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PDF Content Summary: CPA 650 Operation Manual BLAMP S Y S T E M S 10074 SW Arctic Drive Beaverton, OR 97005 503-641-7287 www . CPA650 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Front Panel Rear Panel ADVANTAGE CPA650 dual channel power amplifiers are designed to supply reliable service in permanent installations. CPA650 amplifiers have complete overload, short circuit, and thermal protection, with automatic reset. Barrier strip input and 5-way binding post output connectors provide trouble free, dependable connections. CPA650 amplifiers are passively cooled for quiet operation, without fan noise or filter maintenance. CPA650 amplifiers are UL listed and carry a five-year warranty.. Precautions pg. 4 Specifications pg. 5 Warranty CPA650 features include: balanced inputs on barrier strip terminals • 325 watts/channel @ 4 ohms (stereo) • 200 watts/channel @ 8 ohms (stereo) • 650 watts @ 8ohms (mono bridge) * peak indicators on each channel • detented level controls (front or rear mounting) output fuses for speaker protection • turn-on muting to prevent "thumping" recessed ground lift switch to eliminate ground loops recessed mono bridge switch • passively cooled (no fan noise or maintenance) * optional distribution autoformer (rear panel mounting) • Five-Year Gold Seal warranty * CE marked and UL listed After reading this manual, if you have any questions or need technical assistance, please call Biamp Systems toll-free (1-800-826-1457). REAR PANEL level 2 input 2 input 1 - gnd + - gnd level 1 + 4 52 operation: use 5A NB 82 operation: use 3A NB 325W/492 output 2 325W/492 output 1 4 Noperation: use 5A NB 82 operation: use 3A NB biamp ADVANTAGE CPA 650 L . speaker fuse 1 MADE IN USA speaker fuse 2 CAUTION: To reduce the risk of ko, replace only with same type 8A 5B luse. class 2 wiring acceptable 120 VAC ground normal stereo mono bridge E17934 is so the Weste mot AC Fuse 50/60 Hz 1000 Watts max USTED 989 COMMERCAL AUDIO EQUIP Autoformer Mounting Holes: These holes are for mounting of optional autoformers to the rear panel of the CPA650. Autoformers allow the CPA650 to be used to drive 25V, 70V, or 100V distributed speaker systems (see 5-Way Speaker Binding Posts below). AC Fuse & Power Cord: For 115VAC operation the AC Fuse is an 8 Amp Slow-Blow (8A SB). For 230VAC operation, the AC Fuse is a 4 Amp Slow-Blow (4A SB). Replace AC Fuse with same type and value only. The AC Power Cord is for connection to three-prong grounded AC outlets. CAUTION: Do not remove or defeat the ground prong on the AC Power Cord, as this constitutes a shock hazard Speaker Fuses: These fuses help protect the amplifiers and speakers from short-circuit or DC voltages. The Speaker Fuses are rated to allow full power into proper speaker loads. Replace Speaker Fuses with the same type and value fuses only. The CPA650 is shipped from the factory with 5 Amp Normal-Blow (5A NB) Speaker Fuses, which are appropriate with speaker loads of 422 per channel (892 mono-bridge). For best protection with speaker loads of 892 per channel (1622 mono-bridge), use 3 Amp Normal-Blow (3A NB) fuses, Channel Level Controls: These controls adjust the input signal level for each channel. After setting appropriate levels at the signal source, then adjust the Channel Level Controls for the desired output volume from the CPA650. In mono-bridge mode, Channel 1 becomes the active input and Channel 2 input is inactive. As an option, the Channel Level Controls may be mounted to the CPA650 front panel. CAUTION: Disconnect the CPA650 from AC power before removing the top panel. Remove the plugs from the front panel mounting holes (save them for the rear panel mounting holes). Remove the knobs and the nuts from the level controls (use an 11mm or 7/16" nut driver). Move the level controls to their respective front panel mounting holes. Re-install nuts and knobs (hold onto controls to avoid twisting wires). Install plugs in rear panel mounting holes. Check wire routing to avoid pinching or over-heating of wires. Input Barrier Strip: These barrier strip screw terminals are for connection of line-level input signals to the channels. For balanced inputs, connect High to (+), Low to (-), and Ground to (gnd). For unbalanced inputs, connect High to (+) and Ground to both (-) & (gnd). In mono-bridge mode, Channel 1 becomes the active input and the Channel 2 input is inactive. 5-Way Speaker Binding Posts: These 5-way binding posts are for connection of speaker loads to the CPA650. In stereo mode, the red (+) terminal of each channel is for connection to speaker positive, and the black (-) terminal for each channel is for connection to speaker negative. The CPA650 will deliver up to 325 Watts per channel into 4 ohm minimum loads. In mono-bridge mode, the red (+) terminal of Channel 1 is for connection to speaker positive, and the red (+) terminal of Channel 2 is for connection to speaker negative. The CPA650 will deliver up to 650 Watts mono-bridged into an 8 ohm minimum load. Autoformers are available from Biamp Systems, which allow the individual channels of the CPA650 to be used to drive 25V, 70V, or 100V distributed speaker systems. When using the CPA650 in stereo mode, the appropriate autoformer for each channel is a DT-1A (#909-0026-00). When using the CPA650 in mono-bridge mode, an autoformer is not necessary to drive 25V or 70V distributed speaker systems. However, the load must be floating (neither side grounded) and 'back-to-back' series capacitors (1000uF/100V polar) should be used for isolation. In stereo mode, the CPA650 can drive 25V systems directly, using the same floating speaker load and capacitive isolation. Mono-Bridge Switch: This switch selects stereo or mono-bridge operation. In mono-bridge mode, Channel 1 is the active input and the Channel 2 input is inactive. The red (+) speaker terminal of Channel 1 is for connection to speaker positive, and the red (+) speaker terminal of Channel 2 is for connection to speaker negative. The CPA650 delivers 650 Watts mono-bridged into an 8 ohm minimum load. Ground Lift Switch: This recessed switch allows the circuit (signal) ground to be lifted (disconnected) from the chassis (AC) ground. This can help prevent hum inducing ground loops within the sound system, while maintaining safe AC grounding of the chassis. SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Power Output @ 2kHz (120 VAC) both channels driven into 4 ohms both channels driven into 8 ohms mono bridge into 8 ohms 325 watts/channel 200 watts/channel 650 watts Signal-to-Noise Ratio (0-30KHz) rated power into 8 ohms 98dB Total Harmonic Distortion 20Hz-20kHz @ rated power 2kHz @ rated power (typical) <1.0% <.08% Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE) <0.3% Frequency Response (20Hz-20kHz) +/-0.5dB Input Impedance balanced 20k ohms unbalanced 10k ohms Sensitivity 1 Vrms (2.2dBu) Power Requirements 120/220 VAC, 50/60Hz Power Consumption 1000 watts max. Dimensions height (3 rack spaces) width 5.25 inches (133mm) 19 inches (483mm) 11 inches (279mm) depth Weight 33 lbs. (14.97kg) Declaration of Conformity . .. BIAMP SYSTEMS 14130 NW Science Park Drive Portland, OR USA 97229 as the manufacturer, hereby declares that the following described product, in our delivered version, complies with the provisions of the DIRECTIVES as noted herein. In case of alteration of the product, not agreed upon or directed by us, this declaration is no longer valid. Product: Model: ADVANTAGE CPA650 Description: Audio Commercial Power Amplifier Applicable EC Directives: EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) Applicable Harmonized Standards: EN55013 emissions EN55020 immunity Applicable National Standards: not applicable Special Considerations for Product Environment or Compliance: none The Technical Report/File is maintained at: Biamp Systems 14130 N.W. Science Park Drive. Portland, OR USA 97229 phone: (503) 641-7287 fax: (503) 626-0281 e-mail: Authorized Representative: Thomas O'Brien, Marketing Manager Authorized Representative Signature: Issued: 1996







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