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****** Page 1 ****** Transducers Quality Designed Sound Systems 22907t WelDH1012 cm GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Frequency Response 400-10,000 Hz (Essentially flat, 400-2500 Hz, with 6 dB per octave rolloff to 6 kHz. 12 dB per octave rolloff to 10 kHz, rapid rolloff beyond. Nominal Impedance S ohms Minimum Impedance 6.3 ohms (on HR series horns, above 300 Hz) Nominal DC Resistance 4.5 ohms Nominal Efficiency 25% (band-limited pink noise input, 400-2000 Hz, assuming 8 ohm driver impedance) Maximum Long-Term Acoustic Power Output (24 Hours) 10 watts (17.9 volts RMS applied to nominal 8 Ohm load, pink noise signal with 10 dB crest factor band-limited to 400-2000 Hz, HR series horns) Recommended Minimum Crossover Frequency 400 Hz Short-Term Power Capacity (5 Seconds) 200 watts above 1500 Hz 100 watts above 800 Hz 60 watts above 400 H2 – (40. 28.3, and 21.9 volts RMS. respectively. applied to notn inal 3 ohm impedance, sine wave signal. power not to exceed 40 watts when O o O o O 4 averaged over any 20 second period, HR series horns) Long-Term Average Power Capacity (24 Hours) 40 watts (17.9 volts RMS applied to nominal 8 ohm impedance, pink noise signal with 10 dB crest factor band-limited to 400-15.000 Hz, HR series horns) Sound Pressure Level at 10 Feet, 1 Watt Input 106 dB, HR4020 horn 104 dB, HR6040 horn 102 dB, HR9040 horn (2.28 volts RMS oi pink noise band-limited to BCO-2500 Hz, free-field; distance measured from horn mouth) Voice Coil Diameter 762 cm (3 in) Voice Coil Construction Flat, edge-wound aluminum wire on an aluminum form Diaphragm Construction Aluminum dome with poivamide surround Magnet Material Ceramic (Indox V) Horn Throat Diameter 3.3 cm (1.3 in.) Horn Mounting Method Bolt-on (4 equally spaced holes on a 3.5 in. diameter circle, 1/4″ 20 threads, bolts supplied with HR series horns) Ilioll-ffeuuency Driver Size 22.9 cm (9 in.) overall diameter, 7.6 cm (3 in.) overall deep Net Weight 7.25 kg (16 lbs) Shipping Weight 7.9 kg (17 lbs. 7 oz) DESCRIPTION The Electro-Voice DH 1012 is a high- performance high-frecuency driver capable of unprecedently high acoustic power output over a wide frequency range. This performance results from a combination of high conversion efficiency and high power handling capacity. attained through design which includes: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A drawn aluminum diaphragm with high stiffness-to-weight ratio for extended response. A polyamide diaphragm surround for large excursions without fracture. A voice coil of flat, edge-wound aluminum wire for high BL product. A very large, efficient magnetic structure for high flux density. An aluminum voice-coil form for rapid heat transfer. Glass-filled Lexan phasing plug capable of in-phase transfer ot diaphragnj energy to nearly 20 kHz.

****** Page 2 ****** DRIVER INSTALLATION The DH 1012 is designed for use with the Electro-Voice HR series horns. The DH 1012 is mounted to these horns with four bolts. Appropriate bolts and washers are packed with each HR horn. HR SERIES HORNS The HR series horns are light-weight, modified radial designs that provide extremely uniform beamwidth and directivity over a wide frequency range (400 Hz to 16 kHz). Detailed informa tion is presented on separate data sheets. a Gulton ELECTRO-VOICE, Inc., COMPANY MANUFACTURING PLANTS AT BUCHANAN, MICH. NEWPORT. rENN. • SEVIERVILLE. TENN. GANANOQUEV ONT. LITHO iN U.S.A. WARRANTY (Limited) For shipping address and instructions on Electro-Voice Professional Sound Fe- return of Electro-Voice products for inforcement Loudspeakers and Accessories are guaranteed for five years repair and locations of au thorized from date of original purchase against service agencies, please write: Service malfunction due to defects in workman- Department, Electro-Voice, Inc.. 600 ship and materials. If such malfunction Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107 occurs, unit will be repaired or replaced (at our option) without charge for materials or labor if delivered prepaid to Electro-Voice also maintains complete the proper Electro-Voice service facil ity. facilities for nan-warranty service. unit will be returned prepaid. Warranty does not cover finish or appearance Service and repair address for this items or malfunction due to abuse or product: Electro-Voice. Inc., 600 Cecil operation at other than specified St., Buchanan, Michigan 49107. conditions. Repair by other than Electro-Voice or its authorized service Specifications subject to change agencies will void this guarantee. without notice. Part Number 535639—636 600 CECIL ST., BUCHANAN, MICH. 49107








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