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PDF Content Summary: MA1705-EA © 2017 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Operation Guide 5547/5563/5572

• Be sure to keep all user documentation handy for future reference. • Your watch may differ somewhat from the one shown in the illustration. Minute Hand 24 Hour Hand Click 2 Hour Hand Click 1 Stopwatch Minute Hand Crown 30 Using the Stopwatch The stopwatch measures elapsed time in 1-second increments up to 9 minutes, 59 seconds. Elapsed time A A A A B Start Stop Resume Stop Reset Split time A B B A B Start Split Split release Stop Reset Two finishes A B A B B

Second Hand Day Indicator Stopwatch Second Hand Start Split First runner finishes. Display time of first runner. Important! Stop Second runner finishes. Split release Display time of second runner. Reset

Stopwatch functions To adjust the time setting To change the day indicator setting • Do not operate the stopwatch with the crown pulled out. Note • An elapsed time operation will stop automatically at the end of 10 minutes.

When the second hand is at 12 o’clock, pull the Crown out to Click 2. Rotate the Crown to change the time setting. Push the Crown back in on a time signal to resume timekeeping. Note • Take care that you set the correct AM or PM time. • When changing the time, move the minute hand four or five minutes past your final setting, and then back it up to the setting you want. Crown Operations Pull the Crown out to Click 1. Rotate the Crown towards you to set the day. Push the Crown back in. Note • The day indicator setting uses a 31-day month. Make adjustments for months of shorter lengths. • Avoid changing the day indicator setting between the hours of 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. Otherwise, the day indicator may not change correctly at midnight. Crown Correcting the 0 Positions of the Hands Perform the following procedure if the stopwatch hands do not return to their 0 (zero) positions when you reset the stopwatch. Pull the Crown out to Click 2. Use A (clockwise) and B (counterclockwise) to move the Stopwatch Second Hand to 12 o’clock and the Stopwatch Minute Hand to 0. • Holding down either button will move the second hand at high speed, until you release the button. • The Stopwatch Minute Hand is syncronized with the Stopwatch Second Hand . After all of the hands are the way you want, push the Crown back in. Important! Some water-resistant models (100 meters, 200 meters) have a screw-in crown. When you need to perform a crown operation, rotate it towards you to unscrew it. Then pull the crown out. Avoid applying undue force when pulling. The watch loses its water resistance while the crown is unscrewed. After performing a crown operation, fully screw the crown back in. If your watch has a rotary bezel... You can rotate the bezel to align its ▼ mark with the minute hand. Then you will be able to tell how much time has elapsed since aligning the ▼ mark. Loosen Start • Timekeeping stops while the crown is pulled out. Correct the current time setting after performing the above operation. Specifications Accuracy at normal temperature: ±20 seconds a month Stopwatch: Measuring Capacity: 9'59" (10 minutes) Measuring Unit: 1 second Measurements: Elapsed time; split time; two finishes Other: Low battery alert Battery: One silver oxide battery (Type: SR920SW)

Elapsed time Current Low Battery Alert • The second hand will jump at two-second intervals to alert you when the charge is low. • Have the battery replaced as soon as possible after low battery alert is indicated. • Stopwatch operation is disabled during low battery alert. • If low battery alert occurs during a stopwatch operation, the stopwatch will automatically reset to all zeros and stop. Battery Life: Approximately 3 years Specifications are subject to change without notice.








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