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****** Page 1 ****** Elitech élitechE TEMP HUMI User 1&00 26.5 •c 67.5 Recorded:20000 Manual RCW-800WiFi Jiangsu Jingchuang Electronics Co.,Ltd.

****** Page 2 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ RCW-800Wifi User 1. Chapter I Product Introduction 1.1. Overview 1.2. Features and functions 2. Chapter II Technical parameters 3. Chapter Ill Instructions for Use 3.1. Operating guide Guide 3.1.1. 3.1.2. 3.1.3. 3.1.4. 3.1.5. Product appearance Button description Indicator instruction Interface instruction Connect WiFi 3.2. Guide for cloud platform 3.2.1. 3.2.2. 3.2.3. 3.2.4. 3.2.5. 3.2.6. Platform registration Log in the platform Add devices in the platform Device parameter setting in platform Create project in platform Browse project function 4. Chapter IV Notice 5. Chapter V Accessories .10 10 14 • • 14

****** Page 3 ****** Elitech@ RCW-800Wifi Chapter I Product Introduction 1.1 Overview Coldwatch safety monitor of temperature & humidity RCW-800WiFi is a high-tech product based on networking technology. It is widely used in foodstuffs, catering, logistics and industries that require HACCP system certification. It can transmit data by WiFi to our cold-chain cloud platform. Users can view, manage and monitor data online remotely by browser or smart phone APP. It also has functions of alarm reminder via the platform and buzzer. Coldwatch RCW-800WiFi has one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can provide real-time data uploading and platform alarm service even in case of cold storage power outage. 1.2 Features and functions The probe has high sensitivity and reacts quickly. Keep running for at least 6 hours after power supply is disconnected Set alarm threshold values and alarm reminder. The LED indicator will flash and buzzer will beep in case it is beyond the threshold values. Set uploading interval and control data records freely. Record 20000 points of data, with no data storage limit in server. Connect WiFi access point, collect data and upload real-time data to the cloud platform Export data flexibly in multiple formats via the cloud platform Chapter II Technical parameters • Power supply: 5V/1A(DC); ‘c – 80C Temperature measuring range: -40 • Temperature accuracy: ± 05 c (-20 c —40 c ); ± 1 C (others); Temperature resolution: 0.1 C Temperature sensor type: N T C; • Humidity measuring range: Humidity accuracy: ±5%RH; • Humidity resolution: 0.1%RH; Humidity sensor type: Honeywell’ Data uploading interval: 1 min to 24 hours; Off-line record capacity: 20,000 points; Alarm output: LED indicator, buzzer, platform reminder;

****** Page 4 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ Communication port: WiFi; RCW-800Wifi • Standby battery: 3.7 V 1100mAH lithium battery. Chapter Ill Instructions for Use 3.1 Operating guide 3.1.1 Product appearance: 1 CJitecW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 WiFi Battery level Display area Touch buttons Screen lock button Power indicator Alarm indicator Current time TEMP 18:00 265 •c 67.5 % Recorded:20ftJ0 RC’vv—ar.o.VItY 3.1.2 Button description 1) Touch buttons: : enter the menu and confirm what is selected. A V : shift up/down to select the desired item. The items can be displayed b) circularly. shift left/right to modify parameters. The parameters can be displayed c) circularly. d) ‘ exit the current interface and return to last interface. 2)Screen lock button: Press the screen lock button, the screen will light up or black out.

****** Page 5 ****** Elitech@ 3)On/Off button: Slide the toggle switch to turn on/off the device. 4)Reset button: RCW-800Wifi Press the button for 4 seconds, the WiFi access point resets to factory default and users can reconnect the WiFi. 3.1.3 Indicator instruction: 1)Power indicator: It is normally on (green) when external power supply is connected. It is off when powered by battery with no external power supply. 2)Alarm indicator: It is off in normal status. It turns red and flashes once every one second in case of over limit alarm. 3.1.4 interface instruction: I) Start-up picture: 11 elitech 2)Maininterface ac.•w TEMP HUMI 678 % Recorded;uxm On /Off: 1. Slide the On/Off button on the back of the device, and the device is on and displays start-up picture. Slide the button again to power off the device. 1.When switched on, it skip the start-up picture and enters the main interface automatically. 2.PressOto enter the main interface for parameter settings. 0

****** Page 6 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ 3)Parametersettingsinterface 2 JLC.GC Recora ætling a ractorg Reset tre 4)Set alarm parameters: 10 5)Data transmission: RCW-800Wifi 1.Press A and V to switch between menu items. 2. Press to enter the interface of the selected menu item. to return to the main interface. 3. Press 4.There is no response to press< or I.Temperature alarm range: -40 C 700; humidity alarm range: and to switch between parameter items. 2.Press 3. Press < and to modify the parameter value of the selected item. to save the parameter and return to parameter 4.Press settings interface. lilt includes two values, open and close. Default: open. 2.Date uploading interval: parameter range: IN60 min. Default: 1 min. Log in the cloud platform to set the uploading interval if it is beyond 60 min. The maximum value is 24 hour, If the uploading interval value is set longer than 60 min, the interface will display 60 when it is modified by pressing the button. A and V to switch between parameter items. 3. Press < and to modify the parameter value of the selected item. 2:) to save the parameter and return to parameter 5. Press settings interface. 6.There is no response to press ****** Page 7 ****** Glitech@ 6) Screen standby and language selection RCW-800Wifi 7) Reset to defaults A5äWifi 8)About the device MAC GUID Version AuF.23-78.F8.EO Vl.o-t 1.Select language:lt includes two values:Chinese and English. Default: English. 2.Screen standby: Three modes are available: I min, 5 min and off. 3.Press A and V to switch between parameter items. 4.Press and to modify the parameter value of the selected item. to save the parameter and return to parameter 5. Press settings interface. 6.There is no response to press includes two values: yes and no. 2. There is no response to press A ory < and to modify the parameter value of the 3. Press selected item, 4.When the value is set to "yes", press to pop up the interface "whether to reset to defaults". Press A, the device will restart and reset to defaults. Press to return to the interface of reset to defaults setting.When the value is set to "no", there is no response to press . Press to return to the interface of reset to defaults setting. 1.Press A and V to switch between parameter items. 2.There is no response to press or . 3.There is no response to press to return to parameter settings interface. 4.Press ****** Page 8 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ 3.1.5 Connect WiFi: RCW-800Wifi 1)When the device is used for the first time, a)Use one PC with a WLAN card to search the SSID of the device (the WiFi name of the device) and click to connect. Use the administrative web page for configuration. Default parameters are as follows: Parameter SSID IP address Subnet mask User name User name Default settings 800WlFlOOOOOO admin admin Remarks 00000X is the last five figures of the device ID. b)Open the browser and type in in the address bar and enter. Type in correct user name and password in the dialog box that pops up and enter the administrative page. SW c) Enter "mode setting" menu and modify the configuration as follows. Select "STA" and save. Sleet Mode Svstem Work Mode STA Setting AP Setting Other Setting Upgrade SW Restart Restore Seve ****** Page 9 ****** Elitech@ RCW-800Wifi d)Enter "STA setting" menu and click "search". Select the WLAN to be connected in the AP list, click "0K" and type in the password of the wireless router. System Work Mf'de:: STA setting AP setting Other Setting Account Upgrade SW Restart Restore System Wore. STA Setting AP Setong Other Setting Account 'Jpgraae SW Restart Restore f Sea') Obi"" 'P Subnet Vos': OKS Site current 0 0.0 0 sss•o O ss•o v.'u•imwa Route C '"O UHÅHA TCOOU Ark 62. e) Enter "restart" menu after setting all the parameters, click "0K" to wait for the restart. Rest•rt Device Work Mode STA Setting AP Setting Other Setti Account Uoqrede SW Restore 3.2 Guide for cloud platform 3.2.1 Platform registration Please visit: Step 1: Register account i' "ft•r naw • 8 ****** Page 10 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ Username : Password : Checkcode : Step 2: Submit information C onwa-ty Password Confrm Passwty•d 3.2.2 Step 3: Log in the platform Username : Password : Checkcode : RCW-800Wifi 0370 t. Voi.•nt adzin Login Register ****** Page 11 ****** Glitech@ 3.2.3 Add devices in the platform RCW-800Wifi Step 4: Add device ID in the platform (Device ID is labeled in the left side and can be viewed on "About the device" interface.) lil Maint*xe *'to Step 5: After adding devices,in the status column,it displays the status of "online activated", then click "Edit" to set the device parameters. 4. Device 3.2.4 Device parameter setting in platform Status Ocwø'tion t 'to it—mr Step 6: Set the time of the device and synchronize the time. 10 ****** Page 12 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ RCW-800Wifi Step 7: Set record interval—If the device keeps offline for a long time (for example, no credit in SIM card), it is suggested setting a long record interval in order to record data in a long term. Minute S etontf: Step 8: Set probe name lil Step 9: Set probe parameters 1. Set upper/lower limit of probes 2. Modify the deviation of temperature and humidity. This function is only available for administer. For common users, it is invisible. 3. Alarm delay time; unit is minute. 4. After finishing setting, check "Enable" and then click "SET" to finish probe settings. O*ViceGUlO type Majntüce Info : set tzne set record interval set probe GUID. Sensorl Type: UpwUmit: upper liftiit: u.' Set probe Lower •20.0 Lower IitYiit 10.0 correction 0.0 oeay : : ****** Page 13 ****** Elitech@ 3.2.5 Create project in platform Step 13: Create project Project Proiect Device User About Step 14: Edit project information RCW-800Wifi 1. Edit the name of project, the type of project, and storage volume (cold storage volume). 2, It displays all added devices in the column of "Select devices". Select certain device (such as medical cold storage shown in the following figure), and click "Add" button, then it will appear in the column of "selected devices". Click "Save" to finish project creating. In the figure below, it has created a medicine project, which uses medical cold storage device. Add Prpject Type : cold COE Remark : Select device Selected device sep«ted Add "11 •ec Retno,ve all Save ****** Page 14 ****** Coldwatch-Remote Temperature and Humidity Alarm Monitor Elitech@ 3.2.6 Browse project function RCW-800Wifi Step 15: Device overview—display device list in the format of squares. Monitor Project Devices Refresh in 5 minutesCI Map GUID: Device: Type. Creator: Status: Record Time: 55834099075669357920 RCW-uWifi RCW.8WWFi iot admin Online Active 12/29/2015 22.4•c 36.1%RH Step 16: Project information-display the basic project information and alarm list information. Monltor Base info Type: Creator Remark: Devices Cold kyt admin Ackiress: capablityt tinæ No. 1 Mount HuangstW1 12/29/2015 1549-.40 Step 17: Data record—display the recorded data and diagram of the device. Monitor ProJect Gu•a Deüe GCVO 10 Pee 1 Devices oft type Status of 1 items 13 ****** Page 15 ****** Glitech@ Chapter IV Notice RCW-800Wifi 1.0nly one PC with WLAN card can be used to connect the hotspot when setting WIFi hotspot. It is not allowed to use two or more PC to set. 2.1f the hotspot cannot be connected, please close the antivirus software. 3.Try to keep the site spacious to reduce barrier that may weaken the signal. Chapter V Accessories One RCW 800WiFi One temperature-humidity sensor One power adapter (5V/1A) One user manual 14 ****** Page 16 ****** Address: No. 1 HuangshanRd, Tongshan economic development zone, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China Tel: 0516-86306508 Fax: 4008875666-982200 Service hotline: 400-067-5966 URL: IS09001:2008 IS014001.•2004 OHSAS18001 ISO/TS16949:2009








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