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PDF Content Summary: Operating Guide NovoCon® S - High Accuracy Actuator IP54 ❶ ❸ 4 5PIIP40 ❷ ❹ IP54 ❺2 ❻1 1 2✓ ✘ 3Manuel Calibration: Press button 1 until two LED’s are turned on, and then release again. DIP switch: 2 ✓ ✘ Manual override: Adjust wheel 3 ❼ Common ground shall be used for all devices on the same network. NovoCon® analog cable Actuator NovoCon® ChangeOver6 Flexible Cable NovoCon® Temperature I/O Digital port Port for CO6 actuator or Energy cable, I/O cable, analog cable or voltage booster. Digital port NovoCon® digital cableRed Power Black Green ́+ ́ non-inverting signal wire White/green ́− ́ inverting signal wire Red Power 24V Common ground for power and bus signal wire Black GND Grey Analog input Blue Analog input ground Actuator NovoCon® Actuator NovoCon® ChangeOver6 ChangeOver6 Energy Red Power 24V Black GND Purple O-ring Blue O-ring White CO6 Control signal Grey CO6 Feedback signal NovoCon® I/O cable Red Power 24V Black Power ground NovoCon® Energy cable - PT1000 surface sensors Blue Ground T1, T2, V/mA input & V output signal Grey V/mA input signal White V output signal Yellow T1 or resistance input Orange T2 or resistance input NovoCon® Energy cable - PT1000 immersed sensors Red Power 24V (in/out) Black Power ground (in/out) Blue Ground T1, T2, V/mA input & V output signal Grey V/mA input signal White V output signal T1 T2 © Danfoss | 2020.08 AQ251486498741en-000401 | 1 NovoCon® S - High Accuracy Actuator ❽ NovoCon ® S 003Z8504 Firmware update We recommend to validate the firmware version before installation. The latest firmware can be downloaded at novocon.com by selecting the tab: Support files. Part Name 部件名称 Serial number and QR code can be removed from the NovoCon® S label and added to installation drawing. Actuator for AB-QM DN10-32 6430 Nordborg, Denmark Control signal: BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, 0-10V, 0-20mA Power: 24VAC/DC, 50/60 HZ Force: 90N. Stroke: 7 mm. Speed: 3-24s/mm Consumption: 3.3VA running. Standby 0.9W III IP54/40, -10T55 Device Object Instance Number ❾ ❿ ⓫ Presettings 01 0030471 01 E100 VXX 01 281624 0030471DIP Switch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ON OFF DIP Switches 1 to 7 are used to assign the MAC address manually. Default MAC address assignment method is Auto MAC addressing for BACnet MS/TP and DIP Switches for Modbus RTU. For termination of last unit on the field bus, turn DIP Switch 8 ON. Dip switch 9 is not used. Dip switch 10 is used to select between BACnet MS/TP (OFF=Default) and Modbus RTU (ON). When the protocol is changed on DIP Switch 10, a power cycle is required. Application mode: MSV:9 / 32810 Digital control (default), Analog control, Select Valve Type Select application NovoCon® S ⇨ CO6 mode, Inverted CO6 mode, ⇨ MSV:3 / 32802 (default AB-QM 4.0 ⇨ MSV:10 / 32811 Heating (default) CO6 without alarms, ISO DN 15) Cooling Inverted CO6 without alarms, Analog CO6 mode, Analog inverted CO6 mode To avoid injury and damage to persons and devices, it is absolutely necessary these instructions are carefully read and observed prior to assembly and commissioning. Necessary assembly, start-up, and maintenance work must be performed only by qualified, trained and authorised personnel. Switch off the power line before wiring the actuator. Connect via safety isolating transformer. Galvanic separations shall be provided for segments crossing buildings. ⇨ Design Flow Rate AV:30 / 32796 Heating AV:31 / 32798 Cooling ⓬ Safety Note Safety Note If the NovoCon® S network is supplied with two or more AC power boosters, caution must be observed when disconnecting one of the transformers from the high voltage power line. As the NovoCons are connected in a daisy chain, there may be high voltage on the primary side of the disconnected power supply. Disconnect always both the primary and secondary side of the transformer. Safety Note Disposal instruction This product should be dismantled and its components sorted if possible, in various groups before recycling or disposal. Always follow the local disposal regulations. Hazardous Substances Table/有害物质含量表 Pb/铅 Hg/汞 Cd/镉 Cr(VI)/ PBB/ PBDE/ 六价铬 多溴联苯 多溴二苯醚 Union nut / 连接螺母 X O O O O O O: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in all of the homogeneous material for this part is below the limit requirement in GB/T 26572; O: 表示该有害物质在该部件所有均质材料中的含量均在GB/T 26572规定的限量要求以下。 X: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in at least one of the homogeneous material for this part is above the limit requirementw in GB/T 26572; X: 表示该有害物质至少在该部件的某一均质材料中的含量超出GB/T 26572规定的限量要求。 Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures and other printed material. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice. This also applies to products already on order provided that such alterations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary eady agreed. All trademarks in this material are property of the respective companies. Danfoss and the Danfoss logotype are trademarks of Danfoss A/S. All rights reserved. 73690900/AQ251486498741en-000401 2 | © Danfoss | DHS-SRMT/SI | 2020.08 E100 VXX 281624 0030471 MADE IN SLOVENIA E100 VXX 281624 0030471







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