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****** Page 1 ****** Installation Instruction Thank you for choosing eLEDing! eLEDing@/ EE800W-SH series Solar Powered LED Smart Street/Parking Lot Lighting This product is designed to provide years of trouble-free services by using environment-friendly Solar-Hybrid-Lithium based energy technologies. US, European, China and intemational patents granted and pending worldwide. All rights reserved. Users must read this manual before installation, comply with local laws and regulations regarcfing construction & electric/electronic projects, follow proper safety guidelines to prevent any possible accidents and/or injuries. Consult experienced installer and electrical technicians for assistance. Initial Activation & quick test The purpose of this step is to ensure the light unit, control system, and eve component are all fully ftnctionaland in normal working condition. Firmly press the ON/OFF button on the side of the unit (Fi .1 , li fit will turn on with max brightness. Once it activated, the light is ready for installation. If installation is conducted in daytime tie light WI I automatically turn OFF after 10-minutes initial walk test period. Durmg nighttime, the light will provide all-night-long illumination with default settings (continue reading if you want to know more details about how to choose different lighting profiles, otherwise, follow the installation guidelines and start installation now). SMART lighting profile eLEDing’s software-based Intelligent Power Mana;ement 91PM) system offers auto power compensation during critical weather or at different 1B*ons to optimize the light s overal performance. This light provide two selectable innovative SMART lighting capability. Check Flg.2 and find the jumper on the electronic control board. Jumper 2 in open position gives MART I mode; •umper 2 in close position gives SMART 2 mode. Under harsh weather, if the IPM system detects low power reserve, the control system wi I automatically switch the light to AUTO mode. Under Auto Mode, the light will only turn on when it detects motion. Such arrangement ensure the light can still provide security lighting under low power condition. The light will automatically switch back to SMART mode once it get fully charged. SMART 1 (default): When nighttime comes, the light will activate and keep on maximum brightness for the first 3 hours (rush hours). After the rush hours, the light will Clm down to preset level for the rest of the night, and come up to max brightness when it detects motion (Fig.3). SMART 1 mode is highly recommended for areas with sufficient sunlight all year round, such as California, Texas, Florida, and countries/areas close to the equator. In these areas, the light can easily receive sufficient solar energy and get fully charged to support full brightness, high-power illummation for longer period. SMART 2: When nighttime comes, the light will activate and dim down to preset level as saving mode for the whole night, and come up to maximum brightness when it detects motion. SMART 2 mode is recommended for high-latitude areas where solar energy will reduce during winter time or wet/windy seasons. Lighting Profile Setup & Battery Change: open the bottom cover (Fig. 2) Battery change: unplug the old battery and replace it with the new battery. Noted that the battery plug only fit in one way. Adjust the settings by using the dial VRI and VR2: VRI : adiust dimming brightness (can be adjusted from 5-50% of max brightness, turn clockwise to increase brightness) VR2: acoust sensor range (can be adjusted from 10 – 50 ft, turn counterclockwise to decrease sensitivity range) Notes: increasing dimming brightness & sensitivity may reduce the length of illumination period during winter time SMART I is default & recommended. Close jumper 2 to switch to SMÄRT 2 mode. Use tweezers if necessary. Installation Guidelines l. Follow above standard setup procedure to activate the lighting system (Fig. 1 or 2) 2. Securely mount the unit on the light pole or wall, adjust the light head direction and angles based on your need (Fig.4) 3. The light will automatically shut down and charge during daytime sunshine condition (Fig. l) 4. Solar Panel: must be mounted in a non-obstructed position that allows at least 5-6 hours direct sunlight all year round. For most of the North America projects, adjust the tilt of the solar panel at 250-450 degrees based on your actual location. If you are close to equator’s location, a flat installation, which means the light head is parallel to the ground, will be enough. The solar panel can be pointed to east, west and south but definitely not to north. For northern hemisphere installations, a south-facing position is best and visa-versa for southern hemisphere installation. Optional AUX DC power sources can be used as back-up power source or charging enhancement device, to give the light a quick charge before installation or during low power due to critical weather (Fig. l). 5. Suggested Mounting Height (Fig. 5): EE810W-SHIO 8-12 ft)•, EE815W-SH15 (10-15 ft)•, EE820W-SH20 (13-19 ft) 6. Diameter of Mounting Adaptor: 2″-7/16 (2.3″ to 2.44″) refer (Fig. 6) 7. Solar Panel Maintenance: Use soft, wet cloth to clean the solar panel periodically (at least once a one year) to avoid energy output reduction resulted from accumulated dust. Clean accumulated snow ASAP during snowing season. ON/OFF AUX for: Extemal solar panel USB Adaptor 12-24V, 2A Power Bank Multiple Installation Ways > 5m Select lighting profile: unscrew & remove the cover, use jumper 2 Battery Connect Plug VR2: adjust sensor range EE Systems Group Inc. 12346 valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91732 USA Phone Number: 1-877-579-3889 VRI: Fax Number: adjust dimming brightness (Patented Technology) (626) 452-9194 wwu.eesgi.com /wuw.eleding.com/ Rev: 12112017

****** Page 2 ****** Installation Instruction Specificatious Self-contained design and made (IP65) CREE LED Number CREE LED eMitter output (Mas ou peak) Illumination brigbtuess (Lumen ou peak) CREE LED illumination color Storage Packs: Li-Poly Battery lutelligeut power mau agemeut (IPM) Dim Brightness (adjustable) Sensitivity Coverage (adjustable) Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline Tempered Glass Light Size (LxWsH) Unit Weight (lbs) ?ilouuting Tube Adapter IMounting Adaptor D iameter Package Weight (lbs) Package Size (L SW x H) Aux Solar Panel/DC Adapter Available Charging Time Operation Temp,: 40F to +1250F Complies FCC Class B ICES. 003:2004 Fig-6 Mounting Height & PIR Profile EESIOW-SHIO Yes 1000+ 5000K Yes 50-500+ hmaen 10-50 fr tow, 13 (2.3″-2.44″) 12-24VDC!s2A 9-10 Yes Yes EESISW-SHI$ Yes 2 pes 1500+ 5000K Yes 10-50 fr 19 Yes 16 22 eLEDing@I EE800W-SH series Solar Powered LED Smatt Street/Parking Lot Lighting EES20W-SH20 Yes 2 pcs 20W 2000+ 5000K 120w-1 Yes 100-1000 12-24VDC/s2A 9-10 hrs Yes Yes TO-SOR 22W, 26 Yes 2″-716 30 9-10 hrs Yes Yes Mounting Height 10′.15′ Height 13′ • 19′ 25t Model # Height Fig.7 Mounting Height & Diameter of Area Coverage (ft) EE810W-SHIO EE815W-SH15 EE820W-SH20 311 51 20 Mounting Heights (ft) Diameter of Area Coverage (ft) N/A N/A 60′ 55t 1-877-579-3889 651 601 551 801 551 131 101 EE Systems Group Inc. 12346 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91732 USA Phone Number: Fax Number. (Patented Technology) (626) 452-9194 Vaww.eesgi.com /eleding.com/ Rev: 12112017 Light lb,tenåty








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