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****** Page 1 ****** JPD-FRIOO Digital Infrared Thermometer Instruction Manual Sh:.TIZhe” CguiptllL”l. Cu. 5th NO-S4 , Zone. Oit•iz•:, .c.or•n EC REP eCCeesø64 PO 35 06/01 / EU 24, 06025 / EU o ooe Jumper ISO

****** Page 2 ****** l. NOTICES 02016-2019 by ELLEMKA s.år.l.TM. All Rights Reserved No part of the user’s manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed and stored in any form, by any means, without written authorization from Ellemka. And Ellemka will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the user of this product. Without prior notice, Ellemka reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software as described in this user’s manual at any time. Please check regularly for the pdf file format of this that can be downloaded easily from the website. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and comprehensive, we would appreciate your effort to inform Ellemka if any typo errors can be found in this manual. Please be sure to read thoroughly for your safety and be guided in using the unit. II. QUICKSTART GUIDE Follow these steps for a quick start with the JPD FRI 00 Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer 1. Unpack and check the packaging contents epage 4). 2. Install the batteries (r page 11). 3. Power on page 121 4. How to measure body temperature (e page 12). 5. How to measure milk temperature epage 12). 6. Reading measured and displayed date on screen page 13-16). 7. Power off *page 16). 01 JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 02

****** Page 3 ****** Ill. SYMBOL AND CONVENTION Refer to a specific page/section Warning, Precaution and Caution Note BF-type application part [refer to IEC 60601 -1:1995] European Authorised Representative/Authorized Representative European Conform ty (CE) ‘s a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA), The product system conforms to essential requirement of the Medical Oximeter Directive 93/42/EEC. Manufacturer Nan-contact Body Temperature Detection Milk Temperature Detection Degree Celcius Fareinheit Celcius Postal Address Headquarter Address Fax Contact Number Phone Number Email Address Website Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared IV. PACKAGING 1. Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Unit 2. 2pcs. battery(AAA) 3. User Manual Do not accept, if any of the specified items above are not completely enclosed inside the packaging box or if any sign of damage is visible, refer to Customer Service and Support section for specific details e page 20] EC REF t 11B 03 JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 04

****** Page 4 ****** VI. SAFETY NOTES A. Warning: 1. Do not use in the event of malfunction, turn off or remove the batteries immediately if you notice smoke or unusual smell coming from the unit to avoid burns. 2. Do not use the unit in the presence of inflammable gases. as this could result in explosion or fire. 3. Do not leave the unit where it will be exposed to extremely high temperature, failure to observe could result damage. skin burn or fire. Do not use worn-out batteries or different specifications for two batteries altogether. Otherwise. this may leak. hurt and cause injury. 5. Do not operate and use the unit when it is damp with overflow or water vapor condensation, failure to observe could result in injury or damage. 6. Do not assemble or disassemble the unit, providing technical support and maintenance internally could result injury or fault. In the event of malfunction, only an authorized technician or qualified service personnel is allowed to repair. 7. Keep the unit out of reach of children. If broken, any small parts could cause injury, damage, choke or death if swallowed inside the mouth. Consult a physician immediately if the child swallows any part of the unit. 8. Keep the battery out of reach of children, battery contains a poisonous chemical. If broken, this could cause death or illness if taken inside the mouth or body. 9. Keep the strap out of reach of children, playing or placing around the neck could strangulate or choke the infant or child. B. Precaution: 1. The device is not used for newborn baby. 2. The device is not continuous monitoring device. 3. JPD-FRIOO is not waterproof. Please do not douse it into the water or other liquids. Cleaning and disinfection procedure shall be in comply with the instructions specified in [cleaning and storage] 4. Do not spray, pour, spill any liquid on the unit and accessories, as this could result in damage. 5. Please do not use the product if the temperature sensor or the forehead thermometer shows any sign of damage. 6. JPD-FRIOO consists of precision parts with high quality. Please prevent the product from falling off. Protection shall be provided for no intense shock and vibration. Do not twist the forehead thermometer and the temperature sensor. 7. Do not directly expose your eyes to the light-emitting components of the unit, as this could cause harm to your eyes. 8. Electromagnetic interference: JPD-FRIOO contains sensitive electronic component and shall not use under the condition with electromagnetic interference, [such as the place nearby the mobile phones and microwaves) 9. Do not use the unit for purpose other than specified in this manual, failure to follow the guidelines could result in minor incidents. 10. Do not use worn, different types of batteries. Otherwise, it might leak, heat or break and cause injury. 11. Ask for medical care and advise if the measured value goes beyond the normal range. 12. Properly consult relevant medical literatures or professionals for details 05 JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared about clinical limitations and contraindications. JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 06

****** Page 5 ****** VI. CONTENTS Notices II. Quick Start Guide . Ill. Symbol and Conventions IV. Packaging V. Safety Notes A. Warning B. Precaution VI. Contents VII. Introduction VIII. Overview A. Features B. Get to Know . IX. Installation A. Battery Installation X. Operation Guide . A. Power On . B. How to Measure Body Temperature . C. How to measure Milk Temperature .. D. Operational method and instruction for displays . Xl. Technical Specifications XII. Product Handling XIII. Customer Service Support . 01 02 03 05 06 07 08 09 10 12 12 12 13-16 17-18 19 20 JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared VII. INTRODUCTION Jumper Medical JPD-FRI 00 digital infrared thermometer, is a contactless measuring device that gives stable measurement without the interference from ambient temperature. The infrared digital thermometer JPD-FRIOO can be used to measure the body temperature. which is suitable for people of all ages. It can be used to measure the temperature of milk as well. JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 08

****** Page 6 ****** VIII. OVERVIEW JPD FR-IOO Infrared Digital Thermometer measures the temperature of human body according to the principle of receiving infrared. When using, it only requires the sensor to align with the body (forehead) or milk liquid to be measured for its temperature. The product consists of ABS common plastics. TPR plastics, temperature sensor, Infrared temperature measuring element, microcomputer controlled circuit and LCD. A. Features • Multi-use (body or milk temperature detection) • 20 Readings Memory Recall • Providing two temperature modes: OF/ oc. – LCD display resolution(definition): 0.1. • LED Backlit • Fever Warning for Forehead Temperature Test • Non-contact detection (1-6cm) • Range of measurement: Body temperature:32.00C-å2.20C. Milk temperature:0.00C-100.00C. Measurement error: ± 0.30C. Repeatability:±0.20C. Measurement time:0.5s. Measurement distance:1cm-6cm. • Auto-shutdown time: 1 Os. 09 JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared B. Get to Know (1) Temperature sensor (21 Body (forehead) Temperature detection button (3) Milk Temperature detection button (41 LCD display (5) Battery compartment JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 10

****** Page 7 ****** IX. INSTALLATION A. Battery Installation 1. Open the battery compartment of the unit. Check and clear the battery compartment from any unwanted objects that may cause any harm to the user or may cause to explode or damage the unit. 2. Find and check 2 pieces of AAA batteries provided to use inside the packaging box, otherwise look for the specified batteries to use. 3. Properly insert the batteries into the battery compartment. Check the correct polarity and properly install each battery as indicated inside the battery compartment as (+) positive and negative. Otherwise. it might leak, heat and cause injury. 4. Close the battery compartment with the cover before using the unit. For short time use of the unit, please remove the batteries. 11 X. OPERATION GUIDE A. Power ON To power on, use to buttons: Body Temperature detection button I Page ) and Milk Temperature detection button ( Page l. Before using, check the power button of the unit if it is functioning and JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared batteries have enough power voltage to supply, B. How to Measure Body Temperature JPD-FRIO() measures the infrared energy emitted from forehead, which will focus through lens and convert to temperature value by thermopile and measuring circuit. It is recommended that you press Body Temperature Detection button &Page10 ) and scan the forehead from one side to another at a distance from lcm to 6cm, then release the button with the maximum value displayed. Fixed point measurement may result in error diagnosis. C. How to Measure Milk Temperature JPD-FRIOO measures the infrared energy emitted from feeding bottle, and it shall display the milk temperature by transition calculation and emission rate compensation. Please use the press Milk Temperature Detection button ( & for startup when measuring. JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared .1 12

****** Page 8 ****** D. Operational method and instruction for displays In order to get accurate readings/measurements: 1. Please make sure that there is no dirt in on the temperature sensor 2. Please make sure that there is no intense emotion and movement before measuring. There shall be no water on the forehead. 3. If JPD-FRIOO is transferred from one condition to another which has different ambient temperature, it is suggested to deposit for more than 30 minutes. 4. Do not hold JPD-FRIOO for long time as it is highly sensitive to heat. 5.JPD-FR100 has undergone clinical test, it is safe and accurate when using in accordance with operation manual. LCD DISPLAY OR LCD DISPLAY 13 INTRUCTION/METHOD Body Temperature mode a. Press the Body Temperature Detection Button e Page 101 b. Place the sensor at a distance of 1-6cm from the forehead. c, Hold down button upon measuring the body temperature. d. Then re ease the button when reading the measured value. Move over the forehead when measuring, the system will read sequent’ally and record the maximum. Milk Temperature Mode a. Press Milk Temperature Detection Button Page IOI- b. Place the sensor at a distance of I -6cm from the milk within seconds. c. Press Milk or Body Temperature & Page 10] Detection button under startup mode and enter measurement mode again. d. Release the button when reading the measured va lue. There shall be 7 short rapid ticks when the measured temperature exceed 37.500/99,50F, which is a warning {or patients that he/she may have a fever SOUND AND BACKLIT Body Temperature Mode a. When temperature value is between / 89 and / there shall be one long ring and green backlit for 3 second. b.When temperature value is between 37.60C / 99.60B to / 107.90K there shall be 7 short ticks and red backlit for 3 seconds Milk Temperature Mode a. When the temp. value is between onoc / 32.00F to 100.OOC / 21 2.00F, there shall be a long tick and green backlit for 3 seconds INTRUCTION/METHOD There shall be signal for relative mode under measurement preparedness. The o or signal shall twinkle. If the measurer presses button 2 or 3 &Page 10) again, the measurement mode is available. I Jhe measured value exceeds I OOOC / 21 2.00F under milk temperature mode. 2.The measured value exceeds 42.20C / 1 07.90B under body (forehead) temperature mode. 1. The measured value exceeds OOC/32.00F under milk temperature mode. 2, The measured value exceeds 320C/89,60F under body (forehead) temperature mode. JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared SOUND AND BACKLIT Three short tick and red backlit for 3 seconds. Three short tick and red backlit for 3 seconds. 14

****** Page 9 ****** LCD DISPLAY E 15 INTRUCTION/METHOD Inquiry for memory data. Stor•ing 20 groups of data Click button 3 (Page for 4-8 seconds and LCD displays ” with” M” signal twinkling. Click button 3 [Page again and the LCD displays the first data group with ‘*M” signal twinkling. Click button 3 [Page and it shall display the serial number for I second and then display the measured data, There are 20 groups of data, The memory is forehead data only. The LCD shall only display ” OC/OF and M signal with M Signal twinkling if there is no test data. Celsius / Fahrenheit ( oc / OF ) Conversion Press button 3 (Page for 8-12 seconds under shutdown state. and the temperature unit shifts automatically Press button 3 (Page within 5 seconds after release, and the temperature unit shifts again unless the release time exceeds 5 second. The measuring device will be in milk temperature mode, upon startup SOUND AND BACKLIT silence silence LCD DISPLAY Er I INTRUCTION/METHOD Error Message It shall display “Erl” when ambient temperature exceeds drop below 10.00C/50.OOF- It shall display “ErC” if there is EEPROM data reading error or the correcting process is not finished,PIease contact your supplier, There shall be low-voltage signal(no twinkling) when the battery voltage is replace the battery In any mode.if no operation for 10 seconds,it will power off automatically. SOUND AND BACKLIT Three short tick and red backlit for 3 seconds. Three short tick and red backlit for 3 seconds. silence Electromagnetic interference: JPD-FRIOO contains sensitive electronic component EJ and shall not use under the condition with electromagnetic interference, (such as the JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared place nearby the mobile phones and microwaves] JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 16

****** Page 10 ****** Xl. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT NAME PRODUCT MODEL PRODUCT VERSION AVAILABLE COLOR CERTIFICATIONS DISPLAY POWER SUPPLY AND CURRENT PRECISION LATENCY TIME OPERATIONAL CONDITIONS MEMORY CAPABILITY APPLICABLE REGULATIONS LAWS DIMENSIONS(cm) 17 Digital Infrared Thermometer JPD-FRIOO Version Pink.Blue FDA,CE Screen Type Temperature Unit Temperature Mode OLED Fahrenheit.CeIsius Milk. Body [forehead) Forehead temperature mode:32.OOC-4220C – 107.90B Milk temperature mode:O.OOC- mooc – 21200B LED backlit specifications Internal Power Type Current Auto Shutdown *0.20C /±O.40F 1 second 1 second Red: 21.2cd/m2 Green: >2.0cd/m2 2 x AAA Alkaline Battery 15tand- bY<2pA; 'working<O.5mA; IBuuer on <2mA; jankllght<1 5mA Memorize/Store 20 groups of measured temperature. ASTM 1965 GB/T 19146-2010 Length Width Height 20.574 cm 7.112 cm 14.986 cm JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared ABNORMAL STATE DISPLAY SOUND AND BACKLIT ACCURACY FOR CLINICAL TEST JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared LCD displays "L oc" if the measured temperature is below the minimum of measurement range. LCD displays "H oc" if the measured temperature is below the minimum of measurement range. LCD displays "Erl "if the temperature measurement circuit is abnormal (fault of SENSOR or the temperature measurement circuit), or the ambient temperature exceed 100C-400C(500F-1040F). There shall be "ErC" if the calibration process is not completed or EEPROM is abnorrnal. volume 250 db (the perpendicular distance from db Volume sensor to thermometer is 10cmJ Two kinds of red and green Forehead temperature mode: I. There shall be one long beep and green backlit for 3 seconds when the temperature is between 32.00C/89.60F to 37.60C/99.60F. 2. There shall be seven short beeps and red backlit for 3 seconds when the temperature is between 37.60C/99.60F to 42.20C/107.90F. Milk temperature mode: I. There shall be one long beep and green backlit for 3 seconds when the temperature is between 0.00C/32.00F to 100.00C/212.00F. The maximum allowable error for clinical test is specified in the formula below: SO.30C/O.60F [for 950/01 Among which: TI and T 2 represent temperature value for thermometer under test respectively, Tref represents the constant reference temperature 18 ****** Page 11 ****** XII. PRODUCT HANDLING A. Cleaning 1. Power off the unit and remove the batteries before cleaning. 2. Ensure that the unit is dirt and dust free before using. 3. Check the internal surface of the unit if it is free from any unwanted objects. II. Clean the outer surface of the unit using a piece of dry soft cloth with 75% medical alcohol. B. Maintenance 1. When the battery power indication flashes, it indicates running out of power supply. Turn off the unit and replace the AAA batteries with new ones (same type) at the same time. 2. Properly install, remove and store the batteries before and after normal use. 3. If the product is not used or operated, remove the batteries inside the battery compartment. 4. Properly dispose discarded unit, batteries or accessory in accordance with the environment protection ordinances and regulations. 5. Periodically check the unit for any damage may it be in outer and internal surface. 6. Avoid using the Digital Infrared Thermometer in an environment with inflammable gases or in an environment where the temperature or humidity is excessively high or low. C. Storage Relative Humi&ty – IO&kPa XIII. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT The device is under warranty for two years since the date of acquisition. Application for repairing should be presented during the warranty period. The damage caused by improper use is not under warranty scope. Batteries and packaging are not under warranty scope as well. A. Instructions for Amazon customers: For customers who purchased the product from our Amazon based Online Shop, please contact our after-sales service provider, namely Amazon Customer Support for any questions or problems you may have with the device. Amazon Customer Services will provide support and instructions on how to proceed. Please follow the instructions provided below: 1. Go to 2. Log into your Amazon customer account. 3. Scroll down to the "Let us help you" section on the right hand side of the Amazon UK homepage. II. Select the subject of interest. 5. Follow the instructions. B. Instructions for Ellemka Website customers: For customers who purchased the product from our website, please contact us directly or visit our website and search relevant solutions from our Support Page. tt 15 19 upward JUMPER MEOICAL .JPD Digital Infrared Please follow the instructions provided below: 1. Go to cal-J PD-FRI 00-infrared-digital-thermometer-user-manual.pdf 2. Find "Support Page" 3. Choose the specific category on what support are you searching for. II. Select among the displayed results. 5. Then download the necessary files you will be needing. 6. Otherwise, contact Ellemka Customer Services directly. CLLCYIC.•. r.i.'V PO SS 1–6101 / JUMPER MEDICAL .JPD Digital Infrared 20








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