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****** Page 1 ****** electriU Arctic Arctic-Plus EVAPORATIVE COOLER USER MANUAL Thank you for choosing ElectriQ Please read this user manual before using this innovative Air Cooler and keep it safe for future reference. Visit our page for our entire range of Intelligent Electricals Page 1 of 10


****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Important! Carefully read the instructions before operating the unit This appliance is for indoor use only. Any outdoor use must be supervised and avoiding water spraying or ingress. Rating: This unit must be only connected to a 220-240 V / 50 Hz earthed outlet. Installation must be in accordance with regulations of the country where the unit is used. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your electrical supply have it checked and, if necessary, modified by a qualified electrician. This air cooler has been tested and is safe to use. However, as with any electrical appliances – use it with care. Disconnect the power plug from socket before changing filters, dismantling, assembling or cleaning. Avoid touching any moving parts of the appliance. Never insert fingers, pencils or any other objects though the guard This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. It is also not intended for use by those with a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Do not leave children unsupervised with this appliance. Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing it in water. Never connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If an outlet is not available, one should be installed by a qualified electrician. Never operate this appliance if the cord or plug is damaged. Ensure the power cord is not stretched or exposed to sharp object/edges. A damaged supply cord should be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified electrician in order to avoid a hazard. Any service other than regular cleaning or filter replacement should be performed by an authorized service representative. Failure to comply could result in a voided warranty. Do not use the appliance for any other purposes than its intended use. Never use the mains plug as a switch to start and turn off the air unit. Use the provided ON/OFF switch located on the control panel. Always place the unit on a dry and stable surface. Do not move or tilt the unit while water tanks is full. The appliance should not be installed in laundry or wet rooms Do not use this unit in environments with flammable and explosive gases. Avoid keeping the unit in direct sunlight for a long period of time Energy Saving and Unit Safety Protection Tips Do not cover or restrict the airflow from the outlet or inlet grills. For maximum performance the minimum distance from a wall or objects should be 50cm. Please make sure, while in operation, the water in the water tank does not exceed the MAX level and does not fall below MIN. Keep the filters clean. Under normal conditions, filters should only need cleaning once every three weeks (approximately). Since the filters remove airborne particles, more frequent cleaning may be necessary, depending on the air quality. In order to achieve maximum efficiency please place the unit near an open door or window. Evaporative Air Coolers work with an evaporative cooling mechanism which requires cross ventilation This unit will lose efficiency if humidity in the room reaches a relative humidity of over 60% The ambient operating temperature range is from 5 oc to 40 oc. If used in low temperatures (as a humidifier) it is recommended to fill the water tank with warm (but not hot) water. Page 3 of 10

****** Page 4 ****** FEATURES Air Cooler, humidifier and air cleaner great in well ventilated large rooms and commercial spaces Very powerful air throw, perfect for industrial spot cooling Ideal for large areas, warehouses, dining rooms, exhibition rooms, patios, terraces, restaurants, temporary outdoor events, marquees and more Alternative spot cooling solution for rooms and spaces which cannot be sealed or traditionally air conditioned 3 fan speeds and oscillation setting for improved air flow: low, medium, high speed for best balance between maximum cooling and quiet operation Honeycomb Filter for improved cooling and air cleaning Easy to use mechanical controls Handle and wheels for great mobility Powerful air throw with directional swing for faster cooling Large easy to fill 48/60 litre tank for almost full day operation Continuous water supply connection option with a built-in overflow protection system ensures longer unattended operation Specifications: Arctic Air flow: up to 2100 m3/hr Water tank: 48 Litres 3 speed fan: low/ medium/ high Versatile and mobile High efficiency honeycomb cooling pads Swing function OPERATION Arctic Plus Air flow: up to 3000 m3/hr Water tank: 60 Litres 3 speed fan: low/ medium/ high Versatile and mobile High efficiency honeycomb cooling pads Swing function The air cooler cools the air by means of evaporation. When water evaporates into the air, the result is a mixture of air and water molecules. This chemical change requires heat which is taken from the water molecules, resulting in a spot cooling effect. l*oneycornb NIedia Evaporative Air Cooling Mechanism c„dd and humd air Warn air The recommended relative humidity for optimum operation is 60% or lower. A drier climate makes for more noticeable cooling. The evaporative air cooler should not be used in enclosed or sealed spaces. It must be kept level and there must always be water in the water tank. Doors and windows should be open to allow free air flow. The evaporative air cooler works best when placed near an open window/air current. • When the product is used for the first time the Honeycomb cooling media will have an odour, this should dissipate within a week of use. Page 4 of 10

****** Page 5 ****** PARTS LIST Arctic 2 1 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Water inlet#l Handle Left honeycomb panel Lever for horizontal louvers Water tank Castors Horizontal louvers Water level indicator Arctic-Plus .1 Control panel Handle Left honeycomb panel Right honeycomb panel Back honeycomb panel Lever for Horizontal Louvers Air vent 2 11 7 9. Mechanical knob control panel 1 0.Right honeycomb 11 . Water inlet #2 12. Drainage Stopper 13. Back honeycomb panel 14. Power cord and plug 15. Rear grill removal screws .1 4 7 9 8. Water level indicator 9. Water tank 10. Water Inlet #1 11. Water inlet #2. 12. Drainage Stopper 13. Castors Page 5 of 10

****** Page 6 ****** INSTALLATION This unit can easily be moved from one room to another. While moving the unit please note that it must always be kept upright and then placed on an even surface. Remove any packaging – keeping the air cooler in a vertical position. Make sure all parts are present and unit is assembled correctly including the castor wheels (these need to be pushed into place on the base of the unit) Water tank: Fill the water tank with water or ice ensuring it does not to go above the MAX level visible in front of the unit. A direct hose feed can be used to keep the water tank topped up. The hose can be connected using the hose connector. Make sure filter pad is properly inserted at the back of the unit. Connect the power plug to a working socket, and then press the power button. Note: If you want to remove the water tank, please pull out after unit has been powered-off for 2 minutes. CONTROL PANEL AND SETTINGS ElectrlQ Arctic Control Panel 4, COOL Arctic SPEED SWIN Arctic-plus SPEED Cooler ON / OFF: Turn the knob to the ON position to turn the unit on and start the cooling function. Turn the knob to the OFF position to turn the unit off and stop the cooling function. Speed OFF / LOW / MID / High: Turn the knob to LOW, MID or HIGH to set the fan to the desired speed. Swing OFF / ON: Turn the knob to the ON position to turn on the fan swing function. This will allow the air to circulate more around the room. Turn the knob to the OFF position to turn off the fan swing function. This will give a more constant stream of cool air similar to natural breeze. Water Filling Before turning on the cooling and humidification function, please add water to the tank. You can use the unit without water in air cleaner mode only. There are two methods — Automatic and Manual. Automatic Filling – connect the device to an outlet with a piece of hose and then turn on the outlet. Manual Filling – before filling with water, open the water inlet, fill the water tank slowly and then return the water inlet into the original Hose COY*tor position. Only use clean tap water and do not fill the water beyond the maximum water level Arctic-Plus Arctic Note: It is completely normal and in no way dangerous if the device has a slight odour or the water tank has a slight discolouration when it is used for the first time. Page 6 of 10

****** Page 7 ****** MAINTENANCE Cleaninq ATTENTION: Please shut off the unit and unplug from the mains before cleaning or performing any maintenance. Cleaning the surface Clean the plastic housing with a duster or a soft wet cloth. Do not use chemical solvents (such as benzene, alcohol or gasoline) as they may cause irreversible damage. Make sure no water enters the control panel. Cleaning the water tank Unplug the power cord then remove the water tank. With a cloth (dipped in a mild detergent), wipe the water tank, rinse it with water, and then carefully place it back in the unit. Draining the water reservoir and refilling with fresh water at least once a week will help reduce any mineral deposits and keep the filters clean. Do not run the unit in Humidify mode with stale water in the tank. We recommend emptying the tank and refilling it with fresh water if water has been standing in the tank for an extended period of time. MAINTAINING AND CHANGING THE HONEYCOMB FILTER PADS The appliance is supplied with a set of 3 honeycomb cooling / filters pads (back and sides). The cleaning frequency for the honeycomb filter depends on local air and water conditions. In areas where the mineral content of water is high (hard water), mineral deposits may build up on the honeycomb cooling filter and restrict air flow. If mineral deposits remain on the honeycomb pads, the filter should be removed and washed under fresh water. We recommend cleaning the honeycomb filter at least every two months, depending on your needs. For best results, allow the honeycomb filter to dry after each use by turning off the humidify function for 15 minutes (with empty water tank) before turning the unit off. Unplug the power cord, then remove the honeycomb filter frame, and take the honeycomb filter out of the bracket. With a mild detergent and a soft brush, scrub the honeycomb filter, clean with water and dry. Do not dip in water. End of Season Maintenance: 1. Empty the tank and wash it with warm soapy water. 2. Dry the tank and clean the Honeycomb pads 3. Store any Icepack you may use in the water tank 4. Cover the unit and keep it in a dry place. Page 7 of 10

****** Page 8 ****** Troubleshooting Do not repair or disassemble the unit by yourself, unauthorized repair attempts will invalidate the warranty and may cause bodily harm. Issue No power No dust elimination Water tank does not move Odour emission from unit Possible Reason 1. Power cord is unconnected 2. Honeycomb filter support is not installed correctly 3. The master switch is not turned on. 4. The power knob is not in the ON osition 1. The honeycomb filter is blocked. 2. The air inlet is blocked The pump supporter is loosened and blocks the water tank. 1. New unit. When the unit is used for the first time, the Honeycomb cooling media will have an odour, which will dissipate within a week of use 2. Honeycomb filter may have developed mold or bacterial growth Solution 1. Connect the power cord 2. Install the honeycomb filter correctly. 3. Turn on the master switch 4. Turn the power knob to the on osition. 1. Remove the honeycomb filter and clean it. 2. Remove the obstruction Reset the pump supporter. 1. No action required 2. Clean the filter pads with mild antibacterial solution. Dry before use. If the above solutions do not resolve the problem please contact the service centre. Page 8 of 10

****** Page 9 ****** APPENDIX Disposal: Do not dispose this product as unsorted waste. Collection of such waste must be handled separately as special treatment is necessary. Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participating civic amenity sites run by their local councils. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local household waste recycling centres. TECHNICAL DATA: Evaporative Air Cooler Water Tank Rated Input Air Flow Noise Power Supply Net Wei ht Size(LxWxH) Arctic 48 Litres 140 Watt 2100 m3/hr <65db 220-240V/50Hz 13.3 k 613x375x882 mm Page 9 of 10 Arctic-Plus 60 Litres 220Watt 3000m3/hr <65db 220-240V/50Hz 19k 675 x 430 x 1045 mm ****** Page 10 ****** ElectriQ UK SUPPORT Please, for your own convenience, make these simple checks before calling the service line. If the unit still fails to operate call: 0871 620 1057 or complete the online form 1. Is the unit plugged into the mains? 2. Is the fuse 0K? 3. Switch the unit off and wait three minutes to see if the issue is resolved. Restart the unit. Office hours: 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday Unit 2, The Nursery Berristow Lane South Normanton Derbyshire, DE55 2FX Page 10 of 10








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