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PDF Content Summary: EUREKA FORBES Your friend for life Curoclean WITH DEEP CLEANING + ULTIMATE CLEANING SYSTEMS FROM EUREKA FORBE. WEK Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner CONOURA DSY CON lancunda. VOTES SELECTEC OVER ..... Reader's Digest TRUSTED BRAND mera brand 9001 & 14001 Cartfind F lies. 5 MILLIO SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ASIA India's most preferred brand ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY veurekaforh eu Marketed & Serviced by: EUREKA FORBES Your friend for life Nurturing" cross India ng health of Call 933986 over 10 million families acro SPOR 98 83333 TM Available exclusively through the trained Direct Sales Specialist of Eureka Forbes. To know more or for a personal demonstration, Call on 09339 88 3333 or visit us at or write to us at f B Forbes EUREKA FORBES LIMITED, B1/B2, 701, Marathon Innova, Marathon NextGen, Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013. India. Phone: +91 22 3044 9700, Fax: +91 22 3044 9701, Email: ERGO DESIGNED WITH WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY USER MANUAL INDEX WARRANTY, TERMS & CONDITIONS WARRANTY Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners are warranted against defects arising from faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months. Why Euroclean? 1. The customer will notify the Company in writing promptly of any defects noticed and give the Company or its authorized agent adequate opportunity to inspect, test and remedy them for which the customer will deposit the goods if so required by the Company, with the Company's Office/Service Centre along with original Invoice, in the city where they are sold. 2. Inspection and Test Report of the Company's Office/Service Centre will be final and binding under the Warranty for determining defects, repairs/alterations which are required or carried out for certifying working of the goods thereafter. 3. The Company or its authorized agent will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced under the Warranty. 4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in or implied by this. The Euroclean Advantage WARRANTY Welcome to the world of WD X2 Know your Euroclean WD X2 a) The Company's liability under this Warranty shall be limited to the first sale for the goods by the Company to the Customer and will not apply or extend to any secondary sale of any of these goods by the Customer. b) The Company's liability under terms of Warranty shall be limited only to defects in the goods which occur under the conditions of normal operation of the goods and their proper and prescribed use. This Warranty does not cover or extend to defects which are determined by the company or its authorized agents as occurring or resulting from or attributable to negligence, abuse, misuse, faulty care operation or maintenance or repairs, alterations to the goods or any part thereof by others or the use of the goods on electric supply for which they are not designed or suffer damage caused by lightning or any other electrical disturbance or interruption which may occur. The rectification/replacement of the motor shall be at the company's discretion. c) The Customer will have no claim against the Company, its employees and its authorized agents or franchisees under or pursuant to this Warranty in respect of death or injury to the Customer or any other person or loss or damage to any property caused by or due to equipment failure, breakdown or accident, fire or operation or utilization of the goods otherwise than in accordance with the User Guide or by or due to any other cause or circumstance beyond the control of the Company. d) The Company's liability under this Warranty shall in no event and under no circumstances exceed the price paid by the Customer to the Company for the goods stated in the invoice. How does Euroclean WD X2 work? WD X2 - New Age Accessories GENERAL Taking Care of Your Euroclean WD X2 For the purpose of this Warranty, the following expressions shall have the following meanings respectively: 1. 'The Goods' shall mean the goods described in the Order Form. 2. 'The Customer'shall mean the original purchaser of the mentioned goods from the Company. 3. The Company'shall mean the Company 'EUREKAFORBES LIMITED'. 'General Terms and Conditions' shall mean the Terms and Conditions agreed upon by the Customer and the Company which are printed on the Order. 5. "Invoice' shall mean the invoice issued by the Company to the Customer describing the goods and indicating, inter alia, the total purchase price thereof and the name of the Customer. 6. User Guide' shall mean the instructions for installation, use and maintenance contained in the leaflet, which is supplied by the Company. Technical Specifications POST-WARRANTY Warranty, Terms and Conditions 1. The Customer may be offered a yearly Service Contract based on the prevailing Company Rates and Terms. 2. In case the Customer does not wish to enter the Service Contract, he has the option of calling our Service Centre and having its Euroclean Vacuum Cleaner serviced on an actual basis, i.e. by paying for Labour Cost and Spares needed to attend to that Service/Complaint call at the prevailing Company rates. Such service will be rendered by the Company in towns/places where there are Service Centres. 3. The Company will provide free servicing of the goods brought to the Service Centre by the Customer, provided that all expenses of transporting the goods to and from the Service Centre shall be borne by the Customer directly. If during such servicing it is necessary for the Company to replace or repair defective components or parts, the Customer shall be required to pay for the same as per the Company's prevailing price list. 13 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS WHY EUROCLEAN? We, at Eureka Forbes, firmly believe that a quality life is the right of every individual. Which is why we endeavour to offer you only the best of health and technology with our diverse and innovative range of products – designed for your every need. Be it safe drinking water, pollution-free air, spotless surroundings or secure homes, we have invested in it all – for your well-being. Voltage Input Power (IEC) Suction Specifications 230 V AC,50Hz. 1400 W 2300 mm of Wc (22.55Kpa) 1400 Lpm 6.75 kg. 33 x35.5 x 49 cm 8 Itrs. Blower Coming to you from the pioneers and leaders in vacuum cleaners, water and air purification systems, Euroclean is designed to take care of your home cleaning needs. Unit Weight Dimensions (LXWXH) Dust Capacity • Trusted by over 5 million satisfied customers • Developed by a state-of-the-art R&D facility with high-end testing equipments Dry Cleaning Accessories Wet Cleaning Accessories Additional Accessories Floor cum carpet cleaner Aromiser Wet Squeegee Wet Small Squeegee Offers a wide range of products & accessories developed after extensive consumer research and usage Precision cleaner Spray Jar Extension Tubes Flexi-cleaner set All-surface cleaner Crevice nozzle • Highest selling vacuum cleaners in India, for over 34 years • Largest network of service technicians ensuring 100% service within a 5 km radius Grill cleaner Computer cleaner Thank you for choosing us as your partner in good health! THE EUROCLEAN ADVANTAGE TAKING CARE OF YOUR EUROCLEAN WD X2 ALLEGRO Allegro UVTM: This technology is scientifically proven; designed for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). It is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelengths (200 ~ 290 Nm) to kill or inactivate microorganisms, ensuring complete & uncompromised cleaning. (Available in Euroclean Health Pro Vacuum Cleaners) ACTIVE Active ShieldTM: The Active ShieldTM coating on Euroclean dust bags builds an impenetrable wall of anti-bacterial fighting agents and traps and deactivates the harmful minute microorganism inside the bag. This ensures 100% cleaning as well as 100% safety of the air expelled from the vacuum cleaner. Available in Euroclean Dynomite Vacuum Cleaners) 1. Please read the User Guide carefully before operating your Euroclean WD X2. Keep it properly for future reference. 2. Make sure the local power supply conforms to that on the rating label or instructions. 3. The product is meant for indoor use only. Do not expose to water as it may cause electric shocks. 4. Do not vacuum water (or any other liquid) in dry cleaning mode. This will damage the motor. 5. Do not vacuum inflammable, burning or explosive material like flammable liquids, cigarette ash or hot items. This may damage the product and can also cause a fire or an explosion due to sparks present inside the unit. 6. Do not vacuum toxic or hazardous material like asbestos, lead, pesticides or any other health endangering materials. 7. Do not use your Euroclean WD X2 without a motor protection filter. Clean the Dust Chamber when it becomes full. 13. If the power cord, switch or motor is damaged, have it replaced or repaired only by our qualified service technician. 14. Do not run over the power cord with your Euroclean WD X2. 15. Do not trap the cable in between a shut door or allow it to rub against sharp corners. Keep it away from hot surfaces. 16. Do not stuff or obstruct the air outlet or suction inlet for a long period of time while running the product, as this will damage the motor. 17. Before using the blower end, please ensure that the flexible hose, accessory and Fine Dust Filter are dust-free. 18. Do not operate the product on the blower end for more than 30 minutes without a break. The Suction end can be used up to 3 hours, based on external temperature, which would determine the thermal cut-off for protecting the motor. After 3 hours of operation, the product needs to be rested for at least 30 minutes before restart. CMI CMI PlusTM: This is a prominent feature of the powerful Euroclean motor that uses contact free magnetic induction technology. This state-of-the-art brushless induction technology enables frictionless movement of the rotor that results in more efficiency and lesser power consumption. Its low noise and enhanced protection combined with a long life is the hallmark of Euroclean. (Available in Euroclean Powerclean High Pressure Cleaners) 9. ERGO Ergonomics TM: Euroclean vacuum cleaners & cleaning machines are designed with care, keeping the best ergonomic principles in mind. They are created to achieve new standards of operation along with ease of handling. For example, the soft gripped conical-shaped hose handle comes loaded with a patented 360 degree technology which swivels both sides, ensuring convenient and efficient cleaning every time. If a blockage is found in any brush, hose or tubes, do not operate your Euroclean WD X2. Only operate it after the blockage has been cleared. 19. Do not disassemble the product. The machine does not have any user repairable parts. Call on an authorized service technician at our service centre nearest to you, for repairs. 10. Do not store or use your Euroclean WD X2 close to high temperature places. Operation at above 45°C ambient temperature can damage plastic parts. DEEP CLEANING + Deep Cleaning+TM: Euroclean efficiently cleans, disinfects and purifies your home from dirt, dust and dust mites. It cleans not only on the surface but also reaches every difficult deep nook and corner, thereby eliminating the fear of common dust-related allergies or recurrent illnesses. Optimised power suction, superior airflow and its ability to effectively remove the dangerous microscopic dust mites make the Euroclean a cleaning marvel. 11. Do not let children use your Euroclean WDX2. 12. Turn off your Euroclean WD X2 if you sense any abnormal noise, smell, smoke or any other breakage during the operations. Turn off the switch and unplug it. Then contact a service technician at our service centre nearest to you, for repairs. Do not open or attempt to repair it yourself, 20. During wet cleaning, if you wish to use detergent, always use a non-foaming detergent. Use of regular detergents may damage the motor. 21. For Warranty, Terms & Conditions and the list of Customer Response Centres, please refer to the Service Booklet. Regular Servicing The Euroclean WD X2 is designed to provide you with years of trouble-free performance. It performs best and lasts even longer if it is serviced regularly. WD X2 - NEW AGE ACCESSORIES WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WD X2 Spray Jar Fit the Spray Jar blower end and fill it with the liquid to be sprayed. Start the system and place your thumb on the hole atop the jar to commence spraying. Use the regulator in the front to control the cone of the spray (Turn clockwise for a narrower cone; anti-clockwise for a broader cone) Application areas: Watering of plants, pest control of your rooms, spray painting, etc. Use only on blower end. Aromiser Your Euroclean WD X2 is a combination of Hi-tech aesthetics and State-of-the art Swiss design. It is powered by innovative Deep Cleaning+ technology and smart ergonomics that ensure swift, hassle-free usage. It eliminates the toughest dirt and nastiest dust mites hidden within corners, beneath carpets, mattresses and those spaces where it is difficult to sweep otherwise. Its multi-purpose wet and dry cleaning function does a great job with wet spills as well as dry surfaces like floors, carpets and hard to-reach places. Its Zero bend design enables you to clean your home with all the more ease. The inbuilt Auto-clean feature enhances convenience by discarding the dust from the HEPA type Filter, at the touch of a button, while the Smart LED indicator helps you choose the best mode suited to your requirement. Along with this, it comes equipped with the special fine dust filter, which ensures that all the dust from the air is retained and the expelled air from the vacuum is absolutely clean. Also for a seamless cleaning experience, it comes loaded with on-board storage space for accessories, for quicker access. With such advantages of the Euroclean WD X2, everyday cleaning and dusting tasks will look like a piece of cake. The Aromiser can effectively fumigate your cupboards and freshen your home. Load it with naphthalene balls and connect it to the blower end. It will diffuse hot naphthalene vapour to keep out mildew, stale odours and destructive pests. You can also sprinkle a few drops of perfume on a cotton pad and insert it into the Aromiser. This will diffuse scented air through your home and even on your upholstery and clothes. Application areas: Cupboards, wardrobes and bedrooms. Use only on blower end. O AUTOCLEANT The Autoclean switch cleans the HEPA type filter by reversing the air flow and ensures a contact-free filter cleaning. This ultimate cleaning technological feature, through its state-of-the-art reverse air dynamics, not only ensures that the minutest dust particles/residue are thoroughly eradicated but also increases the longevity of the filter, thus ensuring systematic, scientific cleaning which may not be achievable through manual cleaning. KNOW YOUR EUROCLEAN WD X2 WD X2 - NEW AGE ACCESSORIES What makes Euroclean WD X2 the world's best Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner? Range of accessories An Array of different accessories that suit varied cleaning needs. Small Wet Squeegee Use the Small Wet Squeegee for instant clean up of any small wet-spills like tea or juice spillages. Its soft rubber ensures easy pick up. For sparkling clean surfaces you can sprinkle detergent and water over spillage and pass the Small Wet Squeegee over the area to be cleaned. Application Areas: Table tops, Glass tables, Sofas etc. Use on suction end during wet cleaning Smart LED indicators: Smart LED indicators that display variable cleaning modes. Flexi-Cleaner Set IH Intelligent Dustbag Full indicator: Intelligent dustbag indicator keeps a check on the dust bag storage. : Dynamic Dial Power Control: The dynamic dial power control helps you adjust the suction as per your cleaning requirement. Now you can reach above, along and below a host of otherwise inaccessible surfaces. Insert and twist the two sections of the Flexi-Cleaner together and then attach either the all-surface cleaner or the corner cleaner to it. Application areas: Cupboards, shelf-tops, corners of cabinets, pelmets, fans, tube light tops, underneath tables and sofa sets, walls and paneling, etc. Use only on suction end. Easy Click Mechanism: Easy and convenient click fitting mechanism makes the usage of attachments a breeze. Autoclean Switch: The patented X2 clean switch launders the HEPA type filter by reversing the airflow and ensuring a contact-free filter cleaning. 00000OO000. Computer Cleaner First, attach the Computer Cleaner to the precision cleaner. Its soft bristles help you remove every particle of dust from your computer keyboard or laptop. The computer cleaner can also be used to rid electronic gadgets and delicate circuitry offine dust. Application areas: Computer keyboards, laptops, stereo systems, speakers and other delicate electronic gadgets and circuitry. Swiss Design: Euroclean sports intricate engineering and a neat Swiss design that make this cleaning marvel an apt product, that complements your lifestyle. Auto cord winder: The auto cord winder mechanism ensures easy storage of the power cord and protects it from any external damage. Grill Cleaner With the Grill Cleaner, you can remove stubborn dust from between your grills easily. It an also be used to clean between the vents in your air-conditioner. Application areas: Grills, air-conditioner vents. Use only on suction end. On-board accessory storage facility: It allows you to simply store the necessary accessories on board and keep the product always ready to use. Special wheels for manoeuverability: Special wheels that help in unhindered movement of the unit so that you can walk around easily with it. Precision Cleaner With the Precision Cleaner, you can now blow out dust and dirt from your music system, television and other electronic gadgets and curios with utmost ease. You can also use the Precision Cleaner to blow balloons for the next party at home. Application Areas: Curios, music systems, television sets, electronic equipments and for blowing balloons. Use only blower end. Advanced 3-Stage Filtration: Special 3-stage filtration ensures that the expelled air is ultra-clean. WD X2 - NEW AGE ACCESSORIES HOW DOES EUROCLEAN WD X2 WORKP PREPARING FOR DRY CLEANING . Floor cum Carpet Cleaner Nylon bristles, specially coated with carbon, on the Floor cum Carpet Cleaner thoroughly clean your tiles, wooden, granite or marble floors. The floor cum carpet cleaner can clean carpets just as efficiently, too! Switching between floor to carpet and vice versa is also very convenient through a single touch, foot operatable pedal switch. It helps to pick up even the finest dirt from the surface of the carpet with ease and maintain its new look. Application Areas: All types of floors and tiled surfaces, carpets, rugs an dhurries. Use only on suction end. S *** # TAI * * Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Unlock the clamps of the Euroclean WD X2 (Step 1). Lift the motor assembly as shown (in Step 2) and fit the HEPA type filter and the special dust filter firmly in place (Step 3). Fit the unit back in place and lock the clamps (Step 4). Crevice Nozzle The Crevice Nozzle can be used to remove dust from behind cupboards, cabinets, wall corners and other inaccessible spaces. You can even use it to eliminate cobwebs as well as to dry-service your car! Your Euroclean WD X2 also has a detachable crevice nozzle built into the main unit for easy access and quick learning. Application Areas: Sofa corners, wall corners, inside book shelves, behind cupboards, cabinets, etc. PREPARING FOR WET CLEANING X | TT Wet Squeegee Use the Wet Squeegee to mop, clean-up spillages and even dry your bathroom floor. For a sparkling clean bathroom floor, sprinkle detergent and water over spillage and pass the wet squeegee over the area. Application Areas: Floors, window glasses, mirrors, table tops, etc. Use on suction end during wet cleaning Vrl Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Ensure that the HEPA type filter and special dust filter are removed before commencing wet cleaning operations. Unlock the clamps of the Euroclean WD X2. Lift the motor assembly as shown (in Step 1), unlock and pull out the HEPA type filter (Step 2) and remove the special dust filter (Step 3). Fit the rubber gasket, put back the motor assembly and lock the clamps (Step 4). All-Surface Cleaner The All-Surface Cleaner is designed to keep hard-to-clean things spotlessly clean. Its most unique feature being its wings which can be angled to take the shape of the object being cleaned! You can safely use its long, soft bristles to clean your expensive paintings, crystal and glassware. Also use the All-Surface Cleaner to remove dust from difficult-to-clean areas like grills, mattresses and curtains. Save on laundry bills by 'dry cleaning' all these yourself. Application Areas: Crystal and glassware, paintings, grills, mattresses, curtains and other hard-to-clean objects. Use only on suction end. HOW DOES EUROCLEAN WD X2 WORK? WD X2 - NEW AGE ACCESSORIES Connecting the hose: 7.5. The hose has a press mechanism to lock itself on the suction end. To attach it, press the lever on the hose and push it inside the suction end. Carry out the same process for attaching the hose to the blower end. (Refer to the image) Auto Clean Auto Cord Switch Winder Dynamic Dial Power Control Connecting it to your power supply: Power On-Off Switch Switching it on: Step 1: After connecting the power cord to the power supply the SMART LED indicator will signal a green light, which indicates that the unit is ready for use. لابدااله Step 2: Turn the power knob to the "ON" mode. Step 3: To adjust the suction/blower power as per the cleaning requirement use the dynamic dial power knob. The SMART LED display will indicate the current cleaning mode of the operation of WD X2. Dynamic Dial Power Control: Range of Accessories 1) Eco-Cleaning Mode: This mode has the lowest power consumption and is recommended while cleaning delicate items like paintings, TV, computers, artefacts and other fragile items. 2) Active Cleaning Mode: I Adjust the power to balanced cleaning mode for regular cleaning activities like small wet spills, cleaning of bookshelves, tabletops and regular sweeping activity. 3) Full Throttle Mode: 1 Experience extreme power of WD X2 by using this mode and get rid of stubborn dirt and stains. This mode is recommended for deep cleaning of sofas, beds, upholstery, soft toys, and activities like mopping, corner cleaning, ceiling cleaning, etc. Floor cum Carpet Cleaner | All-Surface Cleaner Extension Tubes Spray Jar Aromiser FR HO Wet Squeegee Flexi-Cleaner Computer Cleaner Crevice Nozzle Small Wet Squeego







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