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PDF Content Summary: Bloomfield 10 Sunnen Dr. St. Louis, MO 63143 Phone: 314-678-6336 Fax: 314-781-2714 INTRODUCTION BLOOMFIELD MODEL 8357 HI-QUALITY 3-5 GALLON TEA BREWER Thank you for purchasing a Bloomfield Tea Brewer. You will achieve maximum performance from this unit if you familiarize yourself with its many outstanding features. Please take a few minutes to read through the owner's manual. Proper installation is very important if maximum performance and satisfaction are to be achieved. If you have any difficulties, consult your nearest Bloomfield Authorized Distributor. They have the required expertise to provide the proper advice and assistance. If the Bloomfield Distributor is unable to assist you, please contact the factory directly. Please be certain the electrical connections are compatible, as improper connections could damage the Brewer and void the warranty. Safe and satisfactory operation of your Bloomfield Brewer depends to a great extent upon its proper installation. This Tea Brewer must be installed without alteration and in accordance with these printed instructions and applicable electrical codes. The performance and safety of the Brewer can be greatly impaired if it is altered in any way, or if installation deviates from the instructions printed herein, and will not be covered under any warranty service agreement. This Bloomfield Brewer has been designed with adjustment flexibility to cover a wide spectrum of customer needs. FRONT VIEW TANK HEATER SWITCH READY TO BREW LIGHT Luzianne ICED TEA SYSTEM BREW SWITCH STOP SWITCH TAKK HEATER SWITCH READY TO BREW BREW SWITCH - CAUTION FUNNEL CONTENTS ARE HOT REMOVE WITH CARE DO NOT REMOVE WALE BREWING FAILURE TO COMPLY RISKS NURY E A CAUTION RUNNEL CONTBYTG ARE HOT REMOVE WITH CARE DO NOT REMOVE WHLE BAEWING FALURE TO COMPLY RISKS INJLAY/ STOP BREW SWITCH STOP BREW BREW CHAMBER ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION READ THIS COMPLETELY BEFORE STARTING THE INSTALLATION WARNING: DO NOT plug in or energize this unit until installation instructions are read and followed. To enable the installer to make a quality installation and hold delay time to a minimum, the following suggestions and tests should be done before the actual unit installation is begun. LEVELING THE UNIT Set Tea Brewer in operating location and level. For proper unit operation, it is very important that the unit be level when it is standing in its proper operation position. A spirit level should be place on the top plate of the unit, at the edge, as a guide when making level adjustments. Level the unit from left to right and front to back by turning the adjustable feet that support the unit. PLUMBER'S INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION NOTE: This equipment must be installed to comply with the Basic Plumbing Code of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc (BOCA) and the Food Service Sanitation Manual of the Food and Drug Administration. (FDA) Flush water line before connecting to Brewer. Brewer should be connected to COLD WATER line NOTE: Bloomfield recommends 1/4" copper tubing for installation of less than 25 feet and 3/8" for more than 25 feet from the 1/2" water supply line. A water shut-off valve should be installed on the incoming water line in a convenient location. Unit must be installed on a water line with a flowing pressure between 20 PSI and 90 PSI. If water pressure does not fall into this range or varies greatly, a pressure regulator should be installed in the water supply line. Check the termination of the water line where the Brewer will stand. (The water line must terminate into a 1/4" flare fitting). Be sure to use pipe sealant (approved for potable water) on the male threads of the fitting to prevent water leak. Do not use the many varieties of liquid or pasted pipe dope, as it may leech out of the threads, pass into, and damage the unit. Turn on the water and check Connect water line to 1/4" flare fitting on back of the unit. for leaks. To delay build-up of lime deposits in water tank, we recommend the use of a Water Conditioner. Filtration System may be required to delay lime deposits in water tank. Consult your Bloomfield Representative for information. ELECTRICIAN'S INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: Brewer must be properly grounded to prevent possible shock hazard. DO NOT assume a plumbing line will provide such a ground. Unit requires a dedicated power source capable of supplying: 115 Volt, A.C., 60 Hertz, Single Phase 15 Amp. Service. The unit is shipped from the factory with a 3-wire, 2-pole polarized power cord and cap attached. NOTE: Make sure tank heater switch on front panel is in OFF position. Bottom portion of switch rocker should be pressed in. Failure to turn off the element will damage the element and void warranty. Plug unit into 110-120 Volt grounded outlet, fused at 15 Amps. INITIAL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: Operations should be performed by a qualified installer. Electrician's and Plumber's Instructions should be followed carefully before proceeding with Initial Operating instructions. Be sure all electrical and plumbing connections are tight. Maker sure Tank Heater Switch on Front Panel is still in OFF position. Place empty dispenser under the Tea Brewer. Press Brew Start Switch to initiate brewing cycle. This will energize the solenoid and will begin filling the tank. When the solenoid stops filling the tank and water does not begin to flow from the spray disc, press the Brew Switch again to continue filling the tank. Press Brew Stop Switch when water begins to flow from spray disc. Turn Tank Heater Switch to ON position. This will also activate bypass water valve. Allow 30 minutes for initial water heat up. temperature. Time will vary with incoming water When tank water is up to proper temperature, the green READY TO BREW light will be lit. NOTE: During the initial heat-up, some water may drip from spray disc. This is normal. Discard all water in dispenser. Brewer is ready for use. NOTE: Brewer is factory pre-adjusted for Three (3) Gallons of beverage. BREWING INSTRUCTIONS Slide Brew basket into rails, Place filter paper in Brew Chamber and add tea. pushing it to full back stop location. Contact your tea supplier for quantity required. Press Brew Switch to initiate brewing cycle. Make sure drip-out is complete before removing Brew Chamber. If for any reason there is a need to stop the brewing cycle before its completion, press the "Brew Stop" switch. This stops water flow to the Brew Chamber. The timing cycle is also canceled and timer resets to start. Check Volume. below. To change the volume quantity, see "Timer Adjustment Instructions" TIMER ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: Operations should be performed by a qualified installer. This Brewer was Pre-Adjusted at Three (3) Gallons. Following to be done if it is necessary to adjust the timer to match dispenser size. All operating controls are accessible to Front Panel only. 1. Unplug power at source. 2. Remove the Front Panel by removing four (4) #8 Screws. 3. Adjust the setting on the timer on the left side of the unit to match dispenser size. (See below for recommended dial setting) NOTE: Some fine tuning maybe necessary. Recommended Timer Dial setting. For water pressure of 30 psi: To brew 3 gallons: 4:30 min. To brew 5 gallons: 7:10 min. (270 Seconds) (430 Seconds) For water pressure of 60 psi: To brew 3 gallons: 4:00 min. (240 Seconds) To brew 5 gallons: 6:40 min. (400 Seconds) WIRING DIAGRAM (MODEL NO. 8357) BROWN BROWN RED RED BLACK BLACK BROWN RED HEATER SWITCH STOP BREW SWITCH START BREW SWITCH READY TO BREW LIGHT NC N.O. BLACK RED RED BLACK RED BROWN TIMER THERMOSTAT WHITE REDBA WHITE HI-LIMIT HEATING ELEMENT 1500 WATTS WHITE WHITE (10) L BROWN BROWN - BROWN BROWN ORANGEA (6) RED WHITE WHITE WHITE BLACK BYPASS SOLENOID .60 GPM WHITE WHITE BREW SOLENOID 15 GPM } WHITE 10 WHITE WHITE BLACK VOLTS AMPS HZ GREEN 120 12.5 50/60 GROUND POWER CORD Model 8357 Tea Brewer 3 - 5 Gallon Reily’s Item No Part No Description Qty 1 2T-47499 THERMO HI-LIMIT 120/240V 1 2 2C-70092 SCREW 8BX3/8 PH PAN HD SM 14 3 2C-70467 CLIP BREW BASKET 1 4 2V-70102 TUBE VENT 1 5 2R-70112 HANDLE BLACK 1 6 2C-70115 SCREW 10-32X5/16 HEX HD 1 7 DD-72269 TUBE SIL .312 ID X 37 1 8 2K-70103 ELBOW OUTLET 1 9 2C-70132 NUT TNR ZI #8 14 10 2C-70133 NUT 8-32 HEX ACORN SS 2 11 2C-70134 STRAP HOLD DOWN ASSY 1 12 2C-70135 SCREW 10-32X1 PH PAN HD 1 13 2J-72671 LIGHT PILOT GREEN 125V 1 14 2I-70147 GASKET TANK COVER 1 15 2I-70152 GASKET-ELEM, HEATING 4 16 2K-70154 FTG UNION 1/4X1/4 1 17 2C-70155 NUT 7/16-20 HEX HD BRASS 1 18 2V-70131 TUBE OUTLET WATER 4 3/4”L 1 19 2C-70174 WASHER THERMO SEAL .465OD 1 20 2C-70175 NUT 1/2-20 HEX HD BRASS 2 21 2A-71732 LEG ASSY LEVELING 4 22 2K-70215 STRAIN RELIEF STR 1 23 2A-71732 LEG ASSY LEVELING 4 24 2K-70229 BUSHING SHORTY 5 25 2E-70353 CORD CAP ASSY 120V 15A 1 26 2C-73457 NUT 8-32 HEX HEAD KEPS MS 12 27 2C-70379 SCREW 8-32 X 5/16 PH PAN MS 2 28 2V-70398 TUBE VENT LONG 1 29 2C-70405 SCREW 6-32X1/4 PH RD HD 2 30 F4-70409 WASHER BEVELLED 1 31 2C-70410 NUT 1/2-24HEX HD BRS/BRIT 1 32 WS-8812-41 OUTLET ELBOW ASSY TEA BREWER 1 33 WS-8812-49 TUBE CONNECTION 1” 1 34 2B-70466 RACK WIRE BREW CHAMBER 1 35 F4-70417 COVER BASIN TEA BREWER 1 36 F4-70415 TANK ASSY TEA BREWER 35G 1 37 2C-70512 WASHER SS .035X7/16IDX3/4 1 38 2V-73034 TUBE FILL 90°DEG BEND 1 39 DD-72665 COVER WELDED TANK ASSY 8357 1 40 2I-72390 GROMMET .375ID TRNSLUCENT 1 41 2N-70143UL ELEM HEATING 120V 1500W 1 42 2E-70733 SWITCH ROCKER BREW START 1 43 DD-71099 ELBOW 1/4 FPT/HOSE 2 44 2K-71165 COUPLING FLARE SWIVEL CON 3 45 2E-71259 SWITCH NORN ON-MOMENT OFF 1 46 DD-71355 TEE 1/4” 3FL M-M/F 1 February 20, 2012 Model 8357 Tea Brewer 3 - 5 Gallon Reily’s Item No Part No Description Qty 47 WS-8781-32 ELBOW 1/8MPT X 1/4FL 2 48 F4-72186 SPRAY HEAD DISC EXTRUDED 1 49 DD-72937 BASIN WRAP 8357 1 50 DD-72939 BODY WLD ASSY 8357 1 51 DD-72952 PANEL FRONT 8357 1 52 DD-72944 BASE WLD ASSY 8357 1 53 2E-72214 SWITCH TANK HTR INDP LAMP 1 54 2I-72215 GASKET SPRAY HEAD 1.5ID 1 55 DD-72216 THERMO W/36 CAPILLARY 1 56 2D-71338 CHAMBER BREW DIMPLE 1 57 67-70433 PANEL BTM ASSY C/T & T-BRER 1 58 2A-71732 LEG ASSY LEVELING 1 59 2V-72223 VALVE SOLENOID 120V .6GP 1 60 2V-72224 VALVE SOLENOID 120V .15GP 1 61 A6-72661 TUBE SIL .312 ID X 27 1 62 DD-72951 TANK COVER ASSY 8357 1 63 2K-72241 FTG HOSE CONNECT STRAIGHT 1 64 2P-70431 TIMER 8-MIN 120V 1 65 DD-72245 STRAINER WATER NSF 1 66 DD-72941 SPOUT WATER ASSY 8357 1 67 WS-82225 PLUMBING ASSY BLT36 1 68 D7-71337 CHAMBER BREW ASSY 1 NI DD-8799HLZ DISPENSER 3G W/HDLS LUZ 2GA - NI DD-82198 FILTER W/SHUTOFF HD QC7-MH - NI DD-82199 HEAD SHUTOFF QC4-BH HD ONLY - EXPLODED VIEW for 8357 28 SRPER 24 51 24 - - 2 - - - - - L 18 GPM 21 67 .60 GPM 68 @ 56 57 26 58 23 ADDITIONAL SERVICE INFORMATION (COLD WATER ENTRANCE SOLENOID VALVE) Part no. 82223 W/.60 GPM & Part no. 82224 W/.15 GPM REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS (1) 8541-120CS (1A) Coil Assembly - 120V (2) 8541–120K 1A Solenoid Repair Kit Vacuum Pac consists of: (2A) Spring (2B) Plunger (20) Seal Ring (3) 8541–120JS Solenoid Repair Kit Vacuum Pac consists of: (2A) Spring (2B) Plunger (20) Seal Ring (2D) Service Wrench 2A 2B (4) 8541–126 htdoo Solenoid Overhaul Kit Vacuum Pac consists of: (2A) Spring (2B) Plunger (20) Seal Ring (2D) Service Wrench (3A) Flow Control .60 gpm ЗА (5) 8541-115 3B Solenoid Overhaul Kit Vacuum Pac consists of: (2A) Spring (2B) Plunger (20) Seal Ring (2D) Service Wrench (3B) Flow Control .15 gpm 4B (6) 82223A (4A) Flow Washer .60 gpm (7) 82224A 8200 (4B) Flow Washer 15 gpm (8) 8541-120WS (2D) Service Wrench KIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: 1. Unscrew Nut (A) and set aside for later installation. 2. Lift Bracket (B) up along with Coil (C) and set aside for later installation. 3. Unscrew Part (D) by first placing a service wrench (2D) on part (D). (Make sure service wrench mounts into both holes (E). Set aside for later installation. 4. Refer to Diagram for Kit Part replacement. 5. Reassemble all parts as required. 6. Reinstall in Machine (Check direction of water flow) and check for leaks. CO ORDERING SERVICE PROCEDURE Use only genuine Bloomfield replacement parts in this Brewer. The use of replacement parts other than those supplied by Bloomfield voids the warranty. To find the parts required to restore proper operation to the Tea Brewer, proceeds as follows: Refer to the exploded view located in this chapter to identify the parts needed. 2. Use the item number from the exploded view to locate the corresponding parts in the parts identification and function of this chapter. Ordering Information - Once the parts needed are known, record the following information from the identification section: Part Number Description Quantity How to order - for How to order – for immediate shipment, call your local authorized BLOOMFIELD Parts Distributor. Service Information - To obtain service assistance in addition to that contained in this chapter, call BLOOMFIELD at (702) 345-0444 Be prepared to give the model and serial numbers of your Brewer, as well as the problem to the service technician when calling for assistance. WARRANTY For a period of one (1) year from date of installation, all defective parts on Bloomfield equipment will be replaced free of charge, with exception that parts that become defective through accident, neglect, improper insta damage in transit, or component damage caused by water supply systems pressure and scale build up in water system. BREWER WARRANTY IS VOID IF: Other than genuine Bloomfield replacement parts are used. Brewer is plugged into voltage other than specified on serial plate. Tank Heating Element is energized before water tank is filled. Recommended installation or servicing procedures are not followed. Setting of circuit breakers, calibration of thermostats & timers are not covered by warranty. 10 GENERAL LAYOUT DATA BLOOMFIELD 3 TO 5 GALLON TEA BREWER MODEL: 8357 U NSE 17 IN 432 MM 3 11/16 IN 94 MM 11 IN 280 MM 5 33/64 IN 140 MM - WATER LINE 15 3/4 IN 400 MM 8 11/16 IN 221 MM 4 13/32 IN 112 MM 34 25/32 IN 884 MM 29 IN 737 MM 737 MM 22 43/64 IN 23 59/64 IN 607 MM 576 MM POWER COR 6 9/16 IN 167 MM - 1 25764 IN 35 MM 2 63/64 IN 76 MM 3 13/32 IN 87 MM POWER SUPPLY CORD (PLUG CONFIGURATION) ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL WATTS VOLTS HZ AMPS SINGLE PHASE 120 VOLT, 2 POLE 3 WIRE NEMA 5-15P HUBBELL 5264 8357 1500 120 50/60 12.5







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