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PDF Content Summary: Overview The NMX-PRS-N7142 Video Presentation Switcher incorporates low-latency networked AV distribution. The unit has six local video inputs and two independent video outputs (both of the outputs are mirrored). There are two models of the N7142. The NMX-PRS-N7142 is the base Presentation Switcher, with two available Networked AV slots that can be populated with Encoder and Decoder cards as required by the application. The NMX-PRS-N7142-23 is an identical Presentation Switcher, pre-populated with one N2312 Encoder card and one N2322 Decoder card. FIG. 1 N7142 VIDEO SWITCHER Installing the N7142 Video Switcher Follow the steps below for initial setup of the N7142. 1. Connect a monitor (that supports 1080p60) to one of the VIDEO OUTPUT connectors on the rear of the unit. 2. If networked AV cards are installed: • Connect the network cables from the cards to the built-in switch. • Connect the HDMI output on the installed Decoder to an N7142 HDMI input. • Connect the HDMI input on the installed Encoder to an N7142 HDMI output. NOTE: If the AV card is connected to one of the three PoE+ ports, it will be powered automatically once the network connection is established. If not, then connect the two-pin phoenix adapter from the 12VDC output connector of the N7142 to the 12VDC input connector on the card. CAUTION: Do not run wiring that is connected to a PoE PSE port outside of the building where the PSE resides. It is for intra-building use only. 3. Connect all other video sources, displays, etc. as necessary for your application. 4. Apply power to the N7142 unit using the power cable provided. 5. Once the unit completes the boot up process and the attached monitor displays the AMX logo, press the MENU button to access the On-Screen Display (OSD) setup menu. The Quick Setup page displays (see FIG. 2). 6. Use the corresponding arrow and ENTER keys (on the front panel) to assign the N7142 a Name. Use the VIDEO SELECT buttons to choose which video input (1-6) is displayed. The top row of buttons sends the video to VIDEO OUTPUT 1. The bottom row sends the video to VIDEO OUTPUT 2. Six video inputs: two Four video outputs: two HDMI mirrored pairs. VGA and four HDMI Channels 1A and 1B are a mirrored pair. Channels 2A and 2B are a mirrored pair. FIG. 2 SET A NAME FOR THE UNIT 7. Navigate to the Networking page (see FIG. 3). For both the N7142 and the Internal Switch, select AUTOIP (N7142 only), DHCP, or STATIC from the Network Mode drop-down menu and then configure the other network settings as appropriate. FIG. 3 CONFIGURE NETWORK SETTINGS Internal Switch Configuration Once the switch’s IP address has been configured, you can access all switch settings via your web browser. Enter the switch’s IP address into your browser window. When the login screen appears, enter admin as the username. Note: No password is required initially, but you should create one immediately for security purposes. Advanced Configuration For more advanced configuration options, enter the unit’s IP address into your web browser. When prompted, enter the default username and password (admin and password). The Switcher Configuration page displays (see FIG. 4). From here, you can view the status of N7142 Inputs and Outputs as well as make minor configuration adjustments. Click the Settings link at the top of this page to access more detailed configuration options (Settings, Audio, IR, etc.) and configure your unit. FIG. 4 SWITCHER CONFIGURATION SCREEN QUICK START GUIDE N7142 Video Presentation Switcher Front and Rear Panel Highlights Connector Description Front Panel PRESETS buttons Press and hold (30 seconds) to save the current system configuration, including the resolutions of the output ports and the video selection. This button lights up (flashes) when save is successful. Press (no hold) to recall a saved configuration. VIDEO SELECT buttons Choose which video input (1-6) is displayed. The top row of buttons sends the video to VIDEO OUTPUT 1. The bottom row sends the video to VIDEO OUTPUT 2. VIDEO INPUT/ OUTPUT LEDs On solid green when there is an active connection. MENU buttons Press MENU to access the quick setup menu options for basic configuration. The menu will display on the screen connected to a VIDEO OUTPUT. Use the corresponding arrow and ENTER buttons to navigate the quick setup menu and make selections. VOLUME control Controls the volume of the selected audio output sent through the amplifier. Rear Panel Networked AV Card Slots Dependent on model type. NMX-PRS-N7142: Slots can be populated with Encoder and Decoder cards as required by the application. NMX-PRS-N7142-23: Slots are pre-populated with one N2312 Encoder card and one N2322 Decoder card. AUDIO INPUTS/ OUTPUTS Extensive audio selections are supported including a built-in DSP and 60W stereo amplifier capable of operating in 4Ω/8Ω, 70V, or 100V modes. In addition to audio from the HDMI inputs, the unit has six independent balanced stereo inputs and two independent microphone inputs with phantom power. VIDEO INPUTS Four 4K60 HDMI inputs and two VGA inputs. These can be independently switched between the two independently scaled HDMI outputs using the VIDEO SELECT buttons on the front panel. VIDEO OUTPUTS Two 4K60 HDMI outputs, each with its own mirrored HDMI port. This allows the output to be sent to an Encoder card, a second display, or other video distribution equipment. 6-port Gbps Switch ports Six-port Gbps switch with PoE+ on three ports. Used for interconnection of AV cards and the main network. Last Revised: 5/2018 © 2018 Harman. All rights reserved. Modero, AMX, AV FOR AN IT WORLD, HARMAN, and their respective logos are registered trademarks of HARMAN. Oracle, Java and any other company or brand name referenced may be trademarks/registered trademarks of their respective companies. AMX does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. AMX also reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice at any time. The AMX Warranty and Return Policy and related documents can be viewed/downloaded at amx.com. 3000 RESEARCH DRIVE, RICHARDSON, TX 75082 AMX.com | 800.222.0193 | 469.624.8000 | +1.469.624.7400 | fax 469.624.7153 AMX (UK) LTD, AMX by HARMAN - Unit C, Auster Road, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4GD United Kingdom • +44 1904-343-100 • amx.com/eu/ 5086590 REV: C Product Specifications Models Available: NMX-PRS-N7142: Card slots are available for appropriate N-Series Encoder/Decoder cards to be installed (not included). NMX-PRS-N7142-23: Card slots are pre-populated with N2312 Encoder and N2322 Decoder cards. Power Requirements: Input: 2.4 Amp @ 120V AC Output: Supports up to three PoE+ network devices. Dimensions (HWD): 3.5” x 17.5” x 13” (8.9 x 44.5 x 33 cm) With mounting wings, width is 19”. Weight: 19.5 lbs (8.85 kg) Certifications: FCC/CE/ICES-003/UL Environmental: Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C) Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing) Installation Standalone or rack-mount (mounting ears included) NOTE: The video outputs only play audio from the selected HDMI input. The audio going to the video output is not selectable. Troubleshooting Guidelines Problem Possible Solution No video displayed • Verify proper monitor connection to one of the video on monitor. outputs. • Verify monitor supports the requested resolution. Video displays • Verify the video source is connected to an HDMI or gray or static local analog input. play image. • Verify input is selected to the output using the VIDEO SELECT buttons on the front of the N7142. Unit is not • Verify that the network cable is plugged into one of properly providing the three left-most ports (labeled POE+) of the PoE+. 6-port Gbps Switch. Installed card is not operating correctly. Please contact technical support at svsisupport@harman.com or 256.461.7143 (x9900) for assistance with any installation issues. • Verify proper network and video connections. • Refer to the Quick Start Guide for the installed Encoder/Decoder card (included in its shipment) for more information.







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