power Audio Speakers Audio Out Accessories Adapter HDMI Cable Additional Functions Low Blue Light FreeSync Physical Dimensions Dimensions (w. Stand) Dimensions (w/o Stand) Net Weight Gross Weight KAMN32QF7TB 16:9 E-LED 250cd/m2 2560×1440 75Hz 5ms 21780(H) / 1780(V) 1200:1 IOO*100mm 1.07B YES DPI.2*1, HDM12.O*l DC 12V = 3A NO YES YES YES YES YES 713×182.lx495.7 mm 713×34.6×412.1 mm 6.0kg 7.8kg

****** Page 15 ****** NOTES

****** Page 16 ****** Need more information? We hope that this user guide has given you the assistance needed for a simple set-up. For the most up-to-date guide for your product, as well as any additional assistance you may require, head online to help.kogan.com k(bgan







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