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****** Page 1 ****** ABEE Voice Translator VT-IOOL User’s Manual Parts of Voice Translator A. B. C. D. 3 5 8 9 YOU 1 10 4 6 7 11 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Microphone Speaker Button receiving words from the other side Button receiving words from myself Turning down volume Turning up volume Repeat last translation sentence Bluetooth Indicator (Blue) Charging Indicator (Red) 10. Switch On/Off 11. Micro USB Port What’s in the Box Voice Translator, Micro USB Cable, User’s Manual, Warrenty Card Indicator Definition 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Blue Indicator Flashing Rapidly: Bluetooth pairing is yet to be completed Blue Indicator Flashing Slowly: Bluetooth pairing completed and is working Red Indicator Flashing Rapidly: Power low and needs to be charged Red Indicator Lit Constantly: Voice Translator is in charging Red Indcator Extinguishied: Charging completed Download & Install Specific APP “VT-IOOL” Please be sure to download VT-IOOL App from Google Play or iOS App Store using with VT-IOOL before start using VT-IOOL, and follow the instruction in this manual. Please search “VT-IOOL” to get this App. ‘SHOW

****** Page 2 ****** E. 1. 2. 3. Connect / Reconnect VT-IOOL Switch on VT-IOOL. Lauch Bluetooth on your cellphone and search [VTIOOL-XX] for pairing. VT-IOOL would broadcast “Paring Completed” after successfully pairing. Open the specific App after pairing completed. [NOTE] 1. VT-IOOL would re-pair the device last time it paired after successfully pairing. If not, please re-pair with the instruction above. 2. The bluetooth version VT-IOOL built-in is V4.0. Please make sure the bluetooth version on your cellphone before using VT-IOOL. F. Translation with VT-IOOL 1. Open VT-IOU App and wait until hearing “Connected”. [NOTE] a. User’s direction shows when launching the App for the ISt time. You may 2. press “Skip” to directly enter into the App. b. VT-IOOL would use microphone, positioning function on your cellphone. Thus, most cellphones would ask for authorizing these rights. Please press “0K” when seeing the relative message or you cannot enter VT-IOOL App nor using VT-IOOL. Please confirm the dual languages on VT-IOOL App before starting. The defaul is Chinese-English. To change languages, please press the arrow on the lower part to open [Language Setting] menu.

****** Page 3 ****** English Espanol Frangais Portugués PyccKhbi o English English Espaöol Frangais Portugués Pyccxywi Choose and press the language you want to use to change the language. Press the arrow on the upper part to close the menu. 3. Open VT-IOU and confirm the dual languages before starting using VT-IOOL: a. b. c. d. When you speak, press and hold [ME] button. Start your words when hearing “beep” sound. Release [ME] after finishing your words. VT-IOOL starts translation and plays the result via the speaker. When the other side speaks, press and hold [YOU] button. Start his/her words when hearing “beep” sound. Release [YOU] after finishing his/her words. VT-IOOL starts translation and plays the result via the speaker. Translation result would also show on VT-IOOL App as the following image: 2018-05-24 Its a fine day today. 2018-05-24 where are you going 2018-05-24 Is any fun around o When voice recognition fails, you’ll hear “Please repeat”. Please speak again.

****** Page 4 ****** 4. 5. G. [Note] Voice Recognition has its own limitation. Please try to pronounce as clear as possible when speaking to get the better translation result. Adjusting Volume Press the volume adjustment button besides to adjust volume. The left one is turning down volume while the right one is turning up. Adjusting the Speed of Speech To adjust the speed of speech, please adjust via App: a. b. c. Open App and then pull up the language setting menu. The bar adjusting the speed of speech is on the upper part of the language setting menu: English To adjust the speed of speech, you may move the circle on the bar toward “rabbit” or “turtle”, or directly press “rabbit” or “turtle”. Crucial Notes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The content of VT-IOOL and software would be updated without prior notice. Translation speed and quality would be influenced by different dialects or internet quality. The function and accessories of VT 100 is based on the real one. Instand Technology preserve the rights of modifying translation content, available languages and functions VT-IOOL is only for personal usage. Business usage (such as rent) is NOT permitted and cannot enjoy warranty service. The business usage is included (but not limited to): renting or leasing to any 3rd party. If the administration system detects business usage or abnormal large internet traffic (total monthly usage volumn over 20 hundred thousand charaters, for instance), Instant Technology preserves the rights to prohibit the funtion of the detected device in order to protect the normal usage and translation quality. For any business usage purpose, please contact Instant Technology or specific agencies beforehand. One VT-IOOL can be logged on 2 different cellphones. [Note] For cellphone logging in another Voice Translator, please be sure to clear the bluetooth connection for the previous Voice Translator. Please make sure the following functions have been switched on or able to

****** Page 5 ****** 7. work properly: a. Voice Input b. Voice Recognition c. Connection for internet and bluetooth d. Bluetooth version above v4.O. App can still run when in sleep mode or in background for Android Platform, but not for iOS Platform. H. Product Specification Output Power Battery Rated Voltage Bluetooth Version Product Size Product Weight 1.5W 45 OITlAh DC sV IA 4.2/4.1/EDR 96.5 x3 lx14.2mm 30g

****** Page 6 ****** COPYRIGHT STATEMENT 0 2018 Instant Technology Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. This manual is for general users to operate the product correctly only. Any copying, quoting or transmitting in any method is strongly prohibited if without written permission from Instant Technology and related legal authorities. All Intellectual Properties related to this product are owned by Instant Technology or other legal authorities. Instant Technology and related legal authorities preserve Legal Prosecution Rights for any infringement behaviors. For perfection of the products, Instant Technology would constantly update the products. Thus, the content and functions in this manual might be slightly different from the actual products. All functions and images should be based on the actual product. Instant Technology preserves the rights of updating or suspending any functions that not expressly authorised. OYoudao provides A1 services








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