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****** Page 1 ****** Atlantis UNDERWATER VIDEO SYSTEMS User Manual for AUW-525C • AUW-555 AUW-701 • AUW-5600

****** Page 2 ****** Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the Atlantis Underwater Camera System. The AtlantisTM, a high-resolution video camera and mon- itor system, offers multi-purpose applications in aquatic environ- ments. The AtlantisTM may be used for: sport fishing, search and rescue, treasure hunting, marine research or for recreational viewing of underwater activities. The AtlantisTM, assisted by lighting, will help you see elusive underwater objects and find what you desire in any body of water. You can search for all your under- water camera needs: support, accessories, orders, information, testimonials, and tips on our Atlantis Cameras. STOP 1. Make sure not to reverse the polarity. It may cause permanent damage to both monitor and camera. The red power cable and black ground cable should connect to red and black terminal of battery respectively. 2. Please make sure to turn off the monitor and disconnect power cable from the battery after use. Also, wipe off any moisture at both terminals on the battery to prevent from corrosion. This will ensure a clean contact between cables and terminals for future use. 3. Please remember to recharge the battery after each use until the red light comes on. You need to leave battery connected to the charger overnight. Keep battery away from the reach of children. 4. In clear water you should be able to view most objects in regular daylight. However, as your camera goes deeper underwater, there will be less light avail- able and the camera’s light sources will be needed to view objects clearly. In some conditions of highly dirty or milky water, it may be impossible to view any object clearly, even with lighting. This is simply because there are too many obstructions in the camera’s sight, and is not a malfunction of the camera. 1

****** Page 3 ****** Features Camera: The Atlantis comes with a high-resolution camera with a 92 degree viewing angle. The camera is housed in molded iron casting (aluminum for AUW-555), protecting it from water pressure and strikes from rocks or hard objects underwater. The camera also has attachable weights to stabilize and set the angle at which you want to view the water. You can attach a fin to the camera to allow it to point in the direction of the boat. Our cables, up to 200′, are made of steel mesh and are durable in the water. The camera also is equipped with powerful infrared and colored LED lights that allow the camera to see in dark areas. Green Screen Monitor: This monitor has special green phosphorous tubes that allow the monitor to be viewed with significantly less glare than traditional black and white moni- tors. The technology is used to provide the best viewing ability in sunny conditions. We also conduct a G-5 force vibration test on all monitors in the factory to ensure its sta- bility. The monitor also allows connections for up to two cameras, and has an RCA video out for recording to a VCR or camcorder. You will also see a small square in the back of the monitor that is a mirror image switch. This monitor is designed to allow water to run off with a special coating we apply to the monitor. However, it is not waterproof because the monitors need vents to allow condensation to be released. In warm weather, if the moni- tor were sealed, the condensation would short-circuit the monitors, making it irreparable. Don’t let the monitor sit in water; use the mounting bracket or the case to protect it. High Impact carrying case: The Panning Atlantis Camera is packaged in a water and air tight high impact resistant case. Two springs loaded buttons lock the case, simply push in the button and lift the lock down tabs to open. We have dye cut foam inside the case to keep the components from moving around in transportation. The case also has slots for locks, and in the event that you drop the unit in the water, the case will float. This case provides maximum protection for your investment and it is recommended to only use this case when using your AtlantisTM system. 2

****** Page 4 ****** Connection Diagram.. FAQ Troubleshooting Warranty. Specifications Table of Contents Introduction / Precautions… …………………………….01 Care & Maintenance… …………………………………..15 Features Setting Up / Using Atlantis List of components Preparing for action Additional Functions Recording 02 Charging battery…. ……………………………….05 Replacing or changing fin Adjusting viewing angle Mounting the monitor Panning Camera Operating the camera Features… ………………………………………….08 .05 08 09 Color Camera Features Parts…. ….. …………………………………… ….10 09 11 .12 .14 15 3

****** Page 5 ****** 1 .Setting Up/Using AtlantisTM List of components Make sure all parts and accessories are included. 1. (1) 5.5″ Green tube monitor (7″ Monitor for AUW-701 Color Monitor for AUW-5600) 2. (1) Camera with 125′ cable (200′ for AUW-701 Color Camera for AUW-5600 Panning Camera for AUW-555) 3. (1) Battery, power cord with fuse 4. (1) Battery charger 5. (1) Boat mounting kit 6. (1) Cigarette Adapter 7. (1) Cable winder 8. (1) Sunshade 9. (1) Carrying case 5 00-0 2 4 9

****** Page 6 ****** Charging the Battery 1. Battery must be charged after each use and it is recommended that you charge your battery before you use it the first time. 2. Connect alligator clip to battery Red: Power source link to red (+) terminal on the battery Black: Ground link to black (-) terminal on the battery 3. Plug power adapter into 110V AC outlet. 4. Battery and Charger: We use the Rocket 12 volt Gel Cell batteries with our units which are known for their quality. Our battery charger has a red light indi- cator on it. When the battery is charging, there will be no light. When the bat- tery is finished charging, the red light will turn on. 5. Unplug the adapter then remove alligator clips from battery. Preparing for Action 1. Lift the monitor from the case. 2. Connect the battery to the wire according to the corresponding colors. You can also use the cigarette adapter to plug into your boat’s cigarette lighter and connect it to the monitor for power. 3. Connect the wire to the back of the monitor on the right. 4. Connect the camera cable to the back of the monitor in slot Cl . 5. Turn on the power to the monitor. 6. Pull out the camera from the case and peel off the lens protector. (Blue vinyl) * Now you should be able to see an image on the monitor. If there is a problem, refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual. Monitor AUM-701 5

****** Page 7 ****** 7. Adjust the contrast to highest position and adjust brightness using the con- trols on the monitor. Place the shade over the monitor for clearer viewing dur- 8. Locate the black three-way switch. Turn it to O for regular viewing, I for infrared lights, and II for colored lights. o In clear water you should be able to view most objects in regular daylight. However as your camera goes deeper underwater, there will be less light avail- able and the camera’s light sources will be needed to view the objects more clearly. In some conditions of highly dirty or milky water, it may be impossible to view any object clearly, even with lighting. This is simply because there are too many obstructions in the camera’s sight, not because of a malfunction of the camera. The camera comes with 11 light emitting diodes (LED). On the sides of the lens there are six infrared LEDs, which are light pink when turned on. Above and below the lens are 5 colored LEDs, two green on top and three red on the bot- tom. There are different uses for these two light sources. Infrared lights are less like- ly to scare away fish or other organisms underwater. Colored lights can pene- trate milky or dirty water giving a clearer picture. You should adjust the light depending on the conditions. 9. You may now begin to submerge the camera into the water for viewing. 10. Use the cable winder to wrap up the rest of the cable. Note: If you take your time and wrap the cord up tight and uniform, it will be easier to work with and fit back in the case easily. The best way to wind the cord on is to leave about 2 feet of the connection end loose and wrap the cord on as tight as you can. Wrap the cord back and forth 6

****** Page 8 ****** keeping the layers close and tight together. This will make it easier to put away and keep from fighting the cord every time you use the camera. By leaving about 2 feet on the connection end loose you will be able to move the monitor easily and set it to your best viewing angle. You can also use the notches on the line winder to lock the cable in place. Additional Functions Recording 1. Connect the other end of the RCA cable to the VIDEO IN on the back of the VCR or camcorder, which will probably be yellow or white, depending on the model. Start recording the image, using your VCRs or camcorder’s controls. * The green screen monitor will record in black and white, not in green. RCA OUTPUT Replacing or Changing Fin 1. Remove the fin from the camera. 2. Attach the regular fin or reverse fin as picture below. *Phillips screwdriver needed. Adjusting Viewing Angle (vertical) 1. Loosen screws as shown. 2. Adjust the weights. When the weights are at 1, the camera will point upwards. When the weights are at 2, the camera will point straight. When the weights are at 3, the camera will point downward. Ft/cntb 7

****** Page 9 ****** Mounting the Monitor 1. Locate the proper position to place the monitor. Usually it is best to place the monitor where the system is set up away from the motor to prevent damage to the camera. 2. Place the mount with the base down, and screw it in place. 3. Use the mounting screws to hold the monitor in place. You can also connect the sunshade to the mounting bracket. *It is generally recommended to leave the monitor inside the case tilted upwards when viewing instead of mounting the monitor because the case can be used to protect the monitor from water and damage. AtlantisTM Underwater Panning Camera The Panning Atlantis TM Camera can see the complete surroundings of an underwater environment. The camera has a rust proof aluminum design. The working parts are self-contained in the dome, while the camera itself rotates 310 degrees inside. There is no cable turning which prevents the cable from becoming damaged from stress. The camera has the same infrared and col- ored lights as the traditional AtlantisTM systems. Features A. Panning Atlantis TM Camera The Panning Atlantis TM Camera is designed to view 360 degrees. This camera has an electronic compass control and a remote control wired into the camera connection. The electronic compass control is set on the top of the monitor and the remote control is used to control the camera. The camera is dome shaped with a clear hardened special plas- tic window, which allows the camera to see through. B. Panning Remote Control Buttons 1. Left direction 2. Right direction and camera speed 3. Auto / Manual 4. LED Light Control 8

****** Page 10 ****** Operating the camera 1. Attach the remote control and electronic compass control securely to the cables. The yellow end con- nects to the remote control while the larger output connects to the elec- tronic compass control. 2. Connect the cables to the monitor in Cl . 3. Place the electronic compass on top of the screen or nearby pointing away from the viewer. 4. 5. 6. 7. Connect the battery with the corresponding colored wires. Connect the wire to the monitor. Turn on the monitor and make the proper adjustments. Put the camera in the water. 8. To start the camera in Panning mode push the Auto / Manual on the remote control. This will start the camera Panning. The camera will circle around to the left to a 310 degrees setting and will automatically pan back to the right. To stop the camera hit the Auto/Manual again. To turn back QQ to the left hit the left arrow, to turn to the right hit the right arrow. There are three speeds, which will show on the bottom right corner of the monitor, showing one, two, or three arrows according to the speed. There is also an indicator on the moni- tor that shows where the camera is pointing. When the circle is in the top posi- tion the camera is facing forwards. 9. You can also connect the camera to a tripod, to lay the camera down on the surface. Screw the tripod on the camera and extend the legs out and place the camera in the water. The remote control has a LED on/off button for the camera light- ing. The camera lights cycle through colored lights, off, and infrared. Adjust the lighting to best view with the water condi- tions the camera is in. AtlantisTM Color Camera Features The camera features the latest technology that provides 380 TV lines of resolution and has 6 high power LEDs. The camera is fully waterproof in a rugged die-cast housing and has a wide-angle lens for maximum cover- age. 9

****** Page 11 ****** AtlantisTM LCD Color Monitor The compact and lightweight 5.6″ monitor is designed for energy saving. the package comes with 7.5A recharge- able battery that will last up to 5 hours. The monitor can watch 2 different sites at the same time using an addi- tional camera. Parts 1. Camera body 2. White LED 3. Lens 4. Screw cap (Never loosen) 5. Washer Fin 7. Weight 8. Weight adjustment screw 6. 9. Cable 10. Camera plug White LED switch 11 12. Monitor power 13. Color adjust down 14. Color adjust up 15. Brightness down 16. Brightness up 21 28. 2 9 5 6 4 8 7 10 17. Mirror image switcher on the backside 18. Audio out 19. AN 20. LCD Bracket adapter 22. Monitor plug 23. Power switcher 24. Camera switcher 25. Cameral input 26. Camera2 input 27. Video out To battery 29 + To battery 12 13 14 1516 20 21 17 18 22 19 o 34 35 10 27 28 29 25 26 30. To regular power adapter Monitor output 31 32. + On battery On battery 33. 34. + From charger From charger 35. 32 33

****** Page 12 ****** Connection Diagram

****** Page 13 ****** FAQ How far can I see? Naturally, the clearer the water, the farther you can see. As a general rule, the camera has twice the range of what is visible. If you can see 3 feet down, you will be able to see approximately 6 feet in front of the camera. However, differ- ent bodies of water will vary. For anglers studying bottom structure, 2 feet of vis- ibility is sufficient for underwater viewing When do I use the Multi-Color lights? The Multi-Color lights in your AUW-525C camera are designed for use in low- light situations. Turn the power switch to the “ON/LIGHTI position for maximum visibility in low light. The Multi-Color lights will provide a minimum of twice the visibility of traditional infrared lights. How do I steer the camera? For viewing in the direction of travel use the Front-viewing Fin. Slowly troll (less than 2 Knots) or drift along the structure you intend to view. With the Front-view- ing Fin, the camera will face the boat’s direction of travel. The opposite holds true when using the Back-viewing Fin, which positions the camera for viewing in the direction opposite from the boat’s travel. (The Back-viewing Fin (F-200), not included with the unit, is available from dealers or online at atlantiscam- Is there a more stable way to move the camera? Yes, there is a pole adapter available for the Atlantis TM camera. Connect the pole on to the adapter. Then place the camera into the rack and tighten. Adjust the pole angle accordingly and place into the water. (The telescopic pole adapter (AP-20), not included with the unit, is available from dealers or online at Can I splice the camera cable to obtain more length? No. Attempting to splice in additional cable violates the waterproof integrity of the camera and cable, voiding the warranty. Can I attach my camera to a downrigger? Yes, by using the reverse fin accessory. You can attach your camera to your down rigger cable at any depth, allowing you to watch your lure given adequate water clarity. Can I use my camera in saltwater? Yes. All Atlantis underwater cameras are saltwater-rated, using stainless steel hardware and materials that are impervious to corrosion. How fast can I troll with my camera? It depends on depth and on the length of cable you have out, which determines water resistance or “drag.” The deeper you go, with more cable out, the more 12

****** Page 14 ****** drag there will be, requiring slower travel for good viewing. Generally, for best viewing, we recommend going less than 2 Knots. Remember, the slower you go, the more detail you will see. Will my AtlantisTM camera work in subfreezing conditions? AtlantisTM systems are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -400F to 1200F. Expect your battery life to decrease in cold conditions. What is the viewing angle of the camera? Your camera lens has a viewing angle of 92 degrees. At 4-1/2 feet in front of the camera you will be viewing an image approximately 6 feet wide. What is the resolution of my monitor screen? The green screen monitors have 600 lines of resolution and the Color LCD has 380 lines of resolution for crystal-clear viewing. Can I connect my AtlantisTM to a larger monitor or to a hand-held recorder? Yes. For use in a permanent fish house or in a large boat with a built-in video system, your Atlantis can be hooked up to a larger external TV, provided it has a “VIDEO-IN” jack. The same holds true for a handheld video recorder. See the “Video Recording with the Atlantis” section of this manual for more details. Is the AtlantisTM underwater camera legal? To our knowledge, there are no restrictions anywhere that regulate the use of Atlantis underwater viewing systems. AtlantisTM is an approved pre-fishing tool for B.A.S.S. and for P.W.T. events, and for other tournament trails across the country. What is the advantage of having a monitor with a green screen? The military green screen will help users see the image on the screen with greater clarity than when viewing it in daylight compared to a regular black and white screen. Can I troll with the AtlantisTM Panning Camera? A trolling fin will be available in the future for this unit that will allow users to troll with it. 13

****** Page 15 ****** Troubleshooting NOTHING HAPPENS (SCREEN FAILS TO LIGHT UP) WHEN THE SWITCH IS IN EITHER THE ON OR ON/LIGHT POSITION. • Battery not connected. Properly connect the battery: red-to-red, black-to-black. • Battery not charged • Fuse may be blown. • The AUW-5600 uses a switch box. The switch box may be defective. Switch boxes are available to purchase from JJC, Inc. for $14.99 plus shipping. If the switch box is functional, the monitor may be faulty. THE SCREEN LIGHTS UR BUT I SEE NO PICTURE. • Camera cable is disconnected. (Plug the camera cable into the “Camera-Inn jack). • Camera cable might be damaged. (Consult the “Service” section in this manu- • Check the battery. If the battery is fully charged and has enough power for the whole unit, try switching the camera to a different channel, Cl or 02. THERE IS A FOGGY PICTURE. • Check that the lens cover is clean. • Check for water leaking into the camera. THE PICTURE FLICKERS OR JUMPS. • Check that the power cord is securely connected. SCREWS FOR BALLAST WEIGHTS AND FRONT-VIEWING FIN WON’T GO THROUGH HOLES IN THE RUBBER CAMERA HOUSING. • With a screwdriver, screw the bolts through the predrilled holes. (The holes are a little undersized for firmly gripping the bolts to prevent their loss.) I LOWER THE CAMERA TO THE BOTTOM BUT CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. • The camera may be buried in soft bottom! (Raise the camera off the bottom.) • The water might be very murky. Select the ON-LIGHT position on the AUW-525C switch to activate the Multi-Color lights in your camera for viewing in low-light conditions. THERE IS A NICK IN THE CAMERA CABLE. • See the “Warranty” section of this manual for instructions on How to return the camera for repair. THE IMAGE ON MY SCREEN HAS A DARK MARGIN AROUND IT, OR GETS BLURRY. • You’re seeing on-screen symptoms of a weakening battery. Charge the battery, or install a charged battery.

****** Page 16 ****** THE DIRECTIONAL POINTER ON THE MONITOR SCREEN DOES NOT WORK (DOES NOT SHOW ME DIRECTION). • Check that the electronic compass control is set on top of the monitor and that it is properly connected. • Check to see if the compass is level and pointing the right way (away from the viewer) ONLY ONE LINE APPEARS ON THE MONITOR • Check to see if the battery is charged. Care and Maintenance Your Atlantis unit will stay in good condition with proper maintenance. 1. The battery requires regular charging. (See battery charging instructions.) 2. Clean the monitor and camera lens periodically by using mild dish washing soap, warm water, and a very soft cloth. Do NOT use window cleaner or alco- hol-based products, since they may cause permanent fogging. 3. Periodically run your fingers over the entire length of the cable, feeling for nicks or other cable damage. A damaged cable should be returned to the facto- ry for repair. (See the Service section of this manual.) 4. As a precautionary measure, dry off your monitor after it gets wet from rain or boat spray. 5. Use the case to protect the unit when not in use. 6. Protect the monitor from liquids, as it is not entirely waterproof. 7. Make sure whenever you submerge the camera that the top of the camera that the top of the camera connected to the steel mesh wire is tightly screwed. When the camera is trolled quickly, this will loosen the top, so make sure to check the camera after every use. One Year Limited Warranty During the warranty period, the AtlantisTM Warranty Dept. will honor service for one (1) year parts and labor from the original date of consumer purchase. See below for commercial, Industrial or Educational use coverage. WHO IS PROTECTED This warranty protects the original owner of this AtlantisTM Product. WHAT IS COVERED AND HOW LONG This warranty covers internal operating parts and service/labor to repair or your AtlantisTM product for one (1) year, from the date of purchase, defined as fol- lows: (1) Original Consumer Retail Purchase; (2) First Rental Purchase Agreement; or (3) First Lease Purchase Agreement (the “Warranty Period”). Labor and replacement parts supplied during the Warranty Period are covered 15

****** Page 17 ****** only for the remaining portion of the original Warranty Period. The AtlantisTM Warranty Dept. shall have no liability for service under this warranty if non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts are used in the repair of your AtlantisTM product. WHAT THE OWNER MUST DO IF SERVICE IS REQUIRED If service under this warranty is required, contact the AtlantisTM Warranty Dept. at 1-800-226-9671 during hours of 9:30 – 5:00PM except holidays, deliver the product, at your expense, to AtlantisTM product service center. AtlantisTM warran- ty will exchange product to replace once found to be defective during the Warranty Period. You can also visit out web site at for more information. OTHER WARRANTY COVERAGE Commercial, Industrial or Educational use has the same warranty coverage. WHAT ARE THE EXCEPTIONS This warranty does not cover:(l) Damage from misuse, abuse, neglect or acci- dent, natural disasters or Acts of God. (2) Cabinetry, decorative parts, A/C adapters, knobs or buttons. (3) Foreign use of this product. (4) AtlantisTM prod- uct, which has been electronically or mechanically modified in any way or incor- porated into other products. (5) Installation and set-up service adjustments. (6) Owner instruction. Your Owner’s Guide provides information regarding operating instructions and user controls. For additional information, Call 1-800-226-9671 or Visit our web site at AtlantisTM is not responsible for any shipping handling or insurance charges. This Exclusive Limited Warranty excludes all incidental and consequential dam- ages. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental and consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MER- CHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMIT- ED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY PERIOD. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This Exclusive Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. JJC, Inc. Atlantis Warranty Dept. 18 West Forest Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631 1-800-226-9671 16

****** Page 18 ****** AUW-525C Monitor RESOLUTION POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE POWER CONSUMPTION SCREEN SIZE OPERATIONAL TEMP STORAGE TEMP DIMENSION WEIGHT Camera IMAGE SENSOR RESOLUTION VIEWING ANGLE MIN. ILLUMINATION POWER REQUIREMENT OPERATIONAL TEMP STORAGE TEMP DIMENSION WEIGHT AUW-555 Monitor RESOLUTION POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE POWER CONSUMPTION SCREEN SIZE OPERATIONAL TEMP STORAGE TEMP DIMENSION WEIGHT Camera IMAGE SENSOR RESOLUTION VIEWING ANGLE MIN. ILLUMINATION POWER REQUIREMENT OPERATIONAL TEMP STORAGE TEMP DIMENSION WEIGHT AUW-552M 600 CENTER LINE 11V to 32V DC 10.5VV with Camera 5.5″ Diagonal 7- F to 143: -22 F to 1 67- F 5.9″X 7.9″ Approx. 3 Lbs. AUC-125C 270,000 Pixels 1/3 CCD 420 TV Lines 92- Wide, Diagonal O Lux with high Power IR LED DC 9.7 V ( Power from monitor ) —4- F to 122′ F -2? F to 167 • F 3″ X 1 -5″ Diagonal 0.8 1-Bs- AUW-552M 600 CENTER LINE 11V to 32V DC 10.5W with Camera 5.5″ Dia onal 7- F to 143′ -22′ F to 167- F Approx. 3 Lbs. AUC-555 270,000 Pixels 1/3 CCD 420 TV Lines 92 • Wide Dia anal O Lux with hi h Power IR LED DC 9.7 V Power from monitor —4 • F to 122 F -22- F to 167′ F 3″ X 1 -5″ Diagonal 5 1-Bs- 17


****** Page 20 ****** At/cnti$ UNDERWATER VIDEO SYSTEMS Browse through the included catalog for all your underwater camera needs and place your order by calling- 800-226-9671 or visit our web site








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