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****** Page 1 ****** CineEye 2S User Manual AccsooN vl.o

****** Page 2 ****** Product Features 5GHz WiFi transmission Transmission range of up to 500ft Very low latency (choosing a data rate mode->click “Menu” button to take effect. Channel Setting 1 .The default setting is “Auton which means the transmitter will select a channel with the least interference automatically after power on. 40 48 52 ii4’iiöiii’iiöiWöi4’é 1 söl fiREfi:CH 2.1f users want to select a channel manually, please follow below steps: Click “Menu” button to enter “Channel Setting” a “I’vEnu” button to “Yes” —>Click “tvlenu” button to reboot the transmitter and the setting will take effect.

****** Page 8 ****** Operating Instructions 04 Network Reset 1.1Jsers can reset the WiFi SSID and password to factory settings by “Network Reset” menu. Reset wireless net Operation steps: Click “Menu” button to enter “Network Reset n menu—>choosing “Menu” button to “Yes” —>Click “Menu” button to reboot, the SSID and password of the 5G WiFi will be reset to factory settings. Ot App Monitoring I -App download Please download the App (Acxsoon Go) from the Google Play or iOS App Store. 2-Connect the App to the CineEve 2S Launch the ßAccsoon Go” app and then select “CineEye 2S”, open the WLAN (Wirless/WiFi)settings page of the mobile devices, then choose the CineEye 2S WiFi and connect to it. The name of the CineEye 2S WiFi is the default password is “12345678”. CineEye2_CC37

****** Page 9 ****** Operating Instructions 3. Monitoring Return to the Acxsoon Go and ensure CineEye 2S is selected, clid< to enter the monitoring page and you will be able to monitor the live feed of the camera. CineEye CineEye2S i 04 Firmware Update o 1 Make sure your mobile phone has internet access, then launch "Accsoon Go" and select "CineEye 2S"t Click "Firmware Update", then the App will automatically check if there is an update. The app will download the latest firmware automatically if there is an update available. CirteEye 2S WiFi Decoder Firmware Updäte 2.Update: After the firmware is downloaded, connect mobile devices to the CineEye 2S. Go back to the App and click the "Firmware Update" to update. 1. The battery Of the CineEye 2S should beft:re 2 Don't turn off the Cinæye 2S before the updates are complete. ****** Page 10 ****** CineEye 2S Video Input SDI Input HDMI Audio Latency OLED Transmission Power Transmission Range Camera Control Power Consumption Operating Temperature Dimensions Weight Specification SDI/HDMI 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fvs 1080p 23g/24/25/2g-97/30/50/59.94/60fvs 720p 50/59.94/60fps 59.94/60fps 44.1 KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit PCM <0.06 seconds ( Camera latency not included) l.a inch OLED 17„20dBrn 500ft (no obstacles, no interference) Yes 4.0 Watt (Typical) -10„400 108mmx68.5mmx30mm (Antenna not included) 213g ****** Page 11 ****** Warranty Ot Warranty Period 1 elf there is any quality problem that occurs within 15 days after receiving the product, we will provide complimentary maintenance or replacement. 2. The warranty period for transmitter and receiver units is one year. Within the warranty period, if under the usage of instruction manual for any product problem Accsoon will offer repair service for free. 3. The accessories and cables warranty period is 3 months. Ot Warranty Exclusions 1 .Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, impact damage, liquid infiltration, or modification. 2-lncorrect use of the product or altering the label and warranty sticker. 3. The warranty period has been exceeded. 4.Damage due to fire, flood disaster, lighting, etc. oa Warranty Process I eCustomer shall contact the local dealer to solve their problem. If there is no local dealer available, please contact Accsoon directly via email our website ( Accsoon reserves the right to review the damaged products. ****** Page 12 ****** Ot No video displayed I *Please ensure the video cable is plugged into the "SDI IN" or "HDMI IN" port of the CineEye 2S. 2.Please check if the output format of the camera is compatible with the CineEye 2S input formats and check if the camera has video output enabled via the SDI or HDMI port. 02 Video is choppy 1 .Please make sure the antennas have unfolded. 2.PIease make sure there is no cable around the antenna. 3.Please switch to another channel manually, Mobile devices can't see the CineEye 2s WiFi 1 Please check if your mobile devices support 5G WiFi- ****** Page 13 ****** Website Contact us Facebook Youtube Certificate of Quality This product is confirmed to meet quality standards and perm'tted for sale after strict inspection. QC Inspector: More deteils about the product pleese visit This document is subject to change without notice. AccsoonOis a trademark of Ace.soon Technology Co., Ltd. Copyright 02020 ACCSO(jn, All rights reserved ****** Page 14 ****** Chengdu Accsoon Technology Co.,Ltd








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