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****** Page 1 ****** DATA 1828 SERI ES OF PUBLIC ADDRESS DRIVERS MODEL 1828C CONVERTIBLE DRIVER MODEL 1828R REENTRANT DRIVER MODEL 1828T CONVERTIBLE DRIVER SERVICING Electro-Voice public. address -drivers have been carefully designed to asure maximum trouble-free service, keeping in mind greatest ease of repair if required. WARRANTY Electro-Voice public address products are guaranteed for the life of the product against malfunction due to defects in workmanship and materialS. If malfunction from this cause occurs, the product will be repaired or replaced (at our option) without charge for materials or labor, if delivered to Electro-Voice or its service agency. The unit will be returned prepaid. Warranty does not cover finishes or malfunction due to abuse or operation at other than specified ratings. Repair by other than Electro-Voice or its authorized service agencies will void this guarantee. FACTORY REPAIR CHARGE IS $8.50 FOR REPLACEMENT OF VOICE COIL AND DIAPHRAGM ASSEMBLY. ADDITIONAL PARTS EXTRA. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. ALL PRICES QUOTED UPON REQUEST. SEND ALL PRICE REQUESTS, PARTS ORDERS, AND REQUI RING DRIVER ASSEMBLIES FACTORY SERVICE TO: ELECTRO-VOICE, INC. 600 Cecil Street Buchanan, Michigan 49107 Attention: Repair Department In Western States, units requiring factory service may be sent to: Electro-Voice West P. O. Box 3297 7473 Avenue 304 Visalia, California 93277 Attention: Repair Department Units requiring service may also be referred to any one of the authorized Electro-Voice speaker repair stations. For futher information contact the Electro-Voice repair department. VOICE COIL DC RESISTANCE Voice coils on Models 1828C and 18288 drivers may be tested directly with an ohm meter. Model 1828T requires that the back cover (19) and voice coil wire leads (8 ohm and SEC COM) be removed. Voice coil DC resistance is 5.5 to 6.5 ohms. ACOUSTIC QUALITY CHECK The acoustic quality of the 1828cr 18288 or 1828T may be checked by using an amplifier and audio sweep generator. Use a 4 volt RMS sweep level. Selected wattage on 1828T 30 watts. Frequency sweep driver 20 20,000 Hz and check for rubs, buzzes, rattles or spurious noises. DIAPHRAGM & VOICE COIL REPLACEMENT TOOLS REQUIRED 1/4″ nut driver No. 1 Phillips Screwdriver Solder Iron For field repair, it is suggested that the Front Cover & Diaphragm assembly replacement kit be used. The diaphragm and voice coil assembly is also replaceable independently. 84434-xx 84433-xx Front Cover Kit (1828C & R) Front Cover Kit (1828T) 2. 3. 4. Position the driver assembly face down on a work bench. Using a 1/4″ nutdriver, remove the three Hex Head Screws (14) from rear cover. Gently lift away backcover with screws. On Model 1828T only, use a 1/4″ nutdriver and remove two transformer mounting screws (20). Using a No. 1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws (29) securing terminal board. Lift away transformer (21) and terminal board (28). Lift away Pot Structure assembly (7). Inspect pot structure voice coil gap to be certain it is free of dirt and magnetic particles. To clean air gap, fold a piece of tape so that the adhesive surface is facing out. Insert folded edge into air gap and wipe around the gap. The adhesive surface will collect any particles. This should be repeated with a fresh piece of tape until air gap is clean. Diaphragm & Voice Coil Assembly Replacement only. Carefully remove Fiberboard Gasket (5). On Models 1828C and 1828R unsolder voice coil leads from terminal screws (33). On model 1828T unsolder voice coil leads from transformer (21) secondary terminals. Remove tubing (34) from voice coil leads and reuse on new voice coil. Remove the old Diaphragm & Voice Coil assembly from the front cover and replace with new assembly. The diaphragm may be secured to the front cover by a very small amount of a good grade rubber cement. Resolder voice coil leads. NOTE: Diaphragm & Voice Coil assembly 85145 may be used on all models. (Shorten wire leads 1″ for 1828C and 1828R). Replace Fiberboard Gasket (5).

****** Page 2 ****** 5. 6. 7. Hold new or repaired Front Cover and Diaphragm Assembly in left hand and note location of back cover screw threaded taps (14). Very carefully work Pot Structure assembly onto front cover and diaphragm seating it properly. On Model 1828 T, replace transformer (21) and terminal board (28). Properly secure with hardware. Remove the three back cover screws (14) from back cover. Check seating of the Front & Back Cover Gasket (6). Replace Back Cover, properly seat and secure with screws (14). REF NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 PARTS LIST PART NO. 72822 3989 84434-XX A83487 38371 38281 83786 73398 38308 A76227-FU 3989 38275 73689 62627 76230-FU 84433-xx 85145 38326 A78064-FU 62334-AY 15170 73486 62652-AY 76295-UD 38327 27149 20595 76291 62758-BK 27243 76513-TV 38307 62628-AD 6635 DESCRIPTION Cap Protective Front Washer (Rubber) Front Cover & Diaphragm Assy. Kit (1828C & 1828R) Voice Coil & Diaphragm Assy. (1828C & 1828R) Washer Diaphragm Gasket Front & Back Cover (1828C & 1828B) Pot Structure Assy. Screen Back (1828c & 1828T) Washer Back (1828C & 1828T) Back Cover (1828C) Washer (Rubber) (1828C & 1828T) Washer (No. 8 Nyltite) cap Protective Back (1828C & 1828T) Screw Hex Washer (8-32 x 1-3/8) Back Cover (1828R) Front Cover & Diaphragm Assy. Kit (1828T) Voice Coil & Diaphragm Assy. (1828T) Gasket Front/Back Cover (1828T) Back Cover (1828T) Screw Transformer (8-32 x Transformer (1828T) Plug Rear Screw (4-40 x ‘h) (1828T) Switch Cover Gasket Switch Cover Lug Pin Base Pin Board Switch Screw Board (4-40 x 5/16) Push Terminal Pad Terminal Washer — Terminal Screw — Terminal (6-32 x 5/16) Tubing 3-inch (No. 20) MISCELLANEOUS 96818 96819 532810 532811 531434 Carton & Fillers (1828C & 1828R) Carton & Fillers (1828T) Instruction Sheet (1828C) Instruction Sheet (1828R) Instruction Sheet ( 1828T)

****** Page 3 ****** 13 14 DEDY)) O)ij))

****** Page 4 ****** 23 16 24 17 25 27 28 BUCK ooo 1828T (Dl FFERENT & ADDITIONAL PARTS) 31 32 33 WIRING DIAGRAM No. 1392 Litho in U. S. A.








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