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****** Page 1 ****** Installation Instruction Thank you for choosing eLEDing! Infroduction and Intellectual Property Rights Statement eLEDing@1 EE800W-SFBS series Solar Powered LED Smart Street/Parking Lot Lighting This product is designed to provide years of trouble-free services by using environment-friendly Solar-Hybfid-Lithium based energy technologies. Covered under US, European, China and other international patents granted and pending worldwide. All rights resewed. Must read the user manual before installation. As DIY must be with basic AC electric/electronic and building constluction related experience or/and consult with local expefienced electrical & electronics Installers/techmcians to assist your installation. Make sure you are aware of an take steps to comply with local construction, safety standard and regulations (or installation and apply of this product. During installation, please follow proper safety guidelines to prevent any possible accidents or injuries. Initial Activation or quick full function Testing: the purpose of this step is to ensure the light unit and control system as well as every component are all function and in nonnal working condition. 1. For EE810W-SFBS: press the ON/OFF button on the side of the to activate the lighting system with initial state setup (Fig. 1) 2. For EE815W& 820W-SFBS: remove the security screw, press the ON/OFF micro switch by using a pin (provided or most paper clip) to activate the lighting system with initial state setup. After activation, reinsert the security screw to protect the switch button (Fig.2) 3. Recommended Initiallv Activate the light and quick full (unction test: press the button/switch once, the light unit will turn on with lower brightness as initial state setup, then If following fast double-press the button, the light will flash three times, indicating the lighting system and motion detection mode are activated for walking test. During darkness condition, the light will start dimming if no motion being detected; once motion being detected, the light will automatically come up to maximum brightness for 30 seconds and back to dimming profile when motion disappear. If motion continues, the light will keep lighting with maximum brightness. For daytime testing, cover the solar panel by using large size cardboard to simulate nighttime condition. If the light function as described above, the light IS function normal and will provide all-night-long illumination with SMART lighting profile after next activated cycle complete. SMART lighting profile: under eLEDing’s software-based Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system, the ilmovative SMART lighting profile offers Dusk-to-Dawn lighting capability. It offers auto compensation during critical weather within different geographic locations. After activating motion detection mode and all functions work well, user can install the light in their desired area, the light will be automatically activated when the ambient light is lower than 10 LUX, and keep lighting with 80 ercent of maximum brightness for the first 3 hours for most tramc period timing window and then automatically be dimming with 20% of dll brightness as saving mode for most quiet night period time until when motion was being detected, the light WNI come up to maximum brightness. (Fig.4) Installation Guidelines l. Follow above standard setup procedure to activate the lighting system (Fig. I or 2) 2. Securely mount the unit on the light pole or wall, adjust the light head direction and angles based on your need (Fig.5, 6) 3. The light will automatically shut down and charge during daytime sunshine condition (Fig.6) 4. Suggested 10 ft)•, EE815W-SFBS (10 ft-13 ft)•, EE820W-SFBS (13 ft-17ft) 5. Diameter of Mounting Adaptor: 2″-7/16 (2.3″ to 2.44″) 6. Solar Panel Direction: The solar panel must be mounted in a non-obstmcted position where it will receive an average of at least 4 hours daily direct sunlight all year round. It should be mounted with a tilt of 150-500 degrees. For Northern hemisphere_jnstallations the solar panel canbe mounted facing to East-South-West with direct southerly facing position isl)est and visa-versa for Southern hemisphere Installation. As a option, AUX DC power sources can be use either for quickly charge light unit before installation, or/and for poor sunshine location or position with back-up power source or as a charging enhancement method Bdr models ofEE815W and EE820W . (Fig. 71 7. Solar Panel Maintenance: Use a soft wet cloth to periodically (at least once a one vear) clean the solar panel to avoi the reduction of energy output due to accumulated dust. Clean accumulated snow as soon as possible during the snowing season. Multiple Installation Ways External Solar Panel USB Adaptor 12-24V 2A Super Power Bank YouTube Video References: – EE810W-SFBS: – EE815/820W-SFBS: BsO EE Systems Group Inc. 12346 valley El Monte, CA 91732 USA DC 5521 Multiple Power Supply (Patented Technology) Phone Number: 1-877-579-3889 Fax Number: (626) 452-9194 / Rev: 11022016

****** Page 2 ****** Installation Instruction Specifications Industrial grade self-contained design and made (IP65) LED Number LED eMitter output (Max on peak) Illumination brightness (L.umen on peak) LED illumination color Included Energy Storage Packs: Li-Poly battery pack Intelligent power management (IPM) capable dimming selectable Solar Panel: Mono-crystaIIineTempered Glass L.ight Size (L x wx H) Unit Weight (lbs) Mounting tube adapter Package Weight (lbs) Package Size (L x W x H) Aux Solar Panel/DC Adapter Available Charging Time Installation Height Operation Tempe: – 40F to +1250F Complies with FCC Part 15 Class B and ICES- 003:2004 eLEDingOl EE800W-SFBS series Solar Powered LED Smart Street/Parking Lot Lighting EE810W-SFBS Yes 20pc 500+ 5000K 139 ah Yes 13 148 No 9-1 Ohrs 8ft-10ft Yes EE815W-SFBS EE820W-SFBS Yes 40pc 12W 5000K 264 ah Yes 15W 19 2-7/16 (2? to 244′) 29-7/16 (22″ to 244′) 2-7/16 (2? to 244″) 22 Yes 9-1 Ohrs IOft-13ft Yes Yes Yes Yes 60pc 18W 1800+ 5000K 396 ah Yes 26 30 W’x14″xr Yes 9-1 Ohrs 13ft-1&5ft Yes Yes Mounting Height Suggestions Diameter Mounting Height led street lighting mde 3Hrs Full Bright +PIR LED power PIR”on” 3 Time (HR) IPM Illumination Profile Diameter Lens D imensions 5 Mounting Height O o o O EE Systems Group Inc. o 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 o O Diameter Beam Pattern LED Luu•ueos CF.EE€ 12346 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91732 USA Phone Number: 1-877-579-3889 Fax Number: Mounting Height Lågbt ruteudty Distributiou -10S 10S 45 OSRAM (Patented Technology) (626) 452-9194 / Rev: 11022016








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