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****** Page 1 ****** USER MANUAL 4 BURNER GAS HOB (O) IQGH604B IQGH603S IQGH604W BLACK GLASS STAINLESS STEEL WHITE GLASS Read these instructions carefully and keep them safe for future reference.


****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Whilst this product is compliant with all safety requirements, incorrect or inappropriate use can lead to both personal injury and potential damage to property. Please read the contents of this instruction booklet thoroughly before fitting or using this appliance. Make sure you keep the manual safe for future reference. NOTE: Pictures and contents in this manual may differ from the product due to continuous product improvements. GENERAL PRECAUTIONS WARNING: If hardwiring, before touching the connection terminals, all supply circuits should be disconnected. WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts will become hot during use. WARNING: Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in fire. NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover the flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket. WARNING: Risk of fire; do not store food or flammable materials on the cooking surface. WARNING: If the surface is cracked or damaged unplug the device to avoid the possibility of electric shock. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. This appliance is not connected to a combustion product discharge system. This appliance shall be connected and installed as per the applicable installation legislation. Consider the requirements related to ventilation. Using a gas hob will release humidity and combustion products into the room where it resides. While the appliance is in use, ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated and retain the natural ventilation holes or install a mechanical ventilation system. (cooker hood above the oven) Sustained usage of the appliance may require additional ventilation. For example, opening a window or if available, increasing the ventilation level of a mechanical ventilation system. Children less than 8 years of age must be kept away unless continuously supervised. This appliance should be installed as per regulations and in a well-ventilated location only. Read the instructions before installing or operating the appliance. This appliance must be connected and installed as per the applicable installation legislation by a qualified and certified engineer. The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system. 3

****** Page 4 ****** Your appliance is produced in accordance with all applicable local and international standards and regulations. Maintenance and repair work must only be made by authorised service technicians. Installation and repair work that is carried out by unauthorised technicians may endanger you. It is dangerous to alter or modify the specification of this appliance in any way. CAUTION: This appliance is designed for cooking food and is intended for indoor domestic household use only and should not be used for any other purpose or in any other application, such as for non-domestic use or in a commercial environment or for heating a room. Prior to installation, ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure or electricity voltage and frequency) and the requirements of the appliance are compatible. The requirements for this appliance are stated on the label. These instructions are applicable for countries of which symbols are indicated on the appliance. If the country symbol is not available on the appliance, in order to adapt the appliance to the conditions of such country, the technical instructions should be read. INSTALLATION WARNINGS Do not operate this appliance before it is fully installed. The appliance must be installed by an authorised technician and put into use. The producer is not responsible for any damage that might be caused by defective placement and installation by unauthorised people. When you unpack the appliance, make sure that it has not been damaged during transportation. In case of any defect; do not use the appliance and contact the retailer immediately. As the materials used for packaging (nylon, staples, Styrofoam…etc) may cause harmful effects to children and animals, they should be collected and removed immediately. Protect your appliance against atmospheric effects. Do not expose it to effects such as sun, rain, snow etc. The surrounding materials of the appliance (cabinet) must be able to withstand a temperature of min 1000C. Ensure that the supply cord is not wedged during the installation. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to prevent a hazard. Installation by a qualified technician is mandatory. Your hob is adjusted in compliance with 220-240V AC,50/60Hz. electric supply, and must not be connected if your supply differs from this. 4

****** Page 5 ****** Electrical connection for the ignition system for the hob should only be made to connections with an earth system installed in compliance with local regulations. If there are no connections with an earth system in place where the hob will be installed, these must be installed by a qualified electrician. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused due to the appliance not been correctly earthed. Electrical cable should not touch the hot parts of the appliance. The hob should be used in a well-ventilated place and should be installed on a flat level surface. Before placing the appliance check the local conditions (gas type and gas pressure) and ensure that the settings of the appliance are appropriate DURING USAGE Do not put flammable or combustible materials, in or near the appliance when it is operating. Operate your hob in a dry atmosphere. Do not operate the ignition system for more than 15 seconds. If the burner does not ignite at the end of 15 seconds stop the operation of the system and wait for at least 1 minute before igniting the burner. Do not leave the hob while cooking with solid or liquid oils. They may catch fire on condition of extreme heating. Never pour water on to flames that are caused by oil. Cover the saucepan or frying pan with its lid in order to choke the flame that has occurred in this case and turn the appliance off. Always position pans over the centre of the burner, and turn the handles to a safe position so they cannot be knocked accidentally. If you are not using the appliance for a long time, turn it off and disconnect the electrical power. Make sure the appliance controls are in the “O” (stop) position when it is not is use. Do not put heavy things or flammable or ignitable goods (nylon, plastic bag, paper, cloth…etc) on top of the hob. This includes cookware with plastic accessories (e.g. handles). CAUTION: The use of a gas cooking appliance results in the production of heat, moisture and products of combustion in the room in which it is installed. Ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated especiallywhen the appliance is in use, keep natural ventilation holes open or install a mechanical ventilation device (mechanical extractor hood). Prolonged intensive use of the appliance may call for additional ventilation, for example opening of a window, or more effective ventilation, such as increasing the level of mechanical ventilation where present. 5

****** Page 6 ****** UNPACKING THE HOB Please take great care when unpacking; a sharp blade should not be used to unpack the appliance, as it may damage the components inside. Components damaged or marked due to careless unpacking are not covered under the guarantee. PARTS LIST Bracket Screws LPG CONVERSION KIT (INCLUDED) Gas-pipe bend 6 Sponge Washer Manual Injector (4)

****** Page 7 ****** POSITION OF THE HOB NOTE: This appliance is to be built into a kitchen unit or 600mm worktop, providing the following minimum distances are allowed. CLEARANCES REQUIRED WHEN FITTING THE HOB WITH A COOKER HOOD ABOVE 600mm 700mm 400mm 400mm 25 mm (MIN.) The edges of the hob must be a minimum distance of 60mm from a side or rear wall. 700mm between the highest point of the hob surface (including the burners) and the underside of the horizontal surface directly above it. 400mm between the hob surface and any unit above, provided that the underside of the horizontal surface is in line with the outer edge of the hob. If the underside of the horizontal surface is closer than 400mm to the highest point of the hob, it must be at least 50mm away from its outer edges. 50mm clearance around the appliance and between the hob surface and any combustible materials. 45 mm You must have a gap of at least 25mm and at most 75mm between the bottom of the appliance and any surface below it. 7

****** Page 8 ****** INSTALLING THE HOB Remove the pan supports, the burner lid and flame spreader. Carefully turn the appliance upside down and place it on a cushioned area to avoid damage. Take care that the ignition devices and flame supervision devices are not damaged in this operation. • Apply the sponge provided around the edge of the appliance. Do not leave a gap in the sealing agent. NOTE: The thickness of the sponge is 3mm and the width is 10mm. IMPORTANT: Do not use a silicon sealant to seal the appliance against the aperture. This will make it difficult to remove the appliance in the future if maintenance is needed. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION This appliance must be earthed. This appliance is designed to be connected to a 220-240V, 50/60Hz AC electrical supply. The wires in the mains lead follow the color code of: Green/ Yellow = Earth Blue = Neutral Brown = Live NOTE: The earth wire must be connected to the terminal with this symbol or the letter E. 8

****** Page 9 ****** GAS CONNECTION (A) SEALING STRIP (C) SCREW IMPORTANT: (B) BRACKET Place the Bracket (B) over the holes that match the length of the screws. There are one set of screw holes in each corner of the hob. Slightly tighten the screw (C) through the bracket (B) so that the bracket is attached to the hob, but so that you can still adjust its position. Carefully turn the hob back over and then gently lower it into the aperture hole that you have cut out. On the underside of the hob, adjust the brackets into a position that is suitable for your worktop. Fully tighten the screws to secure the hob into position. This appliance must be installed and connected in accordance with installation guidelines and regulations in the country where it is to be used. This appliance is supplied to run on LPG and natural gas. Conversion for use on LPG and natural gases must only be undertaken by a qualified person. It is the law that all gas appliances are installed by competent persons in accordance with the current edition of the Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations. It is in your interest and that of safety to ensure compliance with the law. In the UK, GASSAFE registered installers work to safe standards of practice. The hob must also be installed in accordance with the current edition of BS 6172. Failure to install the cooker correctly could invalidate the warranty, liability claims and lead to prosecution. Gas supply replacement and installation guidelines. LPG > NG The gas rail seal ‘GI/2″FemaIe coupler 9 NG > LPG The gas rail seal (j I I. 5 Female coupler

****** Page 10 ****** HOW TO USE IQGH604B / IQGH604W The appliance is fitted with a flame failure safety device on each burner, which is designed to stop the flow of gas to the burner head in the event of the flame going out. To ignite a burner: IQGH603S 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Press in the control dial of the burner that you wish to light and turn it anti-clockwise to the maximum position. If you keep the control dial depressed, the automatic ignition for the burner will operate. You should hold down the control knob for 15 seconds after the flame on the burner has lit. If after 15 seconds the burner has not lit, stop operating the device and wait at least 1 min before attempting a further ignition of the appliance. After this 15-second interval, to regulate the flame you should continue turning the control dial anti-clockwise until the flame is at a suitable level. The operating position MUST be at a position between the maximum and minimum position. To switch the burner off, turn the control dial fully clockwise to the gas off position. In case of power failure, the burners can be lit by carefully using a match. The following symbols appear on the control panel next to each knob: Gas Off Black Circle Maximum Setting Large Flame Minimum Setting Small Flame The symbol on the control panel next to the knob will indicate which burner it operates. 10

****** Page 11 ****** GAS ADJUSTMENT NOTE: This appliance is fitted with a flame failure safety device on each burner which is deigned to stop the flow of gas to the burner head in the event of a flame going out. IMPORTANT: Take precautions when adjustments are carried out converting one gas to another. All work must be carried out by a qualified technician. Before starting any work, ensure that the gas and electricity supply to the appliance are disconnected. CHANGING THE INJECTOR 1. 2. 3. 4. Remove the pan support, burner lid and flame spreader. Unscrew the injector using a 7mm box spanner and replace it with the stipulated injector for a new gas supply. Carefully reassemble all of the components. After the injectors are replaced, it is advisable to strongly tighten the injector in place. Injector ADJUSTING THE MINIMUM LEVEL OF THE FLAME Control Dial Gas Tap Sealing Ring ADJUSTMENT SCREWS Turn the taps down to minimum. Remove the knob from the tap and place a small flat head screwdriver in the centre of the tap shaft. The correct adjustment has been reached when the flame has a length of around 3 —4 mm. For butane/ propane gas, the adjusting screw must be tightly screwed in. Refit the control knob. Make sure that the flame does not go out by quickly turning from maximum flow to minimum flow. If it goes out, then remove the control knob and make further adjustments to the gas flow, testing it again once the adjustments have been made. 11

****** Page 12 ****** HOB SAFETY AND ENERGY SAVING N0 Do not use small diameter cookware on large burners, The flame should never come up lhe sides of the cookware. Avoid cooking without a lid or with thc lid halfoff as this wastes energy Do not use a pan wilh a convex or concave bottom. Do not place cookware on one side ofa burner, as it could ti over. Do not use cookware wilh a large di amete on the burners near the controls, which when placed on IIIC middle of the burner may touch the controls or be so close to them that they increase the temperature in this area and ma cause dama e. Never place cookware directly on top of the burner, Do not place anything, egr flame tamer, asbestos mat, between pan and pan support serious damage to the a liance rna result. Do not use excessive weight and do not hit the cooktop wilh heavy objects. YES Always use cookware that is suitable for each burner,to avoid wasting gas and discolouring the cookware. Place a lid on the cookware Only use pots, saucepans and frying pans with a thick, nat bottom. Always place the cookware right over the bumerss not to one side. Place the cookware on top of thc trivet. Handle cookware carefully when they are on the burner. IMPORTANT: It is not recommended for roasting pans, frying pans or grill stones to be heated at the same time on the hob, the resulting heat build up may damage the appliance. Do not touch the top plate while the hob is in use, or soon after use. Injury may occur. If liquid begins to boil over a pan when cooking, turn down the flame power to allow the liquid to settle and simmer gently. Do not leave boiling liquids unattended. 12

****** Page 13 ****** CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Cleaning must only be carried out when the appliance has had sufficient time to cool down. The appliance should be disconnected from the mains before cleaning. Clean the appliance regularly, for best results, clean after each use. Abrasive cleaners or sharp objects will damage the appliance surface. Only clean using warm water and small amount of washing up liquid. PAN SUPPORT Usable Soft cloth eutral Detergent Unusable Nylon Brush Edible Oil Abrasive Metal Brush t Detergent Acidic/AIkaJi ‘Thinner/Benzcne Take off the pan supports, clean these and the control handles with a damp cloth and washing up liquid. When more intensive cleaning is necessary, soak the pan supports beforehand. Dry immediately to avoid corrosion. TOP PLATE Regularly wipe over the top plate using a wet, soft cloth which has been well rung out in warm water and washing up liquid. Remove salty foods or liquids from the hob as soon as possible to avoid a risk of corrosion. Dry the top plate thoroughly after cleaning. NOTE: Stainless steel parts of the appliance may become discoloured over time. This is normal due to the high temperatures. Each time the appliance is used these parts should be cleaned with a product that is suitable for stainless steel. 13

****** Page 14 ****** BURNERS Remove the burner lids and flame spreaders by pulling them upwards and away from the top plate. Soak them in hot water with a small amount of detergent or washing up liquid. After cleaning, wipe all parts dry and make sure that the flame holes are clean and completely dry. Wipe the fixed parts of the burner cup with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Gently wipe the ignition device and flame supervision device with a well rung out cloth, drying immediately after. Make sure that the injector is not blocked and remove any debris around it before placing the burners back on the top plate. RE-ASSEMBLE THE AUXILLARY, SEMI-RAPID, RAPID AND TRIPLE CROWN BURNERS Place the flame spreader (2) on the burner cup (3) so that the ignition device and the flame supervision device extend through their respective holes in the flame spreader. Position the burner lid (1) onto the flame spreader (2) so that the retaining pins fit into their respective recesses. 1 2 3 4 5 NOTE: Do not mix the top and bottom. The locating pins must fit exactly into the notches. 14

****** Page 15 ****** GAS CATEGORY, GAS TYPE AND DESITINATION COUNTRY FOR ALL MODELS. 13+(2s.n3) 12H/12E/12E+ 112H3+ 112H3B9(30) 11 2E.3. G30 Butane at28-30mbar and G3i Propane at 37mbar G30 Butane and G31 Propane at 30mbar G20 Methane at 20mbar G20 at 20mbar, G30 Butane at 28-30mbar and G31 Pro ane at 37mbar G20 at 20mbar, G30 Butane and G31 Propane at 30mbar G20/G25 at 20/25mbar, G30 Butane at 28-30mbar and G31 Pro ane at 37mbar 121–1: G20 Methane at 20mbar BBQ: G31 ro 121–1: G20 Methane at 20mbar 13+: G30 butane at 30mbar and G31 ro aneat 37mbar 12E: G20 Methane at 20mbar 13+: G30 butane at 30mbar and G31 ro aneat 37mbar GAS SPECIFICATION BE, CH. cy, CZ, ES, FR, GB, E, IT, LT, W, LV, PT. SK, Sl BE, CY, DK, EE, GB, W, IT, LT, NL, NO, SE, Sl, SK. RO, NR, BG IS LU MT Fl BE, FR BE, FR, Eut input size Total Eut Nadel No. IQGHt04B IQGH603S Cu type & prezure potrer Work bl.z:nær 15 Fæid bume Semi-rapid 1.7äkW I.OkW

****** Page 16 ****** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL PAN SUPPORT TOP PLATE DIMENSION (WxDxH) IGNITION DEVICE GAS CONNECTION ELECTRIC SUPPLY BURNER FEATURE ZQn IQGH603W/ IQGH603B CAST IRON GLASS CONTINUOUS IGNITION TYPE Gl/2 THREAD 220-240Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, o.6W RAPID (1) SEMI RAPID (2) AUXILIARY (1) 7.5kW IQGH603S ENAMEL STAINLESS STEEL 590x500x95 CONTINUOUS IGNITION TYPE Gl/2 THREAD 220-240Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.6W RAPID (1) SEMI RAPID (2) AUXILIARY (1) 7.5kW electriQ UK SUPPORT Call: 0333 043 6692 or complete the online form Office hours: 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday Unit J6, Lowfields Business Park Lowfields Way, Elland West Yorkshire, HX5 9DA Recycling facilities are now available for all customers a t which you can deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participating sites run by their local councils. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local household waste recycling centres. 16

****** Page 17 ****** INFORMATION FOR DOMESTIC GAS FIRED HOBS In acc. with regulation (EU) No. 66/2014 Model Identification Type of hob Number of gas burners Energy efficiency per gas burner Energy efficiency for the gas hob Model Identification Type of hob Number of gas burners Energy efficiency per gas burner Energy efficiency for the gas hob Model Identification Type of hob Number of gas burners Energy efficiency per gas burner Energy efficiency for the gas hob Model Identification Type of hob Number of gas burners Energy efficiency per gas burner Energy efficiency for the gas hob Symbol gas burner EEgas hob Symbol EEgas burner EEgas hob Symbol EEgas burner EEgas hob Symbol EEgas burner EEgas hob Value IQGH603S Natural Gas (G20) 4 59.9, 59.2, 58.2 59.1 Value IQGH603S LPG (G30) 4 58.6, 59.4, 58.4 58.8 Value IQGH604W, IQGH603B Natural Gas (G20) 4 53.5, 58.0, 61.0 57.5 Value IQGH604W, IQGH603B LPG (G30) 4 58.3, 58.5, 59.9 58.9 Unit Unit Unit Unit 17








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