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****** Page 1 ****** H/GHFREQUWCVPRA/VSDUCER Key Features: Pure titanium dome provides extended high frequency response Lightweight aluminum voice coil for maximum efficiency Unique convex-drive phase plug 1-3/8″ screw on connection Available in 8 and 16 ohms General Description: The Electro-Voice DH2T high frequency compression driver is capable of high acoustic output over a wide frequency range. Precise engineering, along with careful selection of materials and advanced driver architecture, has resulted in a driver that is ideally suited for the most demanding presentation of high quality music and communications program. Incorporating Electro-Voice’s exclusive Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD) through all design phases has produced drivers with unmatched accuracy while minimizing any acoustic resonances, or time domain ringing throughout the driver structure. Years of dedicated research and experience in the field have yielded a new high performance solution for use in both two and three-way systems, as well as demanding stand alone horn applications A unique, geometrically optimized 211 titanium diaphragm, consisting of a one piece dome and suspension structure, gives these drivers an ideal combination of superb high frequency response and resistance to fatigue. The DH2T provides smooth response from 800-20,000 Hz. DH2TUDH2T-16 2-lnch High Frequency Transducer Technical Specifications: Step Up To Electro•VoIceO DH2T-16 16 ohms 12 ohms 11 ohms Nominal Impedance: Minimum Impedance: DC Resistance: Frequency Response: Power Capacityl Recommended Crossover: Nominal Efficiency: Sound Pressure Lever : (1 Watt @ 1 Meter) Throat Diameter: Voice Coil Diameter: Voice Coil Wire: Diaphragm Construction: Electrical Connection: Polarity: Flux Density: Net Weight (each): Shipping Weight: DH2T-8 8 ohms 6 ohms @ 7 kHz 4.5 ohms 800-20,000 Hz 40 Watts, 80 Watts Cont. Prog. 800 Hz or Higher 25% 114 dB, HP420 Horn 112 dB, HP640 Horn 110 dB, HP940 Horn 1 ” (25mm) 2″ (50 mm) Pure Aluminum Wire 0.03 mm Pure Titanium Dome and Surround One 0.2″ (+ Terminal) and one 0.25″ (- Terminal) Fast-on Connectors Positive Voltage to Positive Terminal Produces a Positive Acoustic Pressure 1.6 Tesla 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) 6.5 lbs (3.0 kg) t Pmvercapacity AESstandard. noiæ, a 6 dBryestfactor, 2 hoots. 2Sound Pressure measured m axis in tie far field with 1 Watt input of band-lirnitedFinknoise frcyn 5CX) -50 Hz and calculated to 1 Metereqtivam by invase square law. ÉØElectro•Voice

****** Page 2 ****** General Description (Cont’): Pure aluminum rectangular voice coil wire is used to obtain the highest sensitivity. Proprietary bonding and winding technologies assure unsurpassed reliability and performance of all DH2T diaphragm assemblies. Electro-Voice’s commitment to precision compression driver manufacturing and modern design techniques assure the DH2T user the highest level of audio and engineering excellence. Dimension Drawings: Frequency Response (On a Tube): 160 150 -i140 130 120 20 100 316 100 10 3.16 10000 20000 1000 Frequency (Hz) Note: Frequency response and impedance of the DH2T-16 driver attatched to a 25mm (1.0″) diameter plane wave tube, using one watt input (4 Vrms). Frequency Response (On an HP64M Horn): O O O o O ø5,1″ Accessories: O o o 0 o O O o o Top View Øl.o” EXIT ld” _ 18 THREAD, i” Side View 120 110 90 80 20 100 316 100 o 8 40 3.16 10000 20000 1000 Frequency (Hz) LONG Note: Frequency response and impedance of the DH2T-16 driver attached to an HP64M Horn, measured on axis in the far field using one watt input (4 Vrms). SPL calculated to I meter equivalent by inverse square law. Dimension Drawings (Cont’): Bottom View 588-587 588-2855 EXIT 5.1″ 2.0″ EXIT 5.1″ • ADH-3 Adapter (For 1.38″ Exit) (must be purchased separately) • ADH-5 Adapter (For 2.0′ Exit) (must be purchased separately) ON A Ø3.5″ BOLT CIRCLE Side View (Shown with Optional ADH-3 Adapter) øo.27″ x 4 ON A ø4.0″ BOLT CIRCLE Side View (Shown with Optional ADH-5 Adapter) DH2T-8 Part Number: 834-PA-2680 DH2T-16 Part Number: 834-PA-3391 12000 Portland Avenue South, Burnsville, Phone: 952/884-4051 , Fax: 952/884-0043 O Telex Communications, Inc. 2/2002 Part Number 38110-094 Rev. A MN 55337 U.S.A. and Canada only. For customer orders, contact Customer Service at: 800/392-3497 Fax: 800/955-6831 Europe, Africa, and Middle East only. For customer orders, contact Customer Service at: +49 9421-7060 Fax: +49 9421-706 265 Other International locations. For customer orders, contact Customer Service at: +1 952 884-4051 Fax: + 1 952 887-9212 For warranty repair or service information, contact the Service Repair department at: 800/685-2606 For technical assistance, contact Technical Support at: 866/78AUDIO Specifications subject to change without notice.








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