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****** Page 1 ****** etARI@ KidPhone 2 gppo ELARI KidPhone 2 User Guide

****** Page 2 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide SUN O EN I. Charging Port 2. microSlM slot 3. Short press to swipe right Long press for SOS 4. Long press to turn on/off Short press from menu to return to main screen Short press on main screen to turn display on/off 5. Short press to swipe left 6. Back 3

****** Page 3 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide l. Connection to the mobile phone 1. Insert SIM card EN 1) Make sure that SIM card connects to the Internet, receives text messages and supports voice calls. Elari KidPhone2 supports 2G, so carrier should support GSM 900/1800. Before inserting SIM card into the watch turn off PIN-code request (if necessary) on a SIM card with your phone. 4

****** Page 4 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide EN 2) Turn off the device before inserting SIM card. Hold the SIM card upside down, put it clipped side first and insert until it clicks. No SIM card Turn on the device after inserting the SIM card or restart if it was turned on before. 5

****** Page 5 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide 2. Register App Support: IOS 7.0 & Android 4.4 and above EN Download APP: Elari SafeFamily For Android: search in Google Play Store For IOS: search in App Store Available on the iFhone C App Store play 6 More info:

****** Page 6 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Register Step • Open the Elari SafeFamiIy app and click “Register”. • Input nickname and your email address. • Get registration code from email and input this code. • Input your mobile phone number. • Create password and repeat it. 7 EN

****** Page 7 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide 3. Binding • Start binding. EN • Scan the QR code on the back of the user guide or input binding code manually. • Fill User’s profile: add personal data: nickname, image and SIM card phone number etc. • Binding complete: display real-time location after binding is finished. 8

****** Page 8 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide 4. App description Home screen • The watch’s battery level. • Calling button: click to make call on the watch. • Family member: manage the contact list and family members who can track watches. • Message notifications about the watch. • Switch device. • Manual positioning: click it to request location of the watch. 9 EN

****** Page 9 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide • Audio-monitoring: click to request watch to call on user’s phone number without any sound on the watch and signs on a screen of the watch. • Step counter: press to check pedometer information from the watch. 10 EN

****** Page 10 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Voice chat • Voice chat button: hold the button to record, release to send the record, 15sec limit for one record. • Call button: click to make call on the watch. • Emoji: click the button and choose emoji to send it on the watch. • Voice massage: short click to listen the record, long press to delete massage. 11 EN

****** Page 11 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Settings • System and account settings. • Set device information. • Set safe zones, see location history, set alarms, friends manager, set class mode, set care time, set watch’s volume. • About device: you can check the device’s IMEI and QR code, and unbind the watch. • Device settings. • Bind new device. 12 EN o o Safe O Device Add o O

****** Page 12 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Binding code EN Press top key or bottom key or slide in touch menu to choose “Binding code”‘ then you can scan the QR code with Elari SafeFamily app to bind the watch to your smartphone. 13

****** Page 13 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide II. Main functions Calls EN Press top key or bottom key or slide in touch menu to choose “Phone book”‘ then click” Phone book”to see frequent contacts and choose contact to call. Click the button on the display to end the call. Maximum I contacts could be added. Dad 14

****** Page 14 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Voice chat EN Press top key or bottom key or slide in touch menu to choose Noice chat! Choose contact and long press “Microphone” icon to record voice message. Watch can receive voice records and emoji from Elari SafeFamily app. 15

****** Page 15 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Find friends This function needs two watches of same model. Press top key or bottom key or slide in touch menu to choose “Find friends”. Then click “Find friends” at the same time on two watches and put them near each other. Wait until they will make request to become friends. You could see friends list in the Elari SafeFamily app. 16 EN Luffy

****** Page 16 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Ill. FAQ EN Q: What SIM card does the Elari KidPhone 2 support? A: Elari KidPhone 2 supports GSM 900/1800 microSlM card. Q: What is the standby time for Elari KidPhone 2? A: Elari KidPhone 2 battery capacity is 450 mAh. The standby time depends on tracking mode and position frequency. Normal standby time is more than 72 hours. Q: What is the age range for Elari KidPhone 2? A: Target users are children from 3 to 12 years old. Q: Are the materials of Elari KidPhone 2 safe and secure? A: Elari KidPhone2 uses materials that conform to the children’s toys material safety standards in the European Union thus there is no worry about safety.

****** Page 17 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide Q: How can I clean this watch? EN A: Please wipe it with a clean damp cloth; add a little bit of alcohol if dirt doesn’t remove easily. Q: Does Elari KidPhone 2 radiation affect kid’s health? A: Elari KidPhone2 radiation rate is much lower than required by the European standard. Q: Is Elari KidPhone 2 waterproof? A: No. It is 0k to be splashed with water, but it should not be washed or soaked. Q: Is it normal for the watch to get warm while charging? A: It is normal for the watch to get warm. Q: What can I do if QR code won’t scan? 18

****** Page 18 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide EN A: Check that SIM card is inserted and Elari KidPhone 2 has GPRS connection. Try again with more light or adjust the distance between camera lens and QR Code. Or input the binding code manually. Q: Does the watch need network support when using the geopositioning function? A: Elari KidPhone 2 needs to use SIM card’s data service, which will upload data to the server. Q: Can the battery of the watch explode when affected by high temperatures or while charging? A: Elari KidPhone 2 uses a battery that’s durable and has a higher safety performance compared to the traditional lithium-ion battery. The gel polymer lithium-ion battery 19

****** Page 19 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide EN uses a special colloidal electrolyte which will prevent it from exploding as the battery does not produce air or gas even if the liquid boils. This type of battery showed perfect performance in dozens of reliability tests such as crash, acupuncture, crushing and heating. Q: How accurate is the location positioning? A: Elari KidPhone 2 can get position from 2 sources: GPS/GLONASS and LBS. GPS-mode is very accurate. In tall buildings and other urban obstructions there is a small chance of larger deviation. Elari KidPhone 2 will try to get its position via LBS if GPS/GLONASS signal is not available. 20

****** Page 20 ****** KidPhone 2 User Guide IV. Warnings I. Do not throw the device into water. 2. Keep away from the fire and high temperature. EN 3. Do not allow children to put the watch in their mouth. 4. Use only the provided USB cable to charge the watch. 5. The watch won’t work if powered off or out of service. 21








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