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Operating Manual for Digital Quick-Response Thermometer
GMH 1150
Working temperature:
Nominal temperature:
Power supply:
Battery service life:
Low battery warning:
**men**o*s of case:
-50 to +*****C
<1% ±1 digit from -20 to +550°C and 9*0 to 1150°C, <1,5% ±1 digit from 550 to 920°C.
For more detailed values please refer to att. correction table.
NiCr-Ni, acc. to ½ DIN 43710 for plug-in operation (not included in scope of supply!)
Special design sensors incl. the following probe:
2 teflon-isolated, helically winded thermoelement wires with a dia of 0,2mm each, length approx.
1m with miniature flat pl*g, free from thermo-voltage. Sensor suitable for surface and immersion
measurements. Response time in liquids 0,3sec. Measuring range: -65 to 300°C.
approx. 13 mm high, 3 1/2digit LCD
0 to 45°C, please avoid quick temperature changes, if possible, otherwise a temperature
adjustment time of approx. 15 minutes has to be taken into account.
0 to 80 % r.F. (not condensing)
9V-battery type IEC 6F22 (included) as well as additional d.c. connector (internal pin Ø 1.9mm)
for external 10-12V direct voltage supply. (suitable power supply: GNG10/3000)
approx. 700 operating hours
"BAT" displayed automatically in case of low battery
approx. 142 x 71 x 26 mm (H x W x D), Impact-resistant ABS plastic housing, Front side
IP65, integrated pop-up clip for table top or suspended use.
approx. 160g (cpl. device with battery)
The device corresponds to the essential protection ratings established in the Regulations of
the Council for the Approximation of Legislation for the member coutries regarding
Additional error: <1%
P*i**s to be observed during operation
1. Make sure to apply correct operating voltage as low or damaged battery will lead to measuring inaccuracies. If "BAT" is
shown in the display or are the measurements obviously wrong the battery has been used up and needs to be r**laced.
Please note: If the battery voltage falls even lower the volt*ge may not be sufficient for "BAT" to be displayed so that
there will be no "BAT" indication although the battery has been used up. We recommend to make it a rule
to always check the battery if the values indicated seem to be completely out of *****.
2. Make sure to maintain device properly and to operate it in accordance with the specification listed (do not throw, knock etc.).
3. Make sure that sensor and device are always subjected to the same temperature, i.e. try to avoid holding sensor plug in
your hand for a longer periode of time as well as subjecting device to an additional heat source as this may result in
4. Mains operation:
When using a power supply unit please note th*t operating voltage has to be 10 to 12 V DC. Do not apply overvoltage!!
Cheap 12V-power supply units often have excessive no-load voltage. We, therefore, recommend using regulated voltage
power supply units. *r*u****f**e operation is guaranteed by *ur power supply GNG10/3000.
Prior to connecting the plug power supply unit with the mains supply make sure that the operating voltage stated at the
power supply unit is identical to the mains voltage.
5. The length of the measuring sensor (GTF300) can be reduced as desired *o that it will be fully operational again after
sensor has been broken. To do so, please strip both wire ends for approx. 10mm and twist well. Measurements are not
possible as long as wire *n*s are exposed.
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